SSI Schaefer implements state-of-the art distribution center for Ricardo Nini S.A.

Ricardo Nini S.A., one of the leading wholesalers in Argentina, chose SSI Schaefer as general contractor for intralogistics to equip a highly automated logistics center in Moreno, a city in the Buenos Aires Province. The core elements of the project are an automatic shuttle warehouse with 117,000 bin storage locations, a high-bay warehouse with 37,000 pallet storage locations, picking work stations, a conveying system combined with Automated Guided Vehicles and the logistics software WAMAS®.

Fast store delivery, daily and seasonal volume fluctuations and continuously changing customer purchasing behavior are major challenges for wholesalers – hence, the intralogistics requirements also change. The new distribution center for Ricardo Nini S.A. in Moreno meets these requirements and will ensure the efficient supply of more than 3,000 stores in the Buenos Aires area as well as the directly connected 12,000 m² store with a wide range of dry food products and non-food items. The new logistics center covers an area of 32,000 m² and will accommodate 9,000 products. Every day, 1,100 pallets will be processed at goods-in, while 127,000 cases and 194,000 individual items will be picked.

Efficient processes with tailor-made automation

At goods-in, delivered pallets are checked and, if required, automatically put onto system pallets. The project’s core components are an automatic high-bay warehouse (HBW) with 37,000 pallet storage locations and a 7-aisle shuttle warehouse with 117,000 bin storage locations. In the HBW, 6 energy-efficient Exyz storage and retrieval machines (SRM) ensure double-deep storage and retrieval processes. In the shuttle warehouse, the items are first re-packed into bins at 12 ergonomic goods-to-person work stations and stored by the highly efficient single-level shuttle system Cuby.

Picking processes begin in an area with 990 pallet pick faces including automatic replenishment by the Exyz SRM, and then continue at 10 goods-to-person work stations for cases and 12 goods-to-person work stations for individual items. Additionally, a fleet of AGV will be in charge of automatic replenishment of entire pallets for the connected store. All areas in the new distribution center are connected by a pallet conveying system as well as a bin and carton conveying system. The scope of supply and services is rounded off by two bin stacker and de-stacker as well as the logistics software WAMAS, which controls all warehouse operations.

"We evaluated a large number of intralogistics options and solutions, and the solution proposed by SSI Schaefer has convinced us right from the beginning. We completely trust in the skills and experience of SSI Schaefer to plan, develop and implement holistic logistic systems including a tailor-made software as we requested," summarizes Carmelo Miguel Nini, owner of Ricardo Nini S.A.

The high-bay warehouse as well as the picking areas are planned to be in operation by the end of 2019.

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Kardex Remstar adds dynamism to the storage of high-tech parts for FLAMA

Kardex Remstar is the ideal partner for anyone wishing to efficiently store and retrieve electrical components used in the SMT manufacturing process. One company that is well aware of this is FLAMA, one of China’s leading manufacturers of inverter welders. It sought a reliable and high-performance solution for storing components used in its high-tech production operation.

Megamat RS vertical carousels are specially equipped for handling SMT components and provide the optimal solution, which is one of the reasons why FLAMA opted for the intralogistics experts at Kardex Remstar when reorganizing its warehouse.

The high demands made on the new system by FLAMA in terms of efficiency provided another reason. To meet these demands and successfully respond to growing material quantities and product requirements as well as the limited space available, the company decided to integrate the following products:

  • 12 Kardex Remstar Megamat RS vertical carousels
  • 2 Kardex Remstar Shuttle XP vertical lift modules

The Megamat RS systems are used for storing the electrical components needed for the SMT manufacturing process. The assembly area extends across two floors and is directly supplied with parts from each of the two 13-meter-high Shuttle XP units. They have access openings on both floors, allowing the necessary parts to be delivered to the workstation more quickly. This makes it possible to pick goods without having to use the previously required elevator. FLAMA has been able to speed up picking times and cut labor costs by 20 percent as a result of these measures. 

