CADENAS sorgt für Abkühlung bei Bayerischer Beachvolleyball Meisterschaft in Augsburg

Augsburger Softwarehersteller unterstützt als offizieller Sponsor das Turnier

Die ideale Sommerkombination aus Sonne, Sand, Sport & Eis: Am 21. und 22. Juli 2018 findet bereits zum dritten Mal die Bayerische Beachvolleyball Meisterschaft auf dem Augsburger Rathausplatz statt. Auf zwei Spielfeldern und über 600 Tonnen Sand treten die zahlreichen Teams vor tausenden begeisterten Zuschauern gegeneinander an. Organisiert wird das Sportereignis von der DJK Augsburg-Hochzoll in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Bayerischen Volleyball Verband.

Ice, Ice, Baby…

Neben der finanziellen Unterstützung des Turniers sorgt CADENAS auch für eine willkommene Abkühlung: Passend zu den heißen Temperaturen werden sich Spieler und Zuschauer gratis mit einem Eis des Augsburger Softwareherstellers erfrischen können.

Sport wird bei CADENAS großgeschrieben

Das weltweit tätige Unternehmen mit Hauptsitz in Augsburg hat seit Jahren eine enge Verbindung zum Trendsport Beachvolleyball sowie zum Veranstalter, der DJK Augsburg-Hochzoll. So findet zum Beispiel das jährliche CADENAS Sommerfest bei der DJK im Augsburger Fribbebad statt und wird oftmals zum Anlass für ein Beachvolleyballturnier unter den Mitarbeitern des Softwareherstellers genommen.

Auch unterstützt CADENAS bereits seit vielen Jahren als Sponsor regionale Sportler sowie Sportevents: So nahm das Unternehmen 2017 am UNICEF Schwimmen des Augsburger Schwimmvereins teil oder spendierte den Nachwuchskickern des TSV Welden neue Trainingsjacken.

„Wir freuen uns, bereits zum zweiten Mal als Hauptsponsor an der Bayerischen Beachvolleyball Meisterschaft teilzunehmen und wünschen allen Beteiligten viel Sonnenschein sowie ein atemberaubendes Turnier. Vorab möchten wir uns schon einmal bei der DJK Augsburg-Hochzoll für die tolle Organisation bedanken“, so Jürgen Heimbach, Geschäftsführer der CADENAS GmbH.

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PLÜMAT introduces Geometric Similarity Search by CADENAS with SolidWorks and keytech PLM integration

PARTsolutions will promote reuse in redesigning and support work preparation in the optimization of production planning

PLÜMAT is rated as a worldwide technology leader in the area of the development, design and production of machines and plants for the pharmaceutical industry and will be introducing the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions by CADENAS to its business units of engineering, development and work preparation in the course of 2018. The Geometric Similarity Search GEOsearch of PARTsolutions will increase the reuse of components in the company. "We will especially benefit from PARTsolutions and GEOsearch in the area of work preparation. Here we expect savings in the work to be expended as well as the costs in CAM programming," says Detlef Fangmann, Administration Director of PLÜMAT.

Access to production information of components already produced allows more efficient work preparation

Work preparation plays a special role in the producing industry, as this is where the decision is made on how a new product is to be produced. The employees involved in work preparation thus determine exactly which CNC machine is to be used and which CNC program will carry out the production. Manual work preparation and production planning, where all details must once again be defined and programmed, is therefore very time-consuming. It is easier if work preparation can access information from products already produced in the company which are geometrically very similar to the new product. CADENAS will be supporting PLÜMAT at this point with the Geometric Similarity Search GEOsearch.

GEOsearch optimizes production planning

In future, engineers will easily be able to search for geometrically similar components already produced in the PLÜMAT company, with the help of GEOsearch by CADENAS. With a similar component, information about the production machine and the CNC program used can be viewed and, if needed, can be taken over for the new component. This way, the new product can be produced with the same production process as the previous product. Complex, manual CNC programming is thus omitted.

"Since we at PLÜMAT count on the PLM system keytech PLM, our choice was clearly for the fully-integrated Geometric Similarity Search GEOsearch by CADENAS. Both keytech and CADENAS have proven to be very flexible and convinced us in a mutual pilot project of the potential savings in design and work preparation," Detlef Fangmann says.

