Delta Data Center Solution Day „Bringing Your Data Center into the IoT Era“ Starts from March

Delta, a global provider of power and thermal management solutions, announced today that it will kick off its Solution Day World Tour in March under the theme of “Bringing Your Data Center into the IoT Era”. The purpose of this event is to share Delta’s insights and global success stories with key data center partners in this area. Starting from March, 2019, Delta will host its Data Center Solution Day in major cities in EMEA, Asia, and North America.

According to Gartner the research company, there will be 20 billion connected devices by 2020, up from only 8.4 billion devices in 2017. The rapid digital transformation known as the Internet of Things (IoT) is bringing huge volumes of data and massive data traffic, which further challenges IT infrastructure for real-time and always-on connectivity and services. Since data centers are the backbone of IT operations, how to build a reliable and efficient data center has become the focus of most companies’ IT strategies.

“The future is now. As industries prepare for the IoT, our job is to help our partners build reliable and future-proof data centers to counter their foreseeable IT challenges, while also maintaining lower TCO. We stand behind our partners to ensure they can leverage the latest technologies such as IoT and 5G technology into business profits,” said Dr. Charles Tsai, CTO of Information & Communication Technology Infrastructure Solutions Business Group (ICTBG) at Delta Electronics.

According to the latest survey of CIOs, the 3R challenges of Reliability, Resiliency, and ROI are causing them the most concern. Delta will provide an in-depth analysis of how each challenge affects data center industries, and equip our partners with unique insights and relevant success stories that will help them overcome these challenges step-by-step. Power capacity and system resiliency are two key considerations for data center builders and owners, which affect whether they decide their data centers will be on-premise, prefabricated or even colocations. With Delta’s broad industry experience, we are able to help our partners identify their business goals and requirements, and deliver optimized data center solutions.

Would you like to see how Delta’s data center infrastructure total solutions can bring real-world success? We invite you to join our Data Center Solution Day, where all VIP guests will enjoy exclusive access to our data center expertise, including market trends, solution capabilities, and global success stories. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to meet with our data center experts.

More information about Delta Data Center Solution Day:…


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Available from April: signotec Delta with Power over Ethernet (PoE)

The signature pad signotec Delta, which is now optionally available with Power over Ethernet connection, can now be pre-ordered in the online shop. This innovation eliminates the need for a networked power supply to power in compatible environments.

Our latest development for the signature pad signotec Delta offers more comfort for the customer: From April 1st, 2019, the pad is also available with a Power over Ethernet connection. The main benefit of this process is the need to save a power cord so that Ethernet-attached devices can be installed even in hard-to-reach places or in areas where many cables would interfere. The device receives the energy directly via the data network, which also gives more reliability.

The signature pad signotec Delta with its 25.5 cm (10.1 ") color display is perfectly suited for displaying complete documents at the point of sale (POS) .The corresponding pen makes it easy to scroll through the document The pen can only be moved up or down on the display to slip the document, making it the ideal solution for banks, government agencies, and businesses where complex documents need to be read before signing.

In the signotec webshop, the signotec Delta with Power over Ethernet connection can be pre-ordered. Simply select the connection "USB + PoE Ethernet (RJ45)” (article number ST-DERT-3-UPoE100). If you have further questions, please contact our sales team at

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2nd Edition of M-Enabling Forum Europe 2019

The second edition of the M-Enabling Forum Europe 2019 will take place on September 19, 2019 in the Congress Center of Messe Düsseldorf parallel to REHACARE. The M-Enabling Forum Europe is organized by E.J. Krause & Associates, Inc and G3ict, the Global Initiative for Inclusive Information and Communication Technology. It is a crucial opportunity to link policy to practice through current and emerging technologies for all.

Inmaculada Placencia Porrero (Senior Disability and Inclusion DG, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, European Commission) will open the conference with her keynote, followed by a panel discussing digital accessibility and its status of implementation in Europe. The one-day forum seeks to find ways of making inclusion a reality by promoting the accessibility and availability of digital technologies by exploring and encouraging implementation in daily life, education and at work. The accompanying exhibition showcases innovations that help to achieve inclusion through a breadth of ICT products, services, connected devices and consumer technologies.