In addition, the highly dense storage systems have a much greater capacity, reducing the amount of space required by 30 percent. At the same time, Kardex Remstar’s Power Pick Global warehouse management software guarantees picking accuracy of 99 percent and efficient management of all storage processes, while the customer has a constant and precise overview of the inventory. Kardex Remstar’s storage systems are individually designed for the customer, thereby ensuring that the high standards of quality at FLAMA are fully maintained at all times.

The advantages of the Kardex Remstar solution at a glance:

  • 30 percent less space required
  • 20 percent reduction in labor costs
  • 20 percent faster picking times
  • Optimized warehouse management thanks to Power Pick Global

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LogiMAT a Magnet for Visitors from around the World

The 17th International Trade Show for Intralogistics Solutions & Process Management
February 19–21, 2019 | Messe Stuttgart

LogiMAT is further internationalizing as its global brand recognition grows. The number of international exhibitors and visitors at the International Trade Show for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management has grown fivefold over the past decade – significantly faster than the German trade show industry as a whole according to the latest data.

A recent study of exhibitor and visitor trends underscores LogiMAT’s position as the leading international trade show for intralogistics solutions and process management. The study finds that LogiMAT boosted its contingent of international industry professionals in attendance over the past ten years from 13 percent to nearly 20 percent. Among the 55,375 visitors at LogiMAT in 2018, some 11,000 traveled from abroad – and one in ten of them even came from overseas. This means that over the past decade, LogiMAT was able to grow the number of international visitors overall and those from overseas by a factor of more than five – significantly higher than the figure published recently by the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (AUMA), which recorded growth of 30 percent in visitors from overseas at events in Germany over the past ten years. “The success of international exhibitors at LogiMAT, the leading information platform and trade show for direct business contacts in the intralogistics industry, further enhances its brand recognition in international markets and among industry professionals,” notes Peter Kazander, Managing Director of event organizer EUROEXPO Messe- und Kongress-GmbH in Munich, explaining the show’s extraordinary internationalization in the past ten years. “This kind of development is gradual. With everything LogiMAT has to offer, it has grown into a one-of-a-kind magnet for international visitors as well.”

A similar trend can be seen in the share of international exhibitors, where LogiMAT has shot up nearly eight percentage points in the last five years alone: In 2013, a total of 181 of 1,003 exhibitors on hand in Stuttgart to present their products and solutions (18 percent) were headquartered abroad. By 2018, this contingent grew to 25.6 percent, with 400 of 1,564 exhibitors coming from outside Germany, and 12.5 percent of them from overseas – Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and North America. “The growing international profile of LogiMAT into what is likely the leading global platform for state-of-the-art intralogistics solutions will set a new record in the coming year in the number of exhibitors from overseas,” predicts Michael Ruchty, the event’s new project director. “For LogiMAT 2019, taking place February 19 to 21 in Stuttgart, a total of 44 companies from China and Taiwan alone have already registered. What this suggests is that among the international exhibitors at the next LogiMAT, the contingent of companies from overseas will rise to between 26 and 30 percent. This will also be reflected in the trend of international visitor numbers.”

The latest AUMA publication sheds some light on what’s driving this, showing that the interest in German trade shows among Chinese purchasers has surged much faster than it has among exhibitors. Kazander sees another reason behind LogiMAT’s uniquely rapid rise in internationalization: LogiMAT China, which EUROEXPO will present for the fifth time from April 15 to 17, 2019 – and for the first time in the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). Exhibitors will include the Chinese offices of many leading manufacturers such as Kaup, Crown, Jungheinrich, and Kardex Remstar. “The intralogistics solutions presented there, tailored to the specific needs of the local market, have made Asian industry professionals hungry for more,” Kazander concludes. “At the same time, it enhances the global visibility of the LogiMAT brand and draws more exhibitors and visitors alike from China to Stuttgart as well.”

Event organizer: EUROEXPO Messe- und Kongress-GmbH
Joseph-Dollinger-Bogen 7 | 80807 Munich, Germany
Phone: +49 89 32391 259 | Fax: +49 89 32391 246 | |

About LogiMAT

LogiMAT 2019, the 17th International Trade Show for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management, will take place February 19 – 21 on the grounds of Messe Stuttgart, directly adjacent to Stuttgart International Airport. LogiMAT, the world’s largest intralogistics trade show, offers a comprehensive overview of everything driving the intralogistics industry, from procurement to production to shipping. International exhibitors gather early in the year to showcase innovative technologies, products, systems, and solutions for streamlining operations, optimizing processes, and cutting costs in a company’s internal logistics.

