CELUM launches its own marketplace for integration solutions

  • Customers can request & acquire useful additional modules for CELUM Digital Asset Management via the CELUM Marketplace
  • CELUM thereby enables the seamless integration of third-party systems in the shape of connectors
  • Extensions expand the scope of functions for specific application cases
  • Thanks to its flexibility, CELUM Digital Asset Management is the central content hub in the digital architecture of companies.

The software developer CELUM from Linz has set itself the goal to make the collaboration of marketing teams as efficient and simple as possible. In order to meet this goal, customers are already seamlessly connecting third-party systems with CELUM Digital Asset Management (DAM). The standard connectors or extensions developed by authorized partners or CELUM itself, can now also be directly requested via the own CELUM Marketplace.

Users that produce, manage and distribute a lot of content usually use a large number of different tools and systems. Be it the content management system for the website, the social media dashboard to control measures on Facebook and others, or the e-commerce platform to operate a web shop: There are special software solutions for every area that are tailored to the respective application case. In order to, in this case, connect with CELUM Digital Asset Management (DAM) and thus ensure a consistent content workflow, the Linzer software company now offers a large array of individual integration solutions. That way, the CELUM DAM content can be seamlessly transferred to all marketing tools. The matching connections are also available via the CELUM Marketplace as of now.

Connectors & extensions for CELUM DAM – for what?

For more than 800 customers, CELUM Digital Asset Management functions as the central content hub for their digital architecture, which allows an easy and efficient management of content such as images, videos, graphics or documents. That way, data are not only up-to-date but also prepared in a clear way and easy to find. With the help of numerous integrations, content can be super easily distributed in print, online or across social media – for consistent brand and product communication without any media disruption. The CELUM Marketplace offers two variants for this: For one, flexible extensions that supplement CELUM DAM with useful functions are offered. In addition, there are special connections, so-called connectors, in order to sensibly integrate third-party systems, such as PIM-, CMS-, e-commerce- or social media tools.

What does that mean specifically? For example, companies that manage their content via CELUM DAM can directly place these from within their Hootsuite account onto a desired social media outlet, thanks to the own Hootsuite connector. Linking DAM and CMS functions similarly: With CELUM FirstSpirit Connect, online editors have access to the data in CELUM DAM via the familiar FirstSpirit CMS interface. The workflow is significantly simplified that way.

The CELUM Marketplace will be continuously supplemented with further connectors: At the moment, the range includes the aforementioned Hootsuite and FirstSpirit, as well as PIM systems such as SAP Hybris and Informatica, plus CMS solutions such as Microsoft Sharepoint, Sitecore or WordPress and even video platforms like movingimage.

Connectors currently being prepared and shortly available on the marketplace include Microsoft Azure, Akamai, Drupal, Magento, Magnolia, Salesforce, Stibo and Typo3, for example.

“The connecting of supplementing platform is based on the best-of-breed approach at CELUM, for our customers want to use the optimal solution in every area. Thanks to its flexible interfaces, CELUM DAM offers optimal interplay between different systems. That way, sensible synergies are created that provide significant increases in efficiency and productivity to companies,” explains Gerd Laski, Director of Partner Management at CELUM.

Further information:
CELUM Marketplacewww.celum.com | Press Center

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