DFC CORE +: Compact high-performance frequency comb

Gräfelfing, 14.02.2020 (PresseBox) – Frequency combs are used to measure absolute optical frequencies and to stabilize cw-lasers to specific frequencies, for example in order to drive transitions in cold atomic samples. Stabilization of Tunable Diode Lasers to a frequency comb is a reliable way forward to deal with the rising complexity of optical quantum technology applications.
The DFC CORE + is a robust, 19 inch compatible optical frequency comb based on Erbium fiber technology. It is the core system for applications like optical clocks, micro wave generation or phase-locking of cw-lasers and can be equipped with additional wavelength extensions and options.
Its unique fCEO-stabilization is based on Difference Frequency Generation (DFG) and comes with many advantages such as high robustness and ultra-low phase noise. The DFC CORE + features an outstanding stability and accuracy which is suitable for use with the best optical clocks. More than 20 years of engineering experience building high-quality scientific and industry-grade lasers went into its design, it’s a true TOPTICA laser.
For more information visit the TOPTICA Difference Frequency Comb webpage.

Unternehmen: TOPTICA Photonics AG

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