TradeWorld, the Professional Platform for Trade Processes embedded within LogiMAT, features products and solutions for e-commerce and omnichannel. Beyond the exhibitor booths, visitors to this combined event can also experience a different program of presentations each day covering a wide range of topics.

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LogiMAT to fill 10 halls for first time

LogiMAT, which returns to Stuttgart in February 2019, is already almost fully booked nearly seven months before its doors open. Hall 2 will be integrated for the first time, expanding the overall exhibit space by 7,500 square meters. LogiMAT will fill all 10 halls of Messe Stuttgart, including the gallery in Hall 1, to occupy a total space of 120,000 square meters. Organizers expect over 1,600 international exhibitors, who together will present a unique diversity of “intralogistics from the source.” Over 170 first-time exhibitors have already registered.

LogiMAT will return stronger than ever in early 2019 to reassert its role as the world’s leading information platform and “working” trade show—where the intralogistics industry goes to do business.

The event will extend into Hall 2 for the first time, integrating another nearly 5,000 square meters to accommodate the strong demand for more exhibit space. One of the focuses here will be “Innovation Made in Germany,” a shared booth where start-ups will present innovative products and solutions in the areas of distribution, material flow, and software/IT.

Toyota Material Handling Deutschland will also be on hand alongside its affiliate Vanderlande Industries, occupying 600 square meters as an anchor exhibitor. In addition, there are well-known companies such as Helge Nyberg, AutoStore and Itoh Denki in Hall 2.

Another highlight in Hall 2 will be TradeWorld, the Professional Platform for Trade Processes. TradeWorld exhibitors will showcase products and solutions for the digitization of e-commerce and omnichannel trade processes while experts offer presentations on cutting-edge issues of trade logistics in the TradeWorld expert forum. In this way, TradeWorld demonstrates the unique synergies between trade and logistics processes within LogiMAT.

Exhibitors from the fields of plant engineering and conveyance technology will be on hand as usual in Halls 1, 3, 5, and 7. Here, too, LogiMAT has responded to the growing interest of exhibitors by extending the exhibit space into the gallery in Hall 1.

Forklift trucks and accessories, driverless transport systems, battery and energy management solutions, crane and hoist technology, and cargo securement will be located once again in Halls 7, 9, and 10.

The broad field of packaging, packaging systems, and containers will return to Halls 4 and 6, right next to the area for identification technology and RFID along the southern flank of Messe Stuttgart. Intralogistics software solutions will be showcased in Halls 6 and 8.

“We’ve heard from many exhibitors who want more booth space in 2019 compared to the previous year. So far, we’ve managed to persuade our customers that LogiMAT’s focus on diversity is in the interests of its visitors. This can only succeed if our exhibit space grows at a healthy pace,” remarks LogiMAT’s new Exhibition Director Michael Ruchty from event organizer EUROEXPO Messe- und Kongress-GmbH. “We find it exciting when our exhibitors include both global players and smaller enterprises. The ability of visitors to directly compare these offerings side by side is what makes LogiMAT so unique. We’ll remain true to this concept going forward.”

The 17th International Trade Show for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management will once again offer professionals from the manufacturing and commercial industries a complete overview of the latest trends in products and solutions in 2019. LogiMAT helps visitors make wise investment decisions, and the high quality of the accompanying program provides valuable guidance for responding to current and future needs. This reaffirms LogiMAT’s mission of offering “Intralogistics from the Source: Intelligent—Efficient—Innovative.”

