SLM Solutions at MECSPE in Parma

The SLM Solutions Group AG will again be represented by its partner Overmach S.p.A. with additive SLM® technology at MECSPE this year. The machine SLM®500 will be presented at booth K19 in the exhibition hall for additive manufacturing in Pavilion Pad. 6.

MECSPE is the biggest event in Italy that focuses on innovations for the manufacturing industry. With 12 topic halls, the fair will provide visitors with a complete overview of innovative technologies, materials and machinery on March 22-24, 2018. The 17th MECSPE is being enriched with an "Additive Manufacturing” show for the first time. Professional 3D-printing technologies increase the efficiency of production and prototyping processes as well as enable increased flexibility with reduced time and costs.

At the international trade fair for special mechanics MECSPE in Parma, Italian manufacturing companies can obtain information about the efficiency of metal-based additive manufacturing technology. Together with its partner Overmach S.p.A, SLM Solutions Group AG will present additive SLM® technology at booth K19 in the hall for additive manufacturing in Pavilion Pad. 6. The experts will demonstrate the complete process chain (closed loop) of generative manufacturing from data generation and melting to powder recovery and reprocessing on the selective laser melting machine SLM®500.
The SLM®500 provides a large construction space of 500 x 280 x 365 mm³ and has patented multi-beam technology. Up to four fiber lasers with 700 W are simultaneously in use per shift in the high-performance machine. It is specifically designed for use in a production environment. The universal machine with high productivity is suitable for serial production of complex components, among other things.

SLM Solutions will support the team around Giacomo Cacciani from Parma with the Lübeck expert Kamer Geyisi, Sales Manager Italy, and Niels Bendig, Application Engineer. Together, they want to contribute to the use of additive SLM® technology to support the next generation of intelligent industrial production in Italy.

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APS Meetings 2018: SLM Solutions Is Presenting Additive SLM® Technology

On March 20 and 21, the SLM Solutions Group AG is taking part as an exhibitor at the APS Meetings in Lyon. At the two-day event with high-level conferences for additive manufacturing, 3D printing, rapid prototyping and product development, SLM Solutions will exhibit selective laser melting technology at its exhibition booth at the Congress Center.

The APS Meetings are already being held for the sixth time in Lyon. The conference trade show provides suppliers with the possibility of exchanging ideas directly with companies from different sectors such as aviation and aerospace, automotive, electronics, rail and medicine in detailed business discussions. With the concept, which is based on pre-selected and pre-planned B2B meetings with a duration of 40 minutes, the APS meetings are a direct way for companies to network and collaborate: from the purchase of equipment and machinery to research and development and all the way to additive and prototypical services.

SLM Solutions Group AG will be exhibiting there for the first time in 2018 and with its own booth. In Lyon, the company from northern Germany will show new solutions for additive manufacturing technology. With a good mixture of exhibition, knowledge transfer and networking, SLM Solutions wants to raise awareness further for the topic of additive manufacturing in France.

Central to the participation of SLM Solutions is the presentation of SLM® technology, processes, machines and materials. "The APS Meetings bring together key players from various sectors and provide us with the opportunity to meet decision-makers from industry. With the pre-planned, one-to-one meetings, we can dedicate more time to each participant than at a traditional fair," Stefan Ritt explained, Vice President and Head of Global Marketing and Communications at SLM Solutions Group AG.

The conference trade fair enables participants to benefit from the expertise of the speakers as well as well as times allotted for sharing ideas to find ideas, concepts and solutions for their tasks.

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SLM Solutions Remains One of the TOP Innovators in Germany in 2018

SLM Solutions Group AG is again one of the innovation leaders among German medium-sized firms this year. The company from Lübeck was named an Innovator 2018 by brand eins and Statista. SLM Solutions has already managed the leap into this innovation elite for the second time in a row. In the independent selection process, the globally active manufacturer of metal-based additive manufacturing technology convinced with an outstanding innovation atmosphere.