"Originally, we developed the Geometric Similarity Search to solve the problem of different parts designations. All that’s needed for the GEOsearch is the selection of a 3D reference component to find repeat parts for design needs and, in many cases, to use already existing parts instead of increasing the diversity of parts and thereby the costs. The fact that the technology is also being used outside design departments and now supports the work planner when choosing the suitable tools or CNC programs, or helps the purchaser with his make or buy decision, just goes to show the potential of the technology," says Markus Poppinghuys, CADENAS Branch Manager Essen, Germany.

Further information about the strategic parts management PARTsolutions at:

Numerous well-known companies of diverse industries already benefit from the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions. This way to their success stories.

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3D CAD models from Helix Linear Technologies go online with interactive product catalog built by CADENAS

Helix Linear Technologies launched an online product catalog of 3D CAD models for their popular configurable products, including lead screw technologies and PRA actuators. Built by CADENAS, the configurator enables customers to instantly find, configure and download a digital 3D CAD model of the Helix product they need.

An american manufacturer of linear motion and power transmission systems, Helix Linear offers products essential to the medical, industrial automation, aerospace and defense industries. Committed to quality and the evolving customer-driven market, the company sought a digital solution to meet the on-demand requests and unique needs of their broad customer base. The new configurator achieves the self-serve features, accuracy and speed their customers need by providing free, instant 3D CAD downloads in over 100 native file formats and versions.

“The standard in our industry is getting CAD models online,” Christopher Nook, Chief Executive Officer at Helix Linear Technologies, said. “By delivering high-end customer service from the second a customer visits our website and by making it simple for them to download a CAD file, we make it easy for our customers to do business with us.”

The new online configurator streamlines Helix Linear’s process for providing CAD models with improved accuracy across the design cycle. It also enables Helix Linear to reduce design time from a couple days to just seconds.

“A lot of our customers come to our website with tight design cycles and very few resources. We knew we weren’t providing information as fast as we wanted to,” Nook said. “We knew if we could make our products self-service from within our website, it would be much easier for customers to get CAD models of our products and to purchase from us.”

Within the interactive catalog, Helix Linear’s customers can also download 3D PDF Datasheets of their configurable product which include an interactive 3D preview of the part, 2D dimension drawings and product specs.

The interactive product catalog of Helix Linear can be found at:

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Cooperation between eCl@ss and buildingSMART will support BIM and advance digital transformation

In order to track the complex data structure requirements involved with planning large residential or single-purpose buildings through Building Information Modeling, eCl@ss established a BIM taskforce focused specifically on this issue within the construction sector. Leaders in the industry such as CADENAS, Hager, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Strabag, Weidmüller and Würth are pooling their expertise in order to ensure the greatest consistency possible in advancing the open standards strategy. Stakeholders throughout the sector applaud the cooperation between eCl@ss and buildingSMART as a milestone in advancing the digital transformation of the construction sector and industry.

BIM sector benefits from new cooperation

The standards organization eCl@ss e.V. and buildingSMART International have entered into a cooperation with each other. The two non-profit organizations stated in a joint declaration of intent their plans to work together in advancing standardization and to incorporate the results of their efforts into Building Information Modeling, also known as BIM. BIM is a digital planning process that allows all companies involved in a construction project to participate in the modeling process. By integrating 3D views, floor plans or installation and electrical distribution units into the process, BIM provides a digital representation of a physical building or property. BIM has become increasingly relevant in the planning of complex single-purpose buildings, their operations and in facility management and is indispensable to the work of facility and building planners, architects, developers and building operators. However, an effective Building Information Modeling process depends on high-quality data based on open standards.

eCl@ss and buildingSMART deliver data basis

With open standards, eCl@ss and buildingSMART enable more efficient and collaborative workflows, regardless of software. The cross-industry ISO/IEC-compliant data standard eCl@ss allows for the classification and unambiguous description of products and services.  Its underlying data structures, which represent all the data relevant to a product – from product categories to the descriptions of individual technical properties – are validated by prominent experts on a regular basis. More than 3,500 companies around the globe are already taking advantage of the benefits offered by the classification and description of their products and services.