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Design and analyze intralogistics zones with pickEXPLORER from nextLAP

nextLAP Inc. (, a specialist in IIoT-based solutions for the digital management and automation of production and logistics processes, presents its new pickEXPLORER. The software-based product allows intralogistics zones to be designed and analyzed. Based on real time picking data, walking distances and routes, throughput times and ergonomics get optimized, resulting in cost savings of up to 50 per cent.

pickEXPLORER is used to design and optimize logistics zones, with no IT knowledge required, based on the data collected from picking processes by nextLAP’s product smartRACK (e.g. part numbers, shaft, number of picks). smartRACK digitises and automates all kinds of picking processes and includes IIoT smartBUTTONs with LED display, the smartCONTROLLER and a screen or tablet. Standard storage racks in all areas are equipped with these IIoT components and connected to nextLAP’s IP/1 platform. Here, all data is collected centrally and processed in real time.

The new pickEXPLORER uses this data to evaluate the picks, for example in terms of pick frequency, walking distances and routes, throughput times and ergonomics. The picking zone is presented visually in a way that allows easy understanding of the process flow. An optimized layout can be generated at the touch of a button and subsequently adopted as the new configuration.

“Relocating logistics zones in particular is immensely time-consuming and cost-intensive. In most factories, data is still collected using Excel and paper and then used to plan processes. This is an extremely laborious task. With the help of our pickEXPLORER, using the real time data collected by smartRACK and the appropriate algorithms, logistics zones can be easily built graphically. Subsequently, they can also be optimized digitally, for example in terms of walking distances and ergonomics”, explains André Ziemke, Managing Director of nextLAP GmbH. He continues: “This creates significant potential for savings. Using pickEXPLORER, an automotive OEM was able to reduce walking distances by up to 50 per cent, for example.”

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CPS®miLOGISTICS: One system for all suppliers

Würth Industrie Service GmbH & Co. KG has more than one million C-Parts in its product range. Würth Industrie Service has devised a new system to meet individual customer requirements that go beyond its own product range. With CPS®miLOGISTICS, not only standard and special parts, but also non-Würth items are integrated into the C-Parts management system and incorporated into the efficient Kanban supply from Würth Industrie Service. For users, this means significantly less effort in terms of procurement and supplier management, a fully integrated service for all items and maximum security of supply.

C-Parts must always be available at the right time, in the right place, in the right quantity and quality in a flawless production process. To ensure this supply for industrial customers, Würth Industrie Service relies on a Kanban system for its portfolio of more than one million items including screws and bolts, fastening and connecting materials, tools, technical chemicals and PPE. In collaboration with more than 50 cooperating suppliers, Würth Industrie Service offers customers a comprehensive solution in terms of quality and scope of standard and special parts. By contrast, non-Würth parts have thus far been managed separately by customers. With CPS®miLOGISTICS, a solution has now been developed which also integrates such items and the associated suppliers into the fully integrated procurement system. Using this solution enables customers to instantly and easily expand their C-Parts management with additional suppliers and product groups. With the aim of reducing the number of suppliers, freeing up resources and saving storage capacity, depending on their individual needs, users choose one of three options  –  CPS®miSTOCK, CPS®miDROPSHIP or CPS®miSELF – for their supply chain. At the same time, customers benefit from state-of-the-art technology for their C-Parts management and a digitised value chain for all suppliers. This simplifies the flow of information between the different departments within the company, creates transparency about manufacturers and suppliers and thus ensures greater productivity.

Complete management and stocking via CPS®miSTOCK

Würth Industrie Service uses the CPS®miSTOCK solution to store the goods of the customers‘ individual supplier in its own logistics centre. Delivery then takes place just in time via the Kanban system from Würth Industrie Service. In this way, Würth Industrie Service ensures maximum security of supply even for items that have long delivery times and which consequently had to be kept in stock up until now by the customers themselves. This reduces the customer’s stock and the capital tie-up – and not least saves space in their own warehouse.

CPS®miDROPSHIP: Integrate external suppliers into Kanban

As part of CPS®miDROPSHIP, Würth Industrie Service integrates further suppliers defined by the customer into its own Kanban system via a third-party order processing system, which Würth Industrie Service qualifies accordingly for the processes in advance. The partner suppliers fill and label the Kanban bins on behalf of Würth Industrie Service in their own warehouse and send them directly to the customer. Würth Industrie Service in turn then takes over the shelf filling service on site. Customers benefit from automated materials planning and inventory management, and at the same time can integrate their individual desired items into the Würth Kanban system.

