World’s first 3D-printed Formula Student racing engine produced on SLM® machine

Hungarian student team SZEngine has produced the world’s first 3D-printed Formula Student racing engine using SLM® technology. All of the main components for the 55 hp single-cylinder engine were produced with the SLM®280 additive manufacturing system. The project is part of a cooperation with the Motor Manufacturing Centre (MAC) of Audi Hungaria in Győr, Hungary.

SZEngine is a team of students that designs and develops racing engines for teams taking part in Formula Student, an international racing series in which students develop, construct and then race their own cars. SZEngine has now succeeded in producing a complete engine using selective laser melting. They did so using the SLM® machine at the Motor Manufacturing Centre (MAC) of Audi Hungaria.

Selective laser melting is one of the key technologies for the production of functional prototypes, series parts and components in various industries. As well as enabling unprecedented design freedom, additive manufacturing also makes it possible to produce lightweight components. This is a huge advantage in the automotive industry. The SLM®280 2.0 features a build envelope of 280 x 280 x 365 mm3 and patented multi-beam technology. It can be used to produce metallic components for series and custom production with individual parameters.

As a pilot project, they began by printing the timing side of the crankcase. As the component was designed for conventional processing and therefore required too many support structures, the team decided to digitally redesign the component to make it suitable for 3D printing. This task fell to Dániel Kővári, who was the crankcase designer in the SZEngine team at the time.

In order to be able to call the engine a “3D-printed engine”, the team subsequently redesigned all of the other main engine components. In total, nine engine components were produced using SLM® technology. These included the two-part crankcase, the cylinder, the cylinder head and cylinder head cover, as well as the covers for the clutch, timing belt, oil filter and oil pump.

After production on the SLM® machine, the components were then mechanically processed and measured at the Motor Manufacturing Centre (MAC). After being tested both individually and then together on the SZEngine team’s test bench, the engine was installed in the team’s test car.

The project began in 2016 when Zoltán Dudás, a 3D metal printing specialist at Audi Hungaria, was instructed to print a fully functioning engine using the SLM®280. At the time, the SZEngine team had already asked the MAC about a cooperation to mill engine parts.

Dudás decided to combine the two projects, and allowed the student team to not just mill the components, but print them from scratch with the SLM®280.

Dudás is not the only one thrilled with the results. Ralf Frohwerk, Global Head of Business Development at SLM Solutions, is also pleased with the groundbreaking project: “Every day, our customers are placing greater trust in SLM® technology. This impressive project from SZEngine and Audi Hungaria in Győr clearly shows that metal-based 3D printing is not just suitable for prototypes, but can also be successfully used for series production, especially small batches. The customer’s experience in component design for 3D printing shows how additive manufacturing can enable improvements both in terms of function and performance.


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Future manufacturing now: SLM Solutions to present full product range at Aluminium 2018 in Düsseldorf

SLM Solutions Group AG will showcase its expertise in metal powder processing at Aluminium 2018 in Düsseldorf. The specialist for metal-based additive manufacturing technology will provide deep insights into its groundbreaking selective laser melting technology at the world trade fair for the aluminum industry (hall 9, stand C16).

ALUMINIUM, the world trade fair and conference for the aluminum industry, is set to take place in Düsseldorf. The event is the world’s largest for the industry, and will welcome over 1,000 exhibitors and 27,000 visitors from over 100 countries. The full range of products and services for the sector will be showcased across six halls. Alongside companies that produce or process aluminum, the focus will also be on processes and new products for the most important sales markets. These include the automotive sector, engineering, aerospace, electronics and rail transport.

SLM Solutions will present its latest products and technology for metal-based additive manufacturing. These provide greater design freedom, boost functionality, shorten development times and unlock new ways to improve performance. The company uses a wide range of suitable materials to meet manufacturers’ tough requirements for metallographic or mechanical properties.

Experts from SLM Solutions will be on hand at stand C16 in hall 9 to discuss the development of components from prototype to production, and how this can be improved using selective laser melting. Several examples from major players in aerospace, automotive engineering, toolmaking, medical engineering and the energy sector show how SLM technology can shorten cycle times in production processes, minimize stress loads in finished components and lengthen tool service lives.