As an authority on standardization in the built asset economy, buildingSMART relies on open standards in the digital representation and exchange of information for the construction industry. The organization’s buildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD) provides a web service-based platform for standards, definitions, properties and unique digital identifiers. Embedded as a digital module in Building Information Modeling processes, the platform offers facility and building planners, architects, developers and building operators access to the dedicated data from eCl@ss and buildingSMART. As part of a pilot plan targeting the successive implementation of all construction-relevant eCl@ss data structures into the bSDD, the commodity classes, properties and values available through the eCl@ss standard have been integrated into the dictionary.

You can find the entire press release from eCl@ss and buildingSMART here.

More information at:

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Kooperation von eCl@ss und buildingSMART unterstützt BIM und beschleunigt digitale Transformation

Um die komplexen Anforderungen bei der Planung von großen Wohnbauten sowie Zweckgebäuden in den Datenstrukturen im Building Information Modeling abzubilden, wurde bei eCl@ss eigens eine BIM-Taskforce für die Baubranche etabliert. Führende Unternehmen, wie CADENAS, Hager, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Strabag, Weidmüller und Würth, führen ihre Kompetenzen zusammen, um die Strategie der offenen Standards weiter voranzubringen. Die Kooperation von eCl@ss und buildingSMART wird von den Akteuren als ein wichtiger Schritt zur Beschleunigung der digitalen Transformation in der Baubranche und der Industrie begrüßt.

BIM Bereich profitiert von neuer Kooperation

Die Standardisierungsorganisationen eCl@ss e.V. und buildingSMART International sind eine Kooperation eingegangen. In einer Absichtserklärung erklärten die beiden Non-Profit-Organisationen, künftig ihre Standardisierungsbemühungen bündeln zu wollen und die Ergebnisse ihrer Arbeit in das Building Information Modeling, kurz BIM, einfließen zu lassen. BIM ist eine digitale Planungsmethode, an der idealerweise alle am Bau beteiligten Unternehmen an der gemeinsamen Modellierung von Gebäuden mitwirken. Visualisierungen wie 3D-Ansichten, Grundrisse oder Installations- und Elektroverteilungen sind integriert und stellen gewissermaßen den digitalen Zwilling einer realen Immobilie dar. Bei der Planung von komplexen Zweckgebäuden sowie deren Betrieb und im Facility Management gewinnt BIM zunehmend an Bedeutung und ist im Arbeitsalltag von Planern, Architekten, Bauherren und Gebäudebetreibern kaum mehr wegzudenken. Voraussetzung für die effektive Nutzung des Building Information Modeling ist allerdings eine exzellente Datenlage auf Basis offener Standards.

eCl@ss und buildingSMART liefern Datengrundlage

Mit offenen Standards können eCl@ss und buildingSMART softwareunabhängig überzeugen: Der branchenübergeordnete und international normenkonforme Datenstandard eCl@ss ermöglicht die Klassifizierung und eindeutige Beschreibung von Produkten und Dienstleistungen. Die hierfür zugrundeliegenden Datenstrukturen, in denen von der obersten Produktkategorie bis hin zu individuellen technischen Merkmalsbeschreibungen alle Daten eines Produkts abgebildet sind, werden permanent von renommierten Expertengruppen validiert. Mehr als 3500 Unternehmen weltweit setzen den Datenstandard bereits zur Klassifizierung und Beschreibung ihrer Produkte und Dienstleistungen ein.

buildingSMART setzt als Standardisierungsorganisation für das Bauwesen sowie für Gebäude- und Vermögensanlagen ihres Zeichens ganz auf offene Standards bei der digitalen Darstellung und dem Austausch von Gebäudedaten. Mit ihrer Bibliothek, dem buildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD), stellt die Organisation über einen Webservice weltweit eine Plattform für Normen, Definitionen, Eigenschaften sowie für eindeutige digitale Identifikationsmerkmale zur Verfügung. Eingebettet als digitales Modul im Building Information Modeling können Planer, Architekten, Bauherren und Gebäudebetreiber künftig weltweit auf die dedizierten Daten von eCl@ss und buildingSMART zugreifen. Die in eCl@ss verfügbaren Klassen, Merkmale und Werte konnten nun schon testweise in das bSDD integriert werden. Ziel ist die sukzessive Implementierung aller für das Bauwesen relevanter eCl@ss-Datenstrukturen in das bSDD.

Den gesamten Pressebericht von eCl@ss und buildingSMART finden Sie hier.

Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter:

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LIVEsearch supports engineers by suggesting geometrically similar components during the design process

Many animals communicate by the way they look at you. Dogs, for example, can let their masters know that they are hungry with their famous "begging look". Our four-legged friends can often get what they want without words. The intelligent finding method LIVEsearch works in a similar fashion by anticipating the (component) wishes of engineers, entirely without words.

LIVEsearch is a variant of the Geometric Similarity Search of the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions, which runs automatically in the background during the modelling phase – regardless of the CAD system being used. Thus, engineers are shown suggestions of already existing geometrically similar parts during the design process directly within their CAD system.

LIVEsearch reduces the effort for complete remodeling – saving time and money. In addition, the reuse of parts in the company is promoted. Thanks to the seamless integration into the CAD system, a system change is not necessary to run a Geometric Similarity Search via LIVEsearch. Geometrically similar components are suggested by LIVEsearch during the design process. Subsequently, other functions are available such as part comparison and CAD export.

CADENAS opens up new opportunities to intelligently find product information as well as CAD data of standard, purchased and single parts. The search functions have been optimized especially for the needs of engineers and purchasers and enhance the intelligent finding of needed components by intuitive operation. Find out more about the intelligent finding methods of CADENAS at:

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LIVEsearch unterstützt Ingenieure mit Vorschlägen geometrisch ähnlicher Komponenten während des Konstruktionsprozesses

Viele Tiere kommunizieren mit ihrem Blick. So können Hunde mit dem bekannten „Bettelblick“ ihrem Herrchen gekonnt mitteilen, dass sie zum Beispiel Hunger haben. Ohne Worte erreichen unsere vierbeinigen Freunde damit oftmals genau das, was sie wollen. Nach einem ähnlichen Prinzip funktioniert auch die Intelligente Findemethode LIVEsearch von CADENAS, indem sie Ingenieuren ihre (Komponenten-)  Wünsche ganz ohne Worte von den Augen abliest.

Die LIVEsearch ist eine Variante der Geometrischen Ähnlichkeitssuche des Strategischen Teilemanagements PARTsolutions, die bereits während der Modellierung automatisch im Hintergrund abläuft – unabhängig vom verwendeten CAD System. Dadurch bekommen Ingenieure im laufenden Konstruktionsprozess direkt innerhalb ihres CAD Systems Vorschläge zu bereits vorhandenen, geometrisch ähnlichen Teilen angezeigt.  

Mit der LIVEsearch reduziert sich der Aufwand für eine vollständige Neumodellierung – das spart Zeit und Geld. Zusätzlich wird die Teilewiederverwendung im Unternehmen gefördert. Für die Durchführung einer Geometrischen Ähnlichkeitssuche mittels LIVEsearch ist dank nahtloser Integration ins CAD System kein Systemwechsel notwendig. Während der laufenden Konstruktion werden geometrisch ähnliche Komponenten von der LIVEsearch vorgeschlagen. Anschließend stehen weitere Funktionen, wie Bauteilvergleich und CAD Export zur Verfügung.

CADENAS eröffnet neue Möglichkeiten, Produktinformationen sowie CAD Daten von Norm-, Kauf- und Eigenteilen intelligent zu finden. Die Suchfunktionen wurden dabei speziell auf die Bedürfnisse von Ingenieuren und Einkäufern optimiert und ermöglichen, benötigte Komponenten durch intuitive Bedienung intelligent zu finden. Informieren Sie sich über die Intelligenten Findemethoden von CADENAS unter:

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Tata Steel launches their pioneering BIM tool the „DNA Profiler“ and product catalog built by CADENAS

Tata Steel launched their pioneering BIM Tool the "DNA Profiler" and product catalog, granting engineers and architects easy access to configurable products and instant BIM CAD downloads, right from Tata Steel’s website.

Based on the eCATALOGsolutions technology by CADENAS, the “DNA Profiler” was designed with the customer in mind. It delivers to architects the data they want in the BIM CAD format they need — creating a simplified design-to-download process. The “DNA Profiler” is an innovative multi BIM CAD tool, which additionally provides all relevant attributes of Tata Steel construction products beyond the pure geometry. Users can directly specify in the product configurator of Tata Steel which component information they need in which BIM format. The provision of numerous level-of-information that are relevant for the specific construction phase thus fulfills the different needs of respective architects and planners of the construction industry.

