New actuator for automated operation of side doors


The automated actuation of tailgates is meanwhile now widespread and can be found not only in luxury-class vehicles, but also in the compact class. As far as the side doors of vehicles are concerned, opening and closing are still largely manual. However, the first concepts for electrical assistance in the opening and closing functions are already fit for series production.

Pierburg GmbH has therefore developed an actuator for the automated operation of side doors in vehicles (Compact Door Actuator, CDA), which is scheduled to go into series production in 2022. On the autonomous vehicles of tomorrow, the automation of the door opening and closing functions will certainly have gained ground.

The reasons for the automatic opening and closing of car side doors are obvious and mean more than just an increase in passenger comfort. Once the actuator is integrated into the safety system and the surveillance of the vehicle’s surroundings, there will also be increased protection for pedestrians and cyclists. Closing force monitoring also provides protection for parts of the body against being trapped or jammed. Damage to the door is avoided and the opening of particularly heavy vehicle doors is also facilitated. From an engineering point of view, it is also possible to dispense with the door stopper.

In the actuator presented by Pierburg, the side doors are simultaneously integrated into a safety and security system with sensors for monitoring the immediate surroundings.

With its BLDC motor, the new actuator has ample power density and a compact mechanism. Functions for detecting obstacles and an integrated function for immobilizing the door under zero-current conditions are part of the package. There are also functions for selecting the door closing force as well as an integrated rotation angle measurement of the door opening.

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