SLM Solutions Group AG is one the most innovative companies in Germany. This is the result of the latest industry report by brand eins and Statista. The business magazine and the statistics portal thereby honored the performance of SLM Solutions Group AG, which introduces the beneficial use of 3D printing technology in many industries with machines and services of metal-based additive manufacturing. With its metal-based “selective laser melting” process, the company’s machines are used in the automotive and aerospace industries, energy industry, toolmaking and the healthcare system to “print” entire workpieces as well as complex machine parts and components.

"We are delighted that we have received the "Innovator of the Year Award 2018” as a driver of innovation in additive manufacturing again this year," Uwe Bögershausen stated, Chief Executive of the SLM Solutions Group AG.

brand eins has already honored innovative companies in Germany for the third year. In collaboration with the statistics portal Statista, more than 25,000 managers and experts submitted their verdicts. The task was to name the most innovative companies in their sectors from a list of 3,400 companies in 20 industries. A total of 496 innovative companies were nominated, which received more frequent recommendations than the average number as innovative by the surveyed experts. These include Corporate Groups as well as medium-sized companies and start-ups.

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SLM Solutions Presents Innovations in Additive Manufacturing at TechniShow in Utrecht

SLM Solutions Group AG, a leading supplier of metal-based additive manufacturing technology, is participating in TechniShow. From March 20 to 23, 2018, SLM Solutions will be presenting the latest trends and technology in additive manufacturing technology at its booth 11.A042 in Utrecht.

TechniShow is the largest and most important trade fair in the Benelux region in the field of industrial manufacturing technology as well as metal, tool and equipment machining. The trade fair provides the opportunity to get in touch with the entire network of industrial manufacturing technology and to establish efficient new business contacts.

The potential of additive manufacturing for more individual, faster and resource-saving production is driving the development of new materials, machines and processes at a fast pace. In the production of complete tools or orders, industrial production benefits from a new freedom of geometry that is only possible with selective laser melting technology. One of the main areas of application is near-contour cooling, which makes it possible to shorten the cycle times of the manufacturing process, minimize stress loads in the components to be manufactured and extend tool life. Tools or inserts with different material properties can be produced in this way.

In Utrecht, SLM Solutions Group AG will be presenting its SLM®280 2.0 with 2x 700 W lasers at booth A042 in Hall 11 from Tuesday, March 20 to Friday, March 23, 2018. This machine handles the entire selective laser melting process. The SLM®280 2.0 is designed as a "universal machine" and is used in R&D as well as for the production of highly complex components. The SLM®280 2.0 fulfills customers‘ demands for compact, quality- and cost-optimized solutions.

Stefan Ritt, VP Head of Global Marketing and Communications at SLM Solutions Group AG, stated: “We consider ourselves to be pioneers and initiators in the sector of manufacturing technology for many industries ranging from automotive and mechanical engineering to medical and aerospace engineering. Our goal is to research and develop efficient and high-quality solutions for the production of prototypes, small series and individual series products to provide customers with maximum productivity and flexibility. In Utrecht, visitors will receive many new stimuli for this innovative technology and be able to share their experiences in conversations with others. We are looking forward to many good technical discussions."

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Complete Range of Additive SLM® Technology at the Additive Manufacturing Forum in Berlin

At booth 41 at the 2nd Additive Manufacturing Forum, SLM Solutions is presenting the entire bandwidth of the additive SLM® technology: processes, machines, materials and services. In addition to the exhibition, the leading manufacturer of generative manufacturing systems is participating in the conference program.

Opportunities and challenges of additive manufacturing will be examined in more detail at the 2nd Additive Manufacturing Forum. The focus is on the areas of application development, design and construction, series production and process stability as well as the value chain and new materials. The program of the Additive Manufacturing Conference is based on these four focal points.

SLM Solutions will present the current state of development in selective laser melting technology at booth 41 at the 2nd Additive Manufacturing Forum. In Berlin, the North Germans will show the entire process chain (closed loop) of generative manufacturing with SLM® machines: from data generation to the melting process and all the way to powder recovery and recycling. Visitors can exchange information with the experts at the trade fair booth.