The “DNA Profiler” is a flexible tool for today’s needs and future developments. This web-based tool enables users to:

  • Select exactly what BIM information (data and/or 3D object) they want.
  • Configure Tata Steel construction products.
  • Selection of the desired level-of-information depending on the construction phase.
  • Download it in multiple CAD formats and versions.

Tata Steel is a leading international manufacturer of steel and ranks as the world’s second most geographically diversified steel producer, employing over 80,000 people across nearly 50 countries. Its “DNA Profiler” hosts over 6,100 of the Tata Steel European construction brand products – including Celsius®, ComFlor®, Kalzip® and Catnic® products – in all relevant BIM software formats required, to ensure complete interoperability. The BIM objects are available in a large range of native software object formats including Autodesk Revit, ARCHICAD, Tekla, Allplan and Trimble SketchUp.

“Our ‚DNA Profiler‘ is a major step towards simplifying the availability of complex product data online. We hope that not only will it provide a much-needed tool for the design community, but that it will also pave the way towards a more unified approach to data sharing throughout the industry,” says Alex Small, BIM and Digital Platforms Manager at Tata Steel.

“CADENAS are proud to have collaborated with Tata Steel and IBM to create the ‚DNA Profiler‘. One of the first of its kind, the company’s new ‚DNA Profiler‘ has been designed to minimise data overload and will allow users, at whatever stage they are in the construction process, to retrieve the exact level of BIM data they require – and via CADENAS technology, download in multiple native CAD software object formats,” says Gillian Smith, Business Development Director at CADENAS UK.

The product catalog with its BIM tool “DNA Profiler” by Tata Steel is available at:

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PARTcommunity Version 8 sets standards for the 3D CAD download of the future

CADENAS GmbH has published the latest version of the well-known 3D CAD models download portal PARTcommunity. Besides millions of intelligent engineering data of renowned component manufacturers, PARTcommunity Version 8 offers engineers and purchasers many innovations and features, thus making use even easier and more intuitive, for example:

  • Simplified PARTcommunity login
  • Editable dimensioning in 3D view
  • PARTcommunity Inbox informs about manufacturer news
  • Suggestions on suitable accessories & display of end-of-life information
  • Interactive component information via hotspot
  • Special markings of catalogs with the CADENAS quality seal  
  • Extensive previews simplify product selection and configuration
  • LIVErendering makes product images possible in a matter of seconds
  • Central positioning of the search functions

There are millions of 3D CAD models from over 460 product catalogs of well-known component manufacturers available to engineers and purchasers for free download at

Editable dimensioning in 3D view

The new PARTcommunity Version 8 enables users for the first time to modify component dimensions directly in the 3D view. With the help of an edit icon within the dimensioning view, the model can easily be customized according to need. After entering the desired dimensions, the 3D view is updated and the changes are taken over in the table. The adjusting of component dimensions within the table is no longer necessary. The configuration of components is thus easier and more comfortable for the user. In addition, the modifications of the dimensions are visible at once in 3D and can be checked for correctness.

PARTcommunity Inbox informs about manufacturer news

The communication between component manufacturers as well as engineers and purchasers has been further improved in the new PARTcommunity Version 8, while at the same time complying with the new EU Data Protection Directive. Manufacturers now have the option to send important information about products and services directly to the Inbox of the PARTcommunity users. The Inbox is always on the right side of the PARTcommunity user page, so that users never miss important messages from the manufacturers.

Suggestions on suitable accessories & display of end-of-life information

Besides recommended accessories, end-of-life information is provided for the respective configuration of a component. This makes a much quicker configuration of components possible, including the matching accessories.

Interactive component information via hotspot

Component manufacturers can now supply PARTcommunity users further information, in addition to their 3D CAD models, e.g. videos, instructions, links to website contents or alternative components. The new hotspot feature enables engineers to obtain even more clarity for choosing and using the respective component, without contacting the manufacturer directly.

Special markings of catalogs with the CADENAS quality seal

Manufacturer catalogs, with extensive intelligent engineering information and awarded the CADENAS quality seal, are as of now more apparent. Catalogs in the catalog overview as well as within the search results with a small golden, silver or bronze logo (depending on the quality seal awarded) are marked in the upper right corner of the company logo.

