Extension of the Multi-Look®-Line from Signal-Construct by LEDs with lamp bases PSB and T 6.5F

Niefern-Öschelbronn, 01.04.2020 (PresseBox) – Due to the increased awareness of our MULTI-LOOK® series with plug-in base, there is also an increasing demand for LED lamps with the above base types, which were previously not available on the market.
All common LED colours are available, including warm white, for voltages up to 70V. Even in the basic version, the lamps are designed for optimal AC operation.
It is therefore not necessary to pay attention to the polarity of the socket when operating with DC voltage. A decisive advantage in service applications, when unsure whether the defect has been remedied by replacing the lamp.
With the addition of the T 6.5 / T 6.8F versions, almost all socket types can now be realized with the bipolar or bridge rectified LED modules developed by Signal-Construct.
Compared to conventional LED lamps with single LEDs or complex optics, the multi-look technology results in larger radiation angles without additional effort, so that the modules for HMI products such as switches, buttons and signaling components are almost ideal for more homogeneous illumination of panels or symbol indicators from all manufacturers.
At the same time, a higher current carrying capacity of the LEDs is achieved, which results in a significantly improved luminous efficiency, particularly in the higher voltage ranges 42/48 and 60 / 70V.
The entire product range includes lamp types for voltages from 6 to 70V AC / DC with the following bases:
LED bi-pin lamps:
Ø 4.2 and 5.6 mm exclusively as bipolar types
LED lamps with wedge base:
W2x4.6d exclusively as bipolar types
W2.1×9.5d exclusively with bridge rectifier
LED telecommunication lamps, LED telephone lamps with slide-base (PSB):
T 4.5 – T 4.6 exclusively as bipolar types
T 5.5 / T 5.5K, T 6.5 (T 6.8F), T 6.8 red, yellow, green as bipolar; blue, white, warm white with bridge rectifier
LED lamps with bayonet and midget-flanged base:
BA5s, MG 5.7, MF 6.8s exclusively as bipolar types
BA 7s – red, yellow, green as bipolar, blue, white, warm white with bridge rectifier
Further technical information and the option to order directly can be found on our website and in our catalogue Power on lamp sockets, which you can download here.

Unternehmen: Signal-Construct elektro-optische Anzeigen und Systeme GmbH

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