A vibrant mix of panel discussions, practice-oriented workshops and case studies will illustrate the benefits and opportunities of inclusive employment. The Forum will address digital accessible workplaces and employment opportunities. The interactions between speaker and audience encourage exchange, creativity and a shared defining of targets and actions for the immediate future, giving the conference a sustainable character leading to measurable impact year on year.

Representatives of disability associations, senior citizen organizations, policymakers, government agencies, private sector organizations and technology companies will discuss the accessibility and use of digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), speech applications, Internet of Things (IoT), robotics and cloud-based solutions. M-Enabling Forum Europe 2019 offers the ideal platform to learn, share, network and find new opportunities for collaboration.

Full captioning, German to English/English to German translation, and induction neck loops, ensure that all conference attendees can fully participate. For additional information and options to participate as attendee, exhibitor or sponsor, please visit the website or contact E.J. Krause & Associates office in Germany.

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EXTEDO Announces Next Generation Pharmacovigilance Solution

EXTEDO, a leading provider of Regulatory Information Management solutions, today announced the release of their next generation pharmacovigilance and drug safety offerings.

EXTEDO SafetyEasy™ PV offering is a comprehensive and cost-effective solution designed to streamline pharmacovigilance processes within regulated organizations. It provides the ability to classify, create, review, submit and maintain pharmacovigilance data and adverse event reports within a single, easy-to-use application.

“SafetyEasy™ PV is the future of adverse event processing and safety monitoring”, said Christian Bohrmann, VP Marketing & Alliances at EXTEDO. “Over recent years we have seen an ever-growing demand for a cloud-based vigilance solution. So as we transition our safety database to the latest E2B(R3) standard we have chosen to partner with AB Cube, one of the leading SaaS safety database providers.”

Built specifically to support the E2B(R3) standard, SafetyEasy™ PV handles the reporting and management of all serious and non-serious adverse events. Its future-proof approach is able to generate documentation based around current safety standards and is ready for the arrival of IDMP.

EXTEDO also announced that they will be adding AB Cube’s other safety solutions for medical devices and cosmetics to their EXTEDOsuite portfolio in the coming months.

Pricing and Availability

SafetyEasy™ PV is available through EXTEDO from today and other safety database options will follow in the coming months. For further details visit or contact your local EXTEDO account manager.

About AB Cube

AB Cube is a leading provider of SaaS-based pharmacovigilance and safety databases. Founded in Paris in 2006, their goal was to provide a centralised platform for management of safety information. Over the years the company has grown to encompass numerous different types of vigilance and the platform now supports over 100 customers, with 500 databases and more than 1,800 users worldwide.

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TÜV Rheinland continues to strengthen Regional GDPR Centre of Excellence in Japan and deliver Privacy Consulting Services

TÜV Rheinland plans to further develop its regional GDPR Centre of Excellence in Japan that was set up last year. This CoE was aimed at addressing the rapidly growing needs of clients in Japan across several industries better understand and implement GDPR requirements.

Many divisions of a company are affected

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) demands full consent and transparency into how personal data is processed. It became enforceable through EU member state law from May 25, 2018, and is intended to harmonize data protection laws throughout the European Union (EU) by applying a single set of requirements that is binding in each EU member state. Most notably for Japanese businesses, GDPR not only applies to organizations located within the EU, but also to organizations located outside the EU if they offer goods or services that process personal information that originates in the EU.

The processing of personal data takes place in all type of companies and in various areas of the company: in sales for the collection and storage of customer data, in marketing for addressing customers, on the website or the social media channels used and in the human resources department. A range of products and smart devices today also collect personal information that is stored and processed in various locations There is therefore a correspondingly wide range of transactions that must be checked for legal conformity and, if necessary, adjusted. The first step in assessing compliance readiness for GDPR is a comprehensive analysis of all data processing and management processes. “Combining our expertise in product testing, information protection, privacy engineering, and GDPR regulations, we are one of the few organizations in Japan that can bring this level of expertise to market”, commented, Tobias Schweinfurter, President & CEO TÜV Rheinland Japan.

Extensive documentation requirements

The question of documentation becomes more important from the first day of the application of the regulation: The GDPR obliges companies to prove that the processing of personal data is carried out in accordance with the law. This proof is only possible through comprehensive documentation of all affected processes in the company. Medium and large companies can fulfil this obligation primarily by introducing or adapting an existing data protection management system.