Extensive previews simplify product selection and configuration

Component previews have been further optimized and equipped with tabs. During the configuration of a component, the user is shown a greyed-out 3D & 2D preview with the notice that the preview no longer corresponds to the current component and must be updated again with a click. Additionally, 2D derivations of the configured components are provided as previews, which are needed for the production drawings. Users can configure the 2D derivation individually here, according to their needs with regard to line thickness, line color, views, etc.

LIVErendering makes product images possible in a matter of seconds

For the first time, high-resolution product images can be displayed quickly and easily in the preview on the 3D CAD download portal PARTcommunity. The LIVErendering function uses Maxwell Renderer software and must be supported by the component manufacturer. This way users obtain realistic product images of the components in a matter of seconds.

Simplified PARTcommunity login

Effective immediately, the login for PARTcommunity is even easier. Instead of a user name as before, users can log in as in all common Internet portals and web shops with their e-mail address and the password they assigned for themselves.

The 3D CAD models download portal PARTcommunity can be found at:

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Do You Play in the League of Technology Champions?

The path from digital twin, via IIoT to Industry 4.0

Shorter production times, greater pressure to cut costs and meet deadlines, increased variation diversity, reduced batch sizes accompanied by shorter changeover times, procurement optimization, logistics, digital twin in spare parts management, maintenance optimization of plant and machinery,…companies today are faced with countless challenges.

In many sectors, companies need to deal with the question of how to keep their machines, plants and robots efficient at all times in spite of a diverse range of constantly increasing requirements. That’s why more and more companies seek the solution of digitalization and networking of their systems – completely in line with the concept of Industry 4.0. But very often the crucial challenge is to find the ideal entry point.

Where is the ideal entry point for Industry 4.0?

To answer this question, the industrial revolution has to be seen as a journey, offering many opportunities to those who successfully bet on the right strategy. The rapid development in machinery and plant engineering as well as robot technology, is setting tough requirements on simulation and digital commissioning, independent of the industry sector. Due to a lack of real-time capability and missing digital data, many processes and systems cannot unlock their full potential. Real-time simulation can fail, for example, due to the missing intelligent digital data of components containing acceleration values, mass points, weight, surface quality to name a few.

Not only is simulation important, upcoming maintenance or other real-time information from sensors, intelligently defined inside the digital component is a requirement. This leads back to the initial question as to where the right entry point is for Industry 4.0. Or, in other words; do we have all these smart parts in our ecosystem?

Conclusion: Digital twin as a prerequisite for Industry 4.0

To take the first step to Industry 4.0, virtual machines, plants and robots have to be built with virtual components, which behave 100% like real components with regards to interfaces, parameters and operating modes. With the help of these so-called "digital twins", as supported by CADENAS catalog technology, realistic test and deployment situations are constructed, including all control functions in process and motion control, for instance. There we go – that’s the entry point. For everything we do, we need to start with these smart parts, in other words, real "digital twins".

The 4th Industrial Revolution is in full swing and presents brand new challenges for the digitalization of components, and thereby, an enriched electronic product catalog. CAD, kinematics and product configuration are no longer sufficient. The new challenge is the merging of kinematics, electrical engineering and software in one digital model – known as the "digital twin”.

Networking of intelligent components with other devices

But this is only a first step for IIoT, because all these smart parts have to communicate with smart devices: e.g. a smart pump with smart sensors will finally communicate an upcoming failure to a dedicated analyses tool in the cloud, to start a maintenance process before the pump will fail. This will reduce downtime in your production, for instance, and make an assembly line much more efficient.

And that’s where the circle closes; we discovered our entry point and started our journey with a digital twin in engineering, and we end with the smart communication of the real components, with the existing PLM & ERP systems, as well as with their digital twins during the product lifecycle.

And “the cherry on the top” is the combination of the above, with procurement data, because procurement and logistics benefit from digital procurement data such as availability, delivery times, list prices and customs tariff numbers. Bridging the gap between engineering and purchasing. We call this concept “PURCHINEERING”.

Author: Walter Leder
Walter Leder has been working at CADENAS GmbH since 2000. As authorized officer he is not only responsible for the financial management but also for strategic OEM partnerships. Furthermore he deals intensively in the area of Industry 4.0, IIoT and PURCHINEERING.

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