“Bubbletone” partners up with “kasko2go” (the operating company “go2solution”)

Bubbletone” and “kasko2go” have signed a strategic partnership agreement —  “kasko2go” clients will get access to high-quality cellular communication all over the globe and services provided by local operators. “Bubbletone” will offer its clients online motor insurance services.

“Bubbletone” (the operating company Clementvale Ltd) has concluded a partnership agreement with “kasko2go” — a company that develops software solutions in the field of motor insurance. According to the agreement, “kasko2go” will utilize the “Bubbletone” platform as an innovative solution to distribute its online motor insurance services and provide access to the “Bubbletone” platform for their clients. As for “Bubbletone”, it will provide “kasko2go” clients with the opportunity to use high-quality mobile communication and Internet services at the rates of local operators using their existing SIM card all over the globe.

“Creation of the best conditions for our clients is our priority. Thanks to the partnership with “kasko2go”, we will be able to expand a range of rendered services. Our clients will get access to high-quality motor insurance services at affordable prices”, said Yuri Morozov, CEO and Founder of “Bubbletone” Blockchain for Telecom.

“Our company develops innovative solutions and strives to provide its clients with high-quality services. That’s why we prefer to collaborate with the leading experts in their areas. “Bubbletone” has been in the telecom business developing effective solutions for more than 20 years. Thanks to this partnership, we will be able to learn from their experience, expand our customer base and offer our current customers a new type of service”, said Genadi Man, CEO and Co-Founder of “kasko2go”.

Currently, “Bubbletone” is running an ICO, which will be over in 3 days. Those who wish to purchase its tokens can visit the “Bubbletone” website: https://bubbletone.io/.

About “Bubbletone”

“Bubbletone” is the first decentralized global telecom platform that allows mobile network operators, phone users, and service providers to interact securely and directly. The platform enables users to instantly purchase service packages at the rates of local operators using their existing SIM card all over the globe. Meanwhile, rservice providers can increase the number of clients and revenue without any additional costs. Official website – https://bubbletone.io/.

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