In addition to the trade exhibition, the company from Lübeck will take part in the panel discussion at 11:40 a.m. on March 6. Stefan Ritt, VP Head of Global Marketing and Communications of SLM Solutions Group AG, will present his experience in the topic "Make or buy? Using additive manufacturing in your own factory versus purchasing additive manufactured parts".

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SLM Solutions Presents the SLM®280 2.0 for Additive Manufacturing at TCT Asia 2018

Business opportunities, technologies, practical examples and the latest developments in the 3D printing industry will be on the agenda from March 1 to 3 at the TCT Show 2018 in Shanghai. SLM Solutions Group AG, a leading supplier of metal-based additive manufacturing technology, is presenting the fields of application of its machines for industrial use at booth N1-F20.

TCT Asia is entering its fourth year and has quickly developed into one of Asia’s leading 3D technology events for design, development and manufacturing. Approximately 200 exhibiting companies, 50 speakers, 1,200 conference participants and 13,500 visitors are expected to attend TCT Asia 2018 on 12,500 m2 exhibition space.

The focus of SLM Solutions Group AG’s presence at the fair is on its SLM®280 2.0. With the universal product from SLM Solutions, the SLM® experts will be showing the complete process chain (closed loop) of generative manufacturing from data generation and selective laser melting to powder recovery and reprocessing. The SLM®280 2.0 has a construction space size of 280 x 280 x 365 mm³ and is one of the most powerful machines in its class with laser output of up to 2x 700 W. With their quality systems, the SLM® machines control all relevant process parameters and ensure constant quality of metal powder with their closed powder systems.

During the three-day event, the specialists from SLM Solutions Group AG will answer questions on generative manufacturing and provide insights into the latest developments in SLM® technology. The team from SLM Solutions at booth N1-F20 consists of representatives from the Shanghai branch and will be assisted by additional experts from Germany and Singapore.

At TCT Asia, SLM Solutions will once again underline its reputation as a pioneer of additive manufacturing,” Stefan Ritt explained, VP Global Head of Marketing and Communications at SLM Solutions Group AG. "We are pleased with the increasing interest in TCT Asia and want to contribute to supporting the next generation of intelligent industrial production with our additive technology."

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Growth Champion 2018! SLM Solutions Again Selected by Focus and Statista

SLM Solutions Group AG is also among the successful companies in the selection of the growth champions of the year 2018. That is the result of a study conducted by data analysis firm Statista for the German news magazine Focus, which looked for the fastest revenue growth among companies in Germany.

Statista and Focus have made their selections: The 500 German companies with the greatest revenue growth from 2013 to 2016 are in the ranking of the Growth Champions 2018. Again included: The continually strong-growing SLM Solutions Group AG.
Uwe Bögershausen, chief financial officer with SLM Solutions Group AG, is pleased with this positive development: "The fact that we were again named a Growth Champion and consequently are ranked among the top companies in Germany is great confirmation of our work. We are very pleased also to be included in the Focus ranking of the 500 fastest growing companies in Germany. "We have been successful for many years in the development, assembly and sale of machinery and integrated system solutions in selective laser melting. Today, SLM Solutions is a world-leading provider of metal-based additive manufacturing technology. From a business perspective, we have come leaps and bounds in the last few years. We are very pleased to be crowned as a Growth Champion for 2018, as it confirms our strong performance." This spurs us on to continue working on our technology and implementing it innovatively. Our employees contribute significantly to our success. Therefore, we would like to express a very special "thank you" to them for their dedication and our extraordinary development."

The basis for the cross-industry ranking is sales and employee growth 2013-2016. From the approx. 3.5 million companies that are represented in the business register, Statista first filtered out the most promising businesses, amounting to almost 12,000, and invited them to participate in "Growth Champions 2018”. The evaluation criteria include the independence of the company, which can be either privately owned or listed on the stock exchange. In addition, the company headquarters must be in Germany. Other criteria include minimum sales of 100,000 euros in the year 2013 and a turnover of at least 1.8 million euros in the year 2016. The reported company data were reviewed and processed by Statista, and then the 500 companies with the highest sales growth received the “Growth Champion 2018” distinction. SLM Solutions can now already enjoy this honor for the second time in a row.