Independent management via CPS®miSELF

The basis for CPS®miSELF is the RFID Kanban system from Würth Industrie Service, in which any item or supplier can be incorporated independently. Not only are C-Parts possible, but also A and B-Parts, for which other purchasing processes usually apply; integration into the user’s intralogistics is also possible. Customers use RFID technology to respond to fluctuations in demand at an early stage and can precisely control the flow of goods. The effort involved in configuring this technology in existing processes is minimal, but it directly increases productivity. Because production employees no longer have to order themselves; rather, the system independently knows the exact need for material and reports it fully automated to the supplier. This also prevents manual errors during reordering. With CPS®miSELF, the user uses the system and the associated hardware such as bins, labels and shelves. The Kanban system digitally reports the requirements for all items and provides the corresponding data. Subsequently, the customer himself triggers the order of the required products from the supplier of his choice. Depending on the requirements, Würth Industrie Service offers the provision of pure bin information, master data management and even interface connection with additional automated materials planning.

Logistics 4.0

The CPS®miLOGISTICS concept enables industrial customers, for example, to combine various suppliers in a standardised C-Parts management solution, and at the same time to use Würth Industrie Service’s service also for items outside the Würth product range. The partner for C-Parts management thus offers a solution that enables users to digitise their entire supply chain and make it more transparent. The processes are designed to be so simple and streamlined that customers and production staff no longer have to order themselves. On the contrary, the intelligent system independently knows the exact need for material and reports it fully automated to the service provider for C-Parts management. Thus, in future, the entire supply chain will largely control itself.


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The virtual world of intralogistics

Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Augmented and Virtual Reality: The possibilities offered by modern technologies in the intralogistics industry are the subject of the international VDI conference "Intralogistic Solutions" in Amsterdam on 27 and 28 June.

The logistics industry is undergoing digital transformation: blockchain and cloud technologies optimise the logistics process by creating interfaces and simplifying data processing. In the warehouses, robotic applications, drones and virtual realities make work easier. Digitisation is a key factor in fast picking and efficient warehouse and material flow systems. How automation and networking affect the future of intralogistics, the experts will discuss at the VDI conference "Intralogistic Solutions" in Amsterdam on 27 and 28 June.

The VDI conference focuses on current trends and developments in the area of Industry 4.0 and how the digital transformation processes can lead companies to success. In Panel Discussions, experts debate issues that affect the industry: how do the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence influence the transport of goods? Which energy concepts are economical in the long term? What degree can automation achieve in the picking process?

The top themes of the VDI conference are:

  • Picking in omnichannel
  • Data integration and storage solution
  • Energy concepts of the future
  • Disruptive technologies in intralogistics
  • Customer Cases

The presentation language of the conference is English.

Registration and program at or at as well as at the VDI Wissensforum Customer Care/Kundenzentrum, PO Box 10 11 39, 40002 Düsseldorf, E-Mail:, Phone: +49 211 6214-201, Fax: -154

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Sophisticated charging systems for automated guided vehicles (AGVs)

Automation, networking, decentralization, and real-time capability are no longer unfamiliar concepts. In both intralogistics and external logistics, the trend towards flexible systems is well underway, and its inexorable expansion will make goods handling even more efficient, safe, and economical. This evolution requires interfaces and connections for data, energy, and signals that ensure safe operation of the systems. Stäubli Electrical Connectors, the specialist for reliable, high-performance connectors, offers efficient standardized or tailored solutions for indoor and outdoor use. Its products are distinguished by their very high standard of safety and provable quality.

In logistics, everything is constantly in motion. Goods move from the warehouse to shipping, are stocked when they arrive at the loading dock, and are relocated by transport vehicles. Electrically driven Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) are an integral component of forward-looking logistics applications. Powered by batteries, they navigate through warehouses or container ports and make a significant contribution to increasing efficiency and reducing costs in logistics processes. Furthermore, these vehicles allow for emission-free, environmentally friendly transport.

