Seamless inventory of a connected world

Paderborn, 31.07.2020 (PresseBox) – „Any IT asset management project is only as good as the data it is based on and processed. Following the motto ‘Discover to manage’, we offer the market a unique solution that covers all technologies – from clients to industrial machines, sensors and sensor data, such as intelligent waste containers and wind farms.“, says Ragip Aydin, Managing Director of Raynet.
According to a study by Dell Technologies “Realizing 2030 – A Divided Vision of Future”, 42 percent of those surveyed agree that inventory management is completely outsourced to machines. What do you think, Mr. Aydin?
Raynet recognized this trend many years ago. Therefore, our intention was to focus our product development and investments on our Enterprise Inventory solution. Nowadays Raynet already dominates the whole market unrivalled with RayVentory in the field of discovery and inventory management.
What does the visionary and strategic future look like in 2030 regarding inventory management?
The driving force is connectivity: the whole world is connected. Our vision is to cover all IP devices and, in addition, the entire industry 4.0, IoT and IIoT technologies. The basic principle for this is our strategy, which will not change, neither today nor in the future: complete transparency to manage everything centrally while closing security gaps.
That sounds very future-oriented. What does your product already cover today and why is it so important for companies to have complete transparency to manage and maintain their inventory?
Our end-to-end inventory solution RayVentory collects data of the highest quality for clients, servers, and network devices with a very high automation capability in the shortest possible time – agent-based, agentless, remote, portable or with the zero touch method. The flexibility we offer with our different but combinable inventory methods is the reason why our solution is the technological market leader. This enables us, as the only provider, to scan everything and everywhere, while maintaining the highest security standards of our customers. Complete transparency allows customers to gain valuable insights into the IT infrastructure and serves as a central source of information for strategic IT decisions. In addition, software portfolio assets are specifically analyzed and optimized to achieve enormous cost savings.
What confirms that you have taken the right course?
Well-known and globally operating service providers as well as software manufacturers already use RayVentory as a strategic solution for successful inventory management and thus form the basis for their continuative services or IT asset management projects. One of the largest companies for market research and analysis of IT developments (Gartner) also predicts the importance of complete and high-quality data for software asset management and recommends RayVentory and its inclusion in the Magic Quadrant for SAM & UEM Tools. The feedback from our long-standing customers also confirms that we are on the right course.
Which essential product features are planned in the near future?
A very big, current challenge is the holistic inventory of the classic office and production IT. For this purpose, we have already developed a prototype which reads all data through a hardware interface and is permanently connected to RayVentory. This allows us to automatically roll out all required patches and prevent vulnerabilities or security gaps or react ad hoc.
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