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SLM Solutions Shows a Wide Variety of Additive Manufacturing Applications Based on Practical Examples at NORTEC 2018

The SLM Solutions Group AG, a leading provider of metal-based additive manufacturing technology, will present the current development state of metal-based manufacturing technology at NORTEC 2018. The 3D-printing experts from Lübeck will exhibit in Hall A3, Booth 3115, from January 23 to 26 and participate as program organizers in the accompanying congress “ADDITIVE 2018”.

NORTEC is the first trade fair for production in the year and sole meeting place for production competence in northern Germany. Meet decision-makers and experts from all over Germany for the 16th time at NORTEC in the heart of Hamburg from January 23 to 26, 2018. As an industry meeting point and high-quality network platform, NORTEC presents all stations of the value chain in production. The trade fair focuses on the topic area of Industry 4.0 in conjunction with additive manufacturing. The conference "ADDITIVE 2018” is being held parallel to the trade fair and will provide information about production of the future.
The latest developments of machines for metal-based additive manufacturing will be at the heart of the trade fair exhibit of SLM Solutions. In practical examples, visitors can experience how build parts made of metal powder are melted by layers into stable, geometrically complex structures in the selective laser melting procedure and how these techniques can be integrated into lean, competitive production processes. An SLM 125 will be available at booth 3115 in Hall A3 for demonstration as well as for intensive discussions and sharing experiences with experts.

With its current machine facilities, SLM solutions provides many improvements and innovations in the field of machine technology for manufacturing as well as the ability to integrate with current machinery. As a result, this opens up new possibilities for industrial use of 3D printing in production. At the conference “ADDITIVE 2018” accompanying the trade fair, Hendrick Schonefeld, Head of EMEA Sales at SLM Solutions Group AG, will give a talk on the topic "SLM Solutions – Innovative Technology Development for Use in Industrial Series Production” at 1:10 p.m. on January 24. The talk will provide decision-makers, technical managers and purchasers with a current overview of how development costs are reduced with the selective laser melting process and future-oriented application scenarios can be developed through the use of new technologies.

"At NORTEC, we want to show under realistic conditions how additive manufacturing contributes to innovations in manufacturing sectors," Stefan Ritt explained, Vice President and Head of Global Marketing and Communications at SLM Solutions Group AG. "We have already been able to collaborate in developing innovative products with our technology in other sectors and are convinced that we can also provide further stimuli in the industrial sector."

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SLM Solutions Is Supporting „R.SH hilft helfen“

SLM Solutions Group AG is supporting the "R.SH hilft helfen-Stiftung” (Radio Schleswig-Holstein Help Helps Foundation) in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein with its Christmas charity donation this year. The Lübeck-based company is donating 6,000 euros to support the "Herzensangelegenheit" (A Matter of the Heart) charity fund for children who are born with a congenital heart defect. The donations will help children from all of Schleswig-Holstein, so that small hearts can grow big.

"Together we are Schleswig-Holstein": this motto of R.SH also represents the willingness to assume social responsibility in the state. The radio stations collected Christmas donations for social and charitable projects in Schleswig-Holstein within the context of the "Carsten Köthe hilft helfen” (Carsten Köthe helps help). The "R.SH hilft helfen-Stiftung” has developed from that in the meantime. The goal of the foundation is to raise funds to promote charitable purposes primarily in Schleswig-Holstein as well as to alleviate need in the case of larger disasters outside of Schleswig-Holstein. Each donation is passed on 100 percent to the projects selected by the foundation. All administrative costs of the foundation are borne by R.SH.

SLM Solutions is again supporting social projects this year in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein too. Attention of our employees was drawn to the "Herzensangelegenheit" charity in the context of Christmas preparations, and they started a collection contest for it. As a result, 300 employees collected approx. 2,000 euros. At our company Christmas Party, Supervisory Board Chairperson Mr. Hans-Joachim Ihde spontaneously increased the amount from his own pocket to 3000 euros. The executive board of SLM Solutions Group AG doubled the amount, so that a total of 6,000 euros could be handed over to the foundation.