Automatic battery replacement systems and high-performance charging stations are used to keep the AGVs in constant motion and prevent workflow disruptions. An important factor to help avoid downtimes and keep costs down is rapid charging. The Swiss company Stäubli Electrical Connectors has perfectly tailored, powerful, safe solutions for nearly every challenge in charging applications.

Simple, flexible connector solution

Automatic battery replacement is a robot-controlled process, so the power transmission connections must be pluggable and separable. Alignment errors up to a certain degree require compensation, and the connection solution must withstand a high number of mating cycles. The CombiTac modular connector system from Stäubli allows free configuration of the transferred media. For this application it is equipped with an additional frame to compensate for guidance inaccuracies. A selection of various contacts and high-density contact bases is available; special last-mate-first-break contacts monitor and check the connection status, providing greater safety. A 10-Gbit module for industrial Ethernet applications meets the requirements of CAT6A and is suitable for real-time data exchange.

To tailor the connector solution to the individual application, Stäubli Electrical Connectors can draw on over 50 years of experience to develop customer-specific designs. Sales engineers and designers provide support throughout the entire process, which includes supplying 3D CAD models for easy integration into customer drawings, as well as one-to-one samples. The Stäubli Multilam contact technology is designed for very high numbers of mating cycles: Products from the automation technology range (Dockingline) guarantee both up to a million mating cycles and reduced-maintenance operation of the system. Our broad industrial expertise allows us to design ideally tailored standard or special customer solutions.

Automatic quick charging system

For automated logistics processes that run smoothly without operator intervention, power must also be supplied autonomously. In the process, the automatic charging system communicates not only with the vehicle, but also with the higher-level software that controls and monitors the entire charging process.

There is a clear trend towards flexible systems that run without rails, tracks or guide markings , or whose guide markings can at least be modified without significant construction expense. Therefore, flexible charging systems that can be adapted to both the application and the existing infrastructure are in demand.

With the QCC (Quick Charging Connection) system, Stäubli Electrical Connectors offers a market-ready automatic connection solution that is already proving its worth in the field. Its core is the unique Multilam technology, in which the constant spring pressure of the Multilam louvers ensures that the connection between the contact surfaces remains consistent through the entire lifespan, allowing constant high efficiency power transfer. Furthermore, the Multilam technology offers a self-cleaning effect with every mating. This allows high currents to be transferred continuously without additional cleaning or maintenance. These properties allow the shortest charging time for AGV batteries so as not to disrupt the work and schedule of the AGVs.

The charging rhythm can be adapted to the application. Regular, short charging cycles make it possible to keep the batteries that are used small, which has a positive effect on vehicle weight, on-board space requirements, and operating costs. Recharging occurs in scheduled pit stops or during reloading operations at charging stations along the route. Such brief interim charging, so-called “opportunity charging”, can be easier on the batteries than full charging. This quick charging system from Stäubli is designed for over 100,000 mating cycles for many years of continuous operation.

The charging devices also have a patented mechanical guide with high tolerance compensation that can correct for positional inaccuracies and misalignments. An optional automatic self-cleaning system with compressed air removes possible foreign matter in the charging device in order to ensure reliable, low-maintenance operation – both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to its watertight design (IP55), this innovative system also prevents significant contamination and water penetration, which could lead to dangerous short circuits.

Safety is also ensured: The Stäubli system is designed in such a way that all live parts are protected against contact in every situation, whether connected or disconnected. The power and signal contacts are not exposed until the connection is fully mated, and the electronic release occurs at the start of the charging process. This complete contact protection up to the end of the connection process and the additional electronic release makes the system doubly safe. There are no exposed live parts such as overhead lines or power rails that could be touched.

The safe, versatile, adaptable, powerful charging solutions from Stäubli will provide effective support for increasing the efficiency of logistics processes in the future.

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transport logistic China and LogiMAT China to join forces from 2019 in Shanghai

EUROEXPO Messe-und Kongress-GmbH and Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH have agreed an important strategic cooperation with Messe Muenchen Shanghai Co., Ltd. The three parties will co-locate transport logistic China and LogiMAT China on the same stage of the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) from April 15 to 17, 2019.