SLM Solutions supports businesses around the world that process aluminum, helping them improve their production processes with additive SLM® manufacturing technology. “We have been a pioneer and one of the leading producers in additive manufacturing for many years, and constantly invest in research and development for machines and materials. Our systems help companies make their production more efficient and give them a greater degree of freedom in product development,” explains Uwe Bögershausen, CFO of SLM Solutions Group AG.

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MSV 2018: SLM Solutions to showcase wide range of metal-based additive manufacturing technology in Brno

SLM Solutions Group AG will present its wide range of metal-based additive manufacturing technology at the International Engineering Fair in Brno, Czech Republic, from October 1 – 5, 2018. The leading manufacturer from northern Germany will use MSV 2018 to showcase its integrated system solutions for selective laser melting at PAV A1/003 and PAV P/115.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the International Engineering Fair (MSV). From October 1 – 5, over 1,600 exhibitors and 80,000 visitors from all over the world will gather in Brno for the Czech Republic’s largest industrial convention. The event has become the perfect platform for key sectors of the mechanical and electrical engineering industries to present themselves. Alongside materials and components for industrial machinery, electronics, automation and metrology, there will be greater focus on sensors, robotics and additive manufacturing.

SLM Solutions will present its metal-based SLM® manufacturing technology at its two exhibition spaces PAV A1/003 and PAV P/115. This technology is increasingly being used in the automotive and toolmaking industries, providing almost unlimited design freedom when it comes to producing complete tools and orders. From components for engines, transmissions and chassis to tire mold segments and internal cooling ducts, SLM® technology is developing new ways to increase both productivity and quality.

By exhibiting at the fair, SLM Solutions aims to promote and further develop business and technological partnerships. The experts for 3D printing will present the complete process chain (closed loop) of generative manufacturing, from data generation and melting to powder recovery and reprocessing.

Dr. Axel Schulz, Chief Sales Officer at SLM Solutions Group AG, explained: “We have been a leader in metal-based additive manufacturing for many years. There is a great deal of interest in the automotive and mechanical engineering sectors in the Czech Republic. With a good mixture of knowledge transfer and networking, we want to continue boosting the profile of additive manufacturing in this country here at MSV 2018.”

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SLM Solutions intensifies standardization work

The German Institute for Standardization (DIN) has founded the Additive Manufacturing Steering Committee in the DIN Standards Committee Technology of Materials. Dr. Dieter Schwarze, Director of Scientific and Technology Research at SLM Solutions, will support the steering committee as deputy director as it aims to intensify standardization work in additive manufacturing.

Uniform norms and standards are an important factor for success in forward-thinking industries such as metal-based 3D printing. They improve commercial viability, help save costs in all areas, and increase product and occupational safety. In order to channel innovations and drive the development of additive manufacturing, SLM Solutions Group AG is lending its support to the Additive Manufacturing Steering Committee, which was founded on July 13.

The main task of the new committee is to coordinate the development of additive manufacturing across various projects. It is also tasked with coordinating work within NA 145-04 FB “Section Additive Manufacturing”. The group also cooperates with other standards committees, taking into account economic feasibility, the state of the art, scientific insights, legal developments, financial conditions and the harmonization of technical rules across Europe and the world.

Dr. Dieter Schwarze, Director of Scientific and Technology Research at SLM Solutions and deputy director of the steering committee, is pleased with the latest developments: “SLM Solutions places great value on uniform norms and standards. As one of the leading providers of metal-based additive manufacturing technology, we are happy to contribute to the positive development of the entire sector. Our SLM® machines are extremely robust and stable. Together with our technological experience, this makes us the right partner to help shape the future of additive manufacturing in series production, from greater occupational safety and cost savings to improved component quality and safety.”

The German Institute for Standardization (DIN) is an independent platform for norms and standards in Germany and around the world. As a partner to business, research and society, DIN helps make new innovations ready for market and explores issues like Industry 4.0 and smart cities that will shape the future.

Another important European working group in the area of norms and standards is the “ASD-STAN/D 04/WG 14” Additive Manufacturing. SLM Solutions contributes here as well and was pleased to host a meeting of the working group on August 29 at its headquarters in Lübeck-Genin. The meeting aimed to develop a new European standard for “Aerospace series – Metallic Materials – Mechanical Properties of Products by Additive Manufacturing”.