Help with implementation: prioritising measures

Violations of the regulation may be subject to a fine of up to 20 million euros or four percent of the world’s annual turnover. Already the first steps on the way to the fulfilment of the GDPR presuppose comprehensive knowledge of the new regulation. They also require experience in the implementation of management processes and an understanding of information security technologies. If this knowledge and personnel resources are not available, external consultants, for example from TÜV Rheinland, can provide companies with comprehensive support in preparing for GDPR compliance In doing so, the consultants take into account both the requirements of the law and the interests of the company.

In Japan, the need for GDPR compliance is becoming evident to businesses. TÜV Rheinland Japan has focussed on rolling out its GDPR Gap Assessment Service for existing clients, but is seeing strong demand with several Japanese companies who are at early stages of assessing how GDPR requirements affect them. “We are have been successfully delivering GDPR and privacy consulting services to some of our key clients in the product development & engineering sector in Japan. We expect more to come forward and seek our assistance especially where engineering Privacy by Design is slowly making its way into the product development lifecycle”, added Urmez Daver, Vice President, Consulting Services

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Air collector and thermal storage materials for air conditioning in buildings

Profound changes are occurring in the energy and construction sector, so traditional business models are no longer sufficient. The interaction of smart materials, sustainable energy-efficient systems, decentralized storage and the use of renewable energies and existing heat sources is becoming increasingly important. The acquisition and evaluation of measurement data forms a sound basis for improving energy efficiency. Based on these data, models for energy balancing can be created, and the interaction between energy demand and availability can be optimized.

At the Fraunhofer ICT energy campus in Pfinztal, individual thermal storage systems tailored to the respective application profile are developed and tested to increase energy efficiency. For example, in the STARK project the air conditioning of a building is implemented. Here, a 100m² collector array is used in combination with a zeolite and latent heat storage device. In energy-specific processes, the process data are recorded, evaluated and optimized with modeling and simulation tools.

We will demonstrate:

• Sorption and latent heat storage materials for active and passive thermal management

• A hybrid component, consisting of insulating and storage material, which combines the insulating properties of foams with the heat-storing and tempering properties of phase change materials (PCM)

• Lightweight air collectors in combination with zeolite and PCM storage devices, which enable the supply of heat and cold at any time

• Modeling and simulation of heat storage systems in their applications

• Presentation: STARK project – Solar Thermal System for Room Air Conditioning, Christian Teicht, B0 Forum

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JAKOB miniature couplings create precision

The miniature couplings from JAKOB are designed as servo compensating couplings for the offset or the axial displacement of two axes. For the different applications such. For tachographs, NC-axes, stepper motors, potentiometers, robot drives, linear units, handling devices, angle encoders or servo drives, various designs are available. The shaft is fastened by clamping ring or threaded pins. The miniature couplings are available as bellows couplings, elastomer couplings or cross slide couplings. As bellows couplings they are absolutely play and maintenance-free and designed for the transmission of high speeds. They are characterized by a high torsional rigidity and a low mass moment of inertia. Thus, the angular true, backlash-free transmission of the rotational movement is possible. The compact elastomer miniature couplings as pluggable, backlash-free and flexible shaft couplings can compensate for slightly larger shaft offsets. They are electrically insulating and have a good vibration-damping behavior. The advantages of the also electrically insulating cross slide coupling are in addition to a very short length, a large displacement capacity, low restoring forces, the pluggability and a resulting arbitrary combination of different bore diameter. In normal operation, the couplings are maintenance-free and with proper installation, the JAKOB miniature couplings achieve an almost unlimited service life. Due to the proven modular system and the storage of the common diameters shortest delivery times are guaranteed.


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On-Board Networking Solution for Rail-Train, Metro and Tram

When train cars are switched, re-configure network settings is normally required. Thus, railway operators need to have enough knowledge of Ethernet. This not only increases the cost of labor but also result in additional time.

Making it flexible for easy maintenance is biggest challenge for on-board network solution.
In most of train application, many train cars will be shifted according to different destination, which often becomes a maintenance issue when any car changes. As the different car devices were set with different IP address that would need to migrate into the same IP without any manual setting to keep the original train network.