LogiMAT China evolved from the famous intralogistics brand exhibition LogiMAT in Stuttgart, which has gained recognition from many leading international enterprises over its 16-year history since its first show in 2003. The recently held LogiMAT 2018 attracted 1,564 exhibitors and 55,375 visitors from 40 countries and regions over 117,000 m2 of space. LogiMAT Stuttgart has established itself as the world’s leading show for intralogistics solutions.

LogiMAT China has been successfully held on four occasions in China. Organized by EUROEXPO Messe-und Kongress-GmbH and Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH, it is based on the German brand concept, LogiMAT. China is committed to building a solution and technology exchange platform to help enterprises optimize the supply chain, improve logistics efficiency and reduce logistics costs.

On May 18 during transport logistic China 2018 in Shanghai, the organizers of transport logistic China and LogiMAT China held a press conference on strategic cooperation to announce that LogiMAT will move to Shanghai from 2019 onwards, and that the two trade shows will be held together to establish a new, one-stop B2B platform of intralogistics solutions and logistics services with 40,000m2 of exhibition space.

The press conference attracted about one hundred media and exhibitor representatives from the logistics and manufacturing industries. Among other VIPs, Dr. Robert Schönberger, Exhibition Group Director of Messe München GmbH, Mr. Peter Kazander, Managing Director of EUROEXPO Messe-und Kongress-GmbH, and Mr. Bai Daping, General Manager of Jungheinrich delivered speeches.

“I am extremely delighted to witness the cooperation between the Asian versions of two major logistics exhibitions. transport logistic China is our ideal partner”, explained Mr. Peter Kazander, Managing Director of EUROEXPO Messe-und Kongress-GmbH, emphasizing the strategic importance of this cooperation. “The vigorous economic development in China heralds an unprecedented growth opportunity for the intralogistics industry. As the economic center of China, Shanghai enjoys exceptional regional advantages. For the first time in Shanghai, LogiMAT China 2019 will present the latest trends in intralogistics across an exhibition space of 12,000 m2.”

“Since stepping into China in 2004, transport logistic China has grown into one of the biggest, most influential exhibitions for the logistics and transportation industries in Asia. This year, it has attracted 667 exhibitors from 58 countries and regions and about 25,000 visitors, giving it a high-profile focus within the industry. We hope that through the win-win cooperation with LogiMAT, we can share our resources, integrate our combined strengths, promote the intelligent upgrading of the logistics industry in China and lead innovative development in the market”, commented Ms. Xu Jia, Chief Operating Officer of Messe Muenchen Shanghai Co., Ltd.

In addition, as the representative of exhibitors, Mr. Bai Daping, General Manager of Jungheinrich China, expressed high expectations for the cooperation between transport logistic China and LogiMAT China. He believes that the collaboration between the two exhibitions will bring benefits and raise efficiency for both exhibitors and visitors.

For more information, please visit and

About Nanjing Stuttgart Joint Exhibition Ltd.

Nanjing Stuttgart Joint Exhibition Ltd. (Messe Nanjing) is a joint venture between two state-owned enterprises: Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH and Nanjing Hexi New City Development and Construction Management Committee. Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH is one of the leading exhibition companies in Germany. It is a state-owned enterprise located in Baden-Württemberg and has 54 branches and representative offices around the world. Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH organizes more than 60 professional exhibitions each year.

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REYHER Asia-Pacific (RAP) opens office in Taiwan

In March 2018 F. REYHER Asia-Pacific Co. Ltd. opened an office in the Taiwanese port city of Kaohsiung. More than 100 guests were invited to the opening ceremony, including representatives from important suppliers, logistics partners and the regional fastener manufacturers’ associations.

“The new office is a major step for REYHER in consolidating supplier relationships with Taiwan and to develop them sustainably,” states Purchasing Manager and RAP board member Hergen Oetjen.

“Alongside China, already for many years we have defined Taiwan as an important partner country for REYHER in the Asia-Pacific Region,” says RAP General Manager Thomas Haug. In each country, REYHER has some 50 active suppliers.

In his speech, Joint CEO Klaus-Dieter Schmidt thanked Thomas Haug and the entire RAP team for their excellent work over recent years, wishing them both luck and success for the upcoming activities in Taiwan.

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