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TCT Show 2018: SLM Solutions Shows Machines, Materials and Services

SLM Solutions Group AG will present the complete portfolio of metal-based additive manufacturing technology – machinery, materials and services – at the TCT Show 2018. From September 25 to 27, the experts from Northern Germany will show integrated system solutions in the field of selective laser melting at booth P36 in Hall 3 in Birmingham.

The TCT Show is one of the world’s leading events focused on 3D manufacturing technologies. In the 23rd year of its existence, it continues to provide insights into 3D printing, additive manufacturing, CAD/CAE, metrology and inspection as well as conventional manufacturing processes such as casting and CNC machining. The TCT Show provides inspiring suggestions for the industry with more than 250 exhibitors, over 80 speakers and many interactive attractions.

SLM Solutions is taking part in Birmingham. With the flexibility of a modular system, a variety of consumables and industry solutions for automotive, research and development, aerospace, power engineering, mechanical and plant engineering, medical and dental engineering, the company continues to set standards in metal-based additive manufacturing technology.

At the TCT Show 2018, SLM Solutions will show the powerful SLM ®280 2.0 at booth P36 in Hall 3.  The open system provides a range of ways to optimize production processes in line with the respective requirements and develop materials with individually set process parameters. Based on CAD data, metallic components for series production and one-off production can be produced with individual parameters.

The SLM ® process provides almost unlimited freedom of design. Another advantage of this technology is the ability to integrate multiple components in one component, as a result of which joining processes can be avoided. Selective laser melting technology gives companies the opportunity to make their production process more efficient and employ higher degrees of freedom in product development.

Uwe Bögershausen, Executive Officer of SLM Solutions Group AG, stated: "We have been a pioneer and technology leader in the field of metal-based additive manufacturing for many years and invest in the research and development of machinery and materials. Together with our manufacturers and other component suppliers, we want to optimize the machines further as well as develop new materials and systems that withstand even higher requirements. Birmingham is an ideal meeting place for this exchange and the regular meeting with our customers and prospects. "

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SLM Solutions at Experience Additive Manufacturing (EAM)

The trade fair Experience Additive Manufacturing (EAM), designed for beginners and users of additive manufacturing, will take place on the Augsburg trade fair grounds from September 25 to 27. SLM Solutions Group AG is going to present its complete portfolio of machines, materials and innovative technologies at booth D402 in Hall 1 as one of the leading suppliers of metal-based additive manufacturing technology. 

Making additive manufacturing a central topic of the future in the field of Industry 4.0 is the focus of EAM. Above all, newcomers will be provided an overview of the rapidly growing market for additive manufacturing in the aerospace, mobility and automotive, tool, machine and mold making as well as medical technology sectors at the trade fair.

SLM Solutions will be present with a booth at EAM, which is celebrating its premiere at the Augsburg trade fair, and provide all those interested with exclusive insights into the SLM® technology.

There will also be in-depth insights into additive manufacturing and possible applications during the interactive lecture format "AM Table Talks". In addition, [,%20Augsburg,%20September%2025-27,%202018]Michael Schroeder[/email], Regional Sales Manager at SLM Solutions, will give a talk on the subject "Construction of implants with high build-up rate and accuracy with selective laser melting” from 2:00 to 2:15 in the afternoon on September 25 and discuss the industrial applications of additive manufacturing in the field of medical technology. 

The experience character of the fair will also be made clear by the planned Industry Shuttle. Visitors will have the exclusive opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of SLM Solutions’ partner Hirschvogel Tech Solutions. The special show "AM Value Chain” is also recommended, in which the complete value chain of additive manufacturing will be shown: from pre-process to in-process and all the way to post-process.

Axel Schulz, Chief Sales Officer of SLM Solutions Group AG, will also emphasize how important a good start in additive manufacturing is: "Comprehensive and individual care of our customers is very important for us. With our industry experience and our technology know-how, we are the ideal partner for entry into additive manufacturing. SLM Solutions has not only been selling high-quality machines for a long time, but also provides support as a partner along the entire process chain. We are looking forward to many interesting discussions at EAM in Augsburg!”

