Inspector – The champion among vehicle diagnostic devices

Heusenstamm, 30.06.2020 (PresseBox) – The increase in maintenance/repair work and troubleshooting on the vehicle is also affecting independent workshops. Expertise and the right tools are essential for every workshop in order to offer the best possible service. The Inspector self-diagnosis device supports workshops with the maintenance, repair, troubleshooting and diagnosis of all models. With access to all OE data for Hyundai and Kia, the Inspector is particularly suitable for Asian models. The Inspector is easy to handle, which is helpful when carrying out work. The system search is largely automatic, operation is intuitive and the entries for vehicle identification are uncomplicated. Another advantage for workshops is that the updates are free of charge in the first year. Good reasons for workshops to use the Inspector as a diagnostic expert.
What does the Inspector offer?
It is a workshop expert for all requirements. The compact hand-held device was designed to cope with high levels of strain in everyday use. The 2.1 GHz Octa-Core processor enables smooth and fast working without interruptions. A 10-inch LCD screen is easy to read, even in sunlight, and is operated using a touchscreen and practical screenpen. All diagnostic logs, customer information, images and data can be optimally stored using the 64 GB internal memory and a further 128 GB external memory. Enough storage space is also available for future software updates. Another highlight is the simple creation of diagnostic reports. The pre-scan report highlights all problems on the vehicle. The post scan report confirms that they have been properly resolved. The WiFi® connection also enables quick and easy updates, direct feedback, TeamViewer support, printing and surfing. Other interfaces are also available, such as USB, Micro USB, HDMI or Bluetooth®. The Inspector diagnostic device provides all standard functions such as the reading and erasing of trouble codes, live data display, actuator tests and advanced control unit-specific additional functions. An extensive range of accessories is also available outside the scope of supply. Various connectors, adapters and other accessories can be ordered as required.
With the Inspector, Herth+Buss offers all workshops a sophisticated and helpful self-diagnosis device. A real champion!
Self-diagnosis device
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