Highly efficient, super-flat LED spots in 50mm design

Niefern-Öschelbronn, 01.04.2020 (PresseBox) – With the MLP series, Signal-Construct GmbH shows once again what is possible with LED spots thanks to optimal resource efficiency.
In addition, there are features such as tool-free installation and special lamps for step lighting with the possibility of installation in standard flush-mounted boxes.
Lighting accounts for over 10% of total electricity consumption per household. Considerable savings can be made in this area, sometimes with little effort and expenses.
E.g. in the MR 16 (Ø 50mm) recessed lamps, the usual 2-pin halogen lamps are still very often used as illuminants. Standard LED products easily lead to energy savings of 80%, which are quite relevant in view of the rising electricity prices.
In the case of new installations, the calculation of the material and energy consumption inevitably includes not only the mere illuminant, but also the additional effort for the installation housing, the socket, possibly the heat sink and terminal block. With a considerable number of lighting solutions, the ecological-economic balance sheet is therefore rather doubtful.
At Signal-Construct, these considerations led to a series of new LED spots, in which minimal use of materials, the use of high-quality components and inexpensive manufacturing processes have resulted in an optimal synthesis of efficiency, low installation effort and intrinsic value.
The new MLP series in particular impresses with its performance data with values ​​that position it in the top group of efficiency-optimized LED lamps. In connection with a special lens optics e.g. a luminous flux of typically 145 lumens / watt (250 lm with power consumption of 1.7 W) is achieved. With a diffuse cover, the values ​​are 90 lm in warm white 3000K and 120 lm in white 4,500K. (Compare Osram Halostar: 375 lm at 20 W, corresponds to 18.8 lm / W). The lifespan of the LED spot of at least 50,000 hours versus 2000 hours of the halogen lamp speaks for itself.
Other advantages are
no additional built-in housing necessary
all housing materials made of high quality polycarbonate
Installation depth only 11 mm
Secure hold from a material thickness of 1.5 mm up to solid material
Installation opening Ø 53-58 mm
Mini weight of 23.5g
tool-free assembly
wires daisy-chained from one lamp to the next
Optionally available for wire connections to be installed on the assembly side (0.3 mm² solid conductor or wire end ferrules) or polarity-proof system cable connection, available in various lengths
Maximum service life of at least 50,000 hours thanks to an operating temperature of only approx. 40 ° C
Decor ring changeable
attractive price / performance ratio
The spots consist of the basic housing with integrated LEDs with optics, designed for an operating voltage of 12 or 24V DC, as well as the snap-on decorative ring on the front, which is available in various surfaces and designs. The scope of delivery generally includes a decorative ring in white.
Due to the low self-heating of a maximum of 40° C, this series is particularly suitable for installation in wooden structures and listed objects, as well as in plastic surfaces, since no discoloration of the materials occurs.
A mounting kit for surface mounting is available for areas of application where there is no possibilty for recessed mounting.
The basic light colors are white (4,500K) and warm white (3,000K). Other luminous colours include blue, green, red and yellow, or color temperatures in the range from 2,200 to 6,500K.
Areas of application:
Mobile home
Solar lighting
Underneath wall cupboards
Mirror cabinets
For battery and accumulator operation
The program is supplemented by an additional version especially for side installation in stairs, where the spots (installation depth 18mm), including the power supply, can be installed in standard flush-mounted boxes.

Unternehmen: Signal-Construct elektro-optische Anzeigen und Systeme GmbH

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