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SLM Solutions Presents: Additive Manufacturing Technology for the Maritime Industry at SMM 2018

SLM Solutions Group AG will present metal-based additive manufacturing technology at the world’s leading trade fair for the maritime industry in Hamburg. From September 4 to 7, 2018, SLM Solutions will be showcasing additive manufacturing in hall B6, booth 224 under the motto "Maritime 3D Printing Show Area @ SMM" together with four other exhibitors.

SMM is the world’s no. 1 trade fair in the maritime sector. It provides a unique platform for those who want to interact with key players and help shape the future of the maritime industry. Current topics such as Smart Shipping and Industry 4.0 and, for the first time, a special show on 3D printing are on the agenda of the maritime world trade fair SMM from September 4 to 7, 2018.

Metal-based additive manufacturing is one of the key technologies for the production of functional prototypes, series components and components in various industries. Similar to the automotive industry or the aerospace industry, the maritime industry is now focusing on 3D printing.

SLM Solutions will present the current state of development in selective laser melting technology in Hamburg.  At booth 224 in Hall B6, the Lübeck-based company will show the entire process chain (closed loop) of generative manufacturing with the SLM®280 2.0: from data generation to the melting process and all the way to powder recovery and recycling. The SLM®280 2.0 is the ideal "all-purpose system" for both R+D areas as well as for production of highly complex components using SLM® procedures. The machine fulfills customers‘ demands for compact, quality- and cost-optimized solutions. The experts from SLM Solutions will also present consumable materials, software solutions, comprehensive services and manufactured components.

In addition to the exhibition, SLM Solutions will actively shape the conference program with a contribution on additive manufacturing. At 11 a.m. on September 4 and at 2 p.m. on September 6, visitors to the trade fair will learn how the maritime industry can benefit from automotive experience in metal-based 3D printing. Ralf Frohwerk, Global Head of Business Development at SLM Solutions Group AG, will provide an overview of metal-based additive manufacturing and the opportunities this technology offers the maritime industry. With solid experience in the automotive industry, he will focus on important aspects that are of great importance to the maritime world.

"We consider ourselves as pioneers and stimulators in the sector of manufacturing technology for many industries ranging from automotive and engineering to medical and aerospace", Mr. Frohwerk stated. "The maritime sector is also beginning to deal with this technology. SLM® technology reveals opportunities for many maritime companies, because it allows for designs of previously unimaginable complexity that cannot be achieved by conventional techniques. We are looking forward to many interesting discussions at SMM 2018!”

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Large Crowds at the „Open House“ of the SLM Solutions Group AG

"We counted approx. 2,000 visitors. The day exceeded all our expectations. We were particularly pleased about the numerous participants in the factory tours. We increased our staff several times to make sure that all visitors could participate," Daniela Wedemeyer, Commercial Director of the SLM Solutions Group AG, stated.

Due to the high demand, SLM® employees guided visitors through the new production halls every 15 minutes already starting from 11:30 a.m. until 4 p.m. They were above all amazed by SLM® technology and the numerous applications of selective laser melting in the aerospace industry, energy industry, tooling, automotive sector and in the field of medical technology. In addition to the factory tours, the attractive supporting program was one of the highlights of the event and included Human Kicker, an interactive circus and a comedy program. The information booth was also used for possible jobs at SLM Solutions, and even some applications could be submitted personally. The supporting program was rounded off by informative presentations by the Executive Committee, Business Development and the powder delegation. The focus was on the history and future developments of the company, SLM® technology and the materials that are used there.

Uwe Bögershausen, CFO of SLM Solutions, also drew a positive conclusion: "We are delighted with the strong response and the great interest in our company. It was nice to present our technology in more detail to the people of Lübeck."

SLM Solutions has been based with its predecessor companies in Lübeck since 1957. With the new building, SLM Solutions Group AG has again confirmed its commitment to Lübeck. The company invested approx. 25 million in its new headquarters. As a result, the company now has a modern site with 25,000 m² of building area on 70,000 m² of property area, which provides reserves for further growth.