Lantech Train Discovery Protocol (LTDP)
With LTDP-aware DHCP server, Lantech EN50155 switches can discover the current IP addresses and enable the switch to exchange the IP address when any car is merged. LTDP can also react on the link failure or node failure to keep the original IP range and maintain the remaining network function until the replacement is in place. It can also keep the config file when switch is swapped.

The video below explains how LTDP works.

Lantech is sure to have the right SWITCH for you!
Take a look at our Lantech EN50155 switches

For more information please visit:

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Brickmakers GmbH launch smartphone app for parent counselling

Becoming a parent and establishing a family are not always easy tasks. Now, an app from Brickmakers GmbH can provide support, with round-the-clock counselling and tips on the rearing and education of children aged 0 to 5.   

“Parents today have to accomplish in just five years what previous generations of parents did in ten,” says Hans Bertram, a family researcher and professor of sociology at Humboldt University of Berlin.  Though there are many reasons for this, one of the most common is the desire to have a family and still pursue a professional career. This increases the demand for professional support in rearing and educating children during their preschool years. 

Less administration for parents and counsellors alike

In Switzerland, parents can get this support from regional parent counselling centres. A team of qualified counsellors is there to lend a helping hand to parents during their children’s first five years of life. Educational counselling and regular playgroups are just two from the wide range of services on offer. In order to continue devoting as much time as possible to the welfare of the children, the Parent Counselling Centre for the Greater Aarau Region (Mütter- und Väterberatung Region Aarau Plus) set itself the goal of automating its administrative processes using digitalisation. The solution was to develop an app that would run on iPhones, Android devices and the web. Launched in July 2018, the app enables parents to make appointments directly with their personal counsellors, something previously only possible over the phone or on the central website. To make this a reality, the counsellor’s schedules were digitalised and linked to the app. Parents can use the app to find free slots in real time and make booking enquiries, which the counsellors can accept even when not in the office. The parents get immediate feedback on whether their bookings were successful. In future, the system is to be expanded to include appointment cancellations and postponements. 

Practical application 

Koblenz-based Brickmakers GmbH also took the special situation of parents into account when developing the app: it was conceived in such a way that it can be operated with one hand, enabling parents holding a baby in one arm to book their next appointment or get valuable tips from a counsellor in chat mode.

A child profile rounds off the services on offer. If they wish, parents can use this function to store any data on their children that could be useful for counselling. In this way, the parent counselling centre can attend to the child’s needs even when the dedicated contact person is not available.    

As Doris Feusi – who is head of the Parent Counselling Centre for the Greater Aarau Region and herself a counsellor – says:“The new app simplifies our administrative procedures and enables parents to communicate with us quickly. That means that we, and the parents, have more time to focus on what is really important: spending quality time with the children.”

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Web App Delivery with oneclick™

The latest extension of the Workspace Provisioning and Streaming Platform oneclick™ is Web App Delivery. Thanks to this function, it is possible to make web applications and websites, e.g. internal sharepoints, ERP systems or industry software, securely available via mobile devices. By connecting to oneclick™, web apps are secured with the security mechanisms of the platform.

With oneclick™ Web App Delivery, users not only secure their internal web applications but they are also able to integrate additional websites into the consistent workspace of oneclick™. The registration is carried out via an automated log-in process. Hence, the user only requires one password to enter the oneclick™ platform and will be logged into every integrated web application automatically, as soon as it is opened.

oneclick™ is an immediately applicable Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for the deployment of digital workspaces. Web apps, native applications, desktops and data are centralised from different environments – e.g. on-premise, cloud or web – in the platform and are delivered securely to the users via streaming.

“Internal company web applications contain sensitive information and are thus especially worth protecting. Usually this applies to legacy web applications that are not being developed further and therefore do not conform to essential security standards anymore. It takes a lot of effort to make such applications securely and mobile accessible for employees”, says Florian Bodner, CIO of oneclick AG. “With oneclick Web App Delivery, we offer an ideal solution for this use case. Our platform simplifies the mobile access to web applications and secures them at the same time.”

Thanks to oneclick™ Web App Delivery, the user only connects to the oneclick™ platform instead of directly connecting to the web application or the associated data they wish to access. The web application is opened in an isolated environment and will be displayed to the user via an encrypted stream.

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