MD 100 microphone classic in use at Colombian elite university

Gefell, 21.09.2020 (PresseBox) – The classic moving coil microphones of the MD series from Gefell are pressure gradient transduser, optimised for high-quality transmission and recording of speech and music in professional and semi-professional applications.
With the dynamic, wired MD 100, MD 110 and MD 120 microphones, developed in cooperation with MTL Mikrofontechnik Leipzig, MTG offers different directional characteristics from omnidirectional to supercardioid, depending of the intended use.
All microphones have a three-pin XLR output (the MD 101, MD 111 and MD 121 microphones allow transmitter operation as a variant with shorter housing)
Among the outstanding features of the MD series are
– Hearing test-optimised frequency response of the transmission ratio
– Elastic, structure-borne noise damped system suspension
– Integrated pop protection and modern design
Users at the Universidad de la Sabana were recently able to convince themselves of the excellent acoustic properties of the MD 100 (cardioid) as part of an ASPA ANDINA equipment project.
The Universidad de la Sabana in Chia, the youngest university in Colombia, is now one of the 60 best universities in Latin America. It is a privately funded university with a broad spectrum of research, development and training.
Among other things, it has a Media Production Centre / CPM at the Faculty of Communication.
The aim is to provide student training based on the latest technical standards, which are also currently used in professional media companies.

Unternehmen: Microtech Gefell GmbH