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SLM Solutions Officially Opens Its New Headquarters in Lübeck

SLM Solutions Group AG celebrated the official opening of its new company headquarters in Lübeck-Genin today. Chairman of the Supervisory Board Hans-Joachim Ihde cut the ribbon for the future-oriented location in Schleswig-Holstein together with the Executive Board and Lübeck’s Mayor Jan Lindenau at the festive opening ceremony to open the site officially for further development of metal-based additive manufacturing.

The new headquarters of SLM Solutions Group AG is a modern competence center, which provides optimal general conditions for future innovations, higher production capacities and further growth.

The Minister of Economic Affairs of Schleswig-Holstein, Dr. Bernd Buchholz, opened the ceremony with his speech and was impressed: “SLM Solutions is a flagship company in Schleswig-Holstein. A rapidly growing company supported by technology promotion has been created, which still feels at home in Lübeck and consciously selected this location."

"As mayor of the city of Lübeck, I am very pleased to have a company such as SLM Solutions at the site of Genin, which is producing the future with high-tech machines as well as with honest manual labor," Jan Lindenau, Mayor of Lübeck, stated.

Two and a half years ago, SLM Solutions Group AG made the decision to build the new headquarters at a different location in Lübeck. In record time, a modern competence center was constructed on an area 70,000 m² with 10,000 m² of office space, a hall area of 15,000 m² and plenty of space for the currently more than 360 employees.

The Chairman of the Supervisory Board and founder of the company Hans-Joachim Ihde is very pleased with the success of his company: “We have achieved something very remarkable in a short time, and are shaping our future today with our employees from more than 40 countries."

The optimal infrastructure, a direct connection to the highway and, ultimately also enough space for further expansion of the fast-growing company tipped the scales in favor of the site.

With its headquarters in Lübeck-Genin, SLM Solutions is going to push ahead with the development of state-of-the art additive manufacturing machines at full speed. This is creating numerous new jobs in the process. The company has hired more than 200 new employees in recent years. IT specialists and software developers as well as mechanical engineers are particularly sought.

"In times of change in manufacturing technology, in which the competitive environment with new technologies is becoming more and more complex and the rate of innovations is increasing tremendously, offering young skilled workers an attractive employer with future viability and a modern competence center such as our new company headquarters is crucial for the future and innovation ability of our company," Uwe Bögershausen, CFO of the SLM Solutions Group AG, said.

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„Open House“ at SLM Solutions on August 25, 2018

SLM Solutions Group AG is holding an "Open House” in Estlandring 4, Lübeck-Genin, from 12 noon to 4 p.m. on August 25, 2018. Visitors will get interesting insights behind the scenes of one of the leading manufacturers of metal-based 3D printing. In addition, guests can expect a varied program for the whole family.

The approximately 360 employees of SLM Solutions only moved to the impressive new building in Lübeck-Genin in May of this year. At the "Open House", interested parties can take a guided tour behind the scenes of the manufacturer of metal-based additive manufacturing technology. From 12 noon to 4 p.m., they can learn in the production area how the machines are made for 3D printing, experience the processes in our show area live and get lots of exciting background information.

Daniela Wedemeyer, Commercial Director of SLM Solutions Group AG, is looking forward to the Open House: "We are very proud to have this opportunity to present our new company building and SLM® technology to the people of Lübeck. Everyone is welcome to celebrate, discuss and discover with us."

DJ Björn from Mateffy will provide the background music for the "Open House” with the best of pop, rock and soul. Of course, there will also be an exciting children’s program.

SLM Solutions has been based with its predecessor companies in Lübeck since 1957. With the new building, SLM Solutions Group AG has again confirmed and further consolidated its commitment to Lübeck. The company’s products are used worldwide by customers in the aviation and aerospace industry, the energy sector, health care and the automotive sector.

SLM Solutions is a world-leading provider of metal-based additive manufacturing technology. The company focuses on the development, assembly and sale of machines and integrated system solutions in the field of selective laser melting.

In selective laser melting, a thin layer of metal powder is applied to a substrate plate. Then the powder is melted by means of lasers. After that, the plate is lowered by one thickness layer, and a new layer of powder is applied. This process sequence repeats, and the geometries of the current layer merge with the previous one. When the last layer of the component has been reached, the construction job is completed.

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