"This charitable donation shows that it has been possible in our company to maintain and cultivate correct and important values for living together with the people from 18 countries working in our company in the meantime. Our company adopted the slogan "join the team spirit” quite some time ago, and this donation is certainly a result of this claim. We are proud of that and the initiative of our staff," Stefan Ritt stated, VP and Head of Global Marketing and Communications.

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Apium’s 3D printing for Space Missions

In the past 6 years there has been a determined effort in the systems safety critical industries to adopt 3D printing as a toolset for prototyping and the production of highly customized proprietary parts. For instance in November 2014 a space conditioned 3D printer was included in the payload delivered to the International Space Station. This experimental 3D printer demonstrated for the first time the possibility of manufacturing in Zero Gravity and the potential use of an earth-delocalized facility to produce parts for deep space exploration.

As materials play a significant role in the field of additive manufacturing, the available 3D printable materials have been inadequate for high-end applications in the aerospace industry. Space-tolerant materials therefore needed to be made 3D printable to be able to overcome some of the challenges faced by mankind as they work at exploring our solar system.

With the introduction of affordable cost-efficient 3D printers capable of processing high temperature polymeric materials such as PEEK by Apium Additive Technologies GmbH in 2015, the frontiers of 3D printing technologies were significantly extended. Apium’s Materials Extrusion (ME) 3D printing technology offers opportunities for the processing of pure polymers as well as polymer matrix based materials filled with a metallic, wood or other polymer material. Apium`s 3D printers are designed to handle the materials formation processes inherent to thermoplastic polymers namely nucleation, crystallization (for semi-crystalline types) and growth of the thermodynamically driven phases.

This advanced processing opportunity gives the aerospace industry the confidence to embrace additive manufacturing as a tool for the fabrication of functional parts deployable to real engineering applications.

ESA’s work on additive manufactured PEEK parts has its roots in Apium`s technology

Apium has made it possible for ESA to gain value-oriented insight to processing of high temperature polymeric materials using 3D printing technology. The work currently being pursued under the supervision of ESA’s Space Materials and Technology Specialist; Dr. Ugo Lafont, using Apium`s Materials Extrusion (ME) 3D printing technology to print PEEK parts is without a doubt a key advancement for space research.

PEEK is a front-runner in the industrial materials world. Dr. Ugo Lafont uses PEEK due to its “thermal stability and good mechanical performance”. Dr. Lafont and his team have been testing with Apium PEEK 450 Natural together with a conductive PEEK, developed by ESA, to fabricate the entire orbit-inspired CubeSats; orbit bound nanosatellites. These nanosatellites are inexpensively fabricated with Apium’s 3D printer HPP155. Furthermore they have been using Apium`s technology to 3D print pure and carbon fibre reinforced PEEK for structural and mechanical load bearing applications since 2015.

This clearly attests to the industry-readiness of Apium’s Materials Extrusion 3D printing technology thus opening an additional path to its application in other safety critical aspects of industrial applications.

Next step: 3D printing in space

The benefits of adopting Apium`s Materials Extrusion 3D printing technologies in the space exploration field supersedes that for any other 3D printing technologies. This competitive edge is attributed to the general technical ease of handling of the ME technologies relative to others. The ability to make use of location-resident materials (as on the moon and other planets) incorporated into a thermoplastic binder matrix as well as the lack of need for support systems (gas or waste handling) make the ME technology space-convenient. A manufacturing system of this form creates invaluable opportunity of laying down manufacturing frameworks in space. This prospect already makes possible a great deal of saving for the space industry where the cost of payloads can be inherently high; 4,000 USD to 19,431 USD per kilogram.

Apium is forward thinking; our agenda for the space sector is far from “Blue-Sky” research and so we are inviting the agencies to work with us through their needs. The Apium P-Series Materials Extrusion machines allow user-defined specifications. Advanced materials considered in the performance designs of the Apium P-Series printers and documented printing job protocols will be unmatched in quality; indeed for the first time in this category of technology.

Dr. Ugo Lafont of the ESTEC – European Space Agency (ESA)

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