A sneak peek at International JavaScript Conference, Munich 2019

Conference highlights and Early Bird Specials

A sneak peek at International JavaScript Conference, Munich 2019

Very Early Bird discount ends on August 15th.

International JavaScript Conference is opening its doors again in Munich, Germany on October 21st, 2019 and hosting attendees, speakers and industry experts from all around the world until October 25th, 2019.

International JavaScript Conference is covering topics mainly from JavaScript and its frameworks and libraries such as Node.js, Angular, NativeScript, React, Vue.js and Electron. Whether you are a returning attendee or a new visitor, there will be something new for everyone passionate about JS. Attendees will have a chance to gain in-depth knowledge about the latest technologies and methodologies for JavaScript with sessions on diverse topics.

They can also practice their learnings in workshops like “JavaScript Full Stack Day – from Zero to Hero” by Hans-Christian Otto, where he will share expert knowledge on tools, technologies and techniques which are key to successful modern JavaScript development. The speakers will provide valuable insights from their web projects and reveal their “secret tricks” in this workshop.

Gift Egwuenu, in her session “JAMstack FTW – Static Site Generation with Vue”, will give an introduction to Gridsome and also look at how to leverage the JAMstack in building websites with Gridsome while giving the audience a glimpse of what they can achieve with it.

“PWA Workshop: Let’s make a Web App Prograssive in a workday” by Maxim Salnikov will focus on Angular, as a framework, contributes to the PWA concept. The attendees will learn about PWA concept pillars, Service Worker API fundamentals, and more. He will share a lot of practical tips and tricks, both technical and UX, review real-life PWA examples, explain how to avoid common pitfalls and how to deal with edge cases.

These are just a few valuable highlights from the exciting iJS Conference program. There are many more sessions, workshops and keynotes full of expert knowledge and insider tips to keep you inspired. Take the chance to ask, code, surprise and educate yourself. Discover and jump into the sea of JavaScript with speakers from leading tech companies like Google, Microsoft, 500Tech and many others.

Exclusive specials: Save up to 540€ with the Very Early Bird discount until August 15th, Group discount: Receive an additional 10% discount when registering with 3+ Colleagues.

Extra specials: ​Freelancer and employees of scientific institutions benefit from individual offers – if you’re interested, just send us an email: ​contact@javascript-conference.com

Event Information:
Dates: 21–25/10/2019
Location: Holiday Inn Munich City Centre

For more information visit our:
Website: ​www.javascript-conference.com 
Facebook: ​https://www.facebook.com/JavaScriptCon/
Twitter: ​https://twitter.com/JavaScriptCon

For more information visit our:
Website: www.jaxlondon.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JAX-London-143432582333847/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jaxlondon

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