Microdrones Expands into Asia with Acquisition of Aircam UAV Technology

As part of an ongoing global growth initiative, Microdrones has acquired Aircam UAV Technology (“Aircam”), a 64 employee Chinese company with its main location in Foshan, an hour-drive from Guangzhou in Southern China, and a branch in Beijing. Aircam has developed a large Chinese and Southeast Asian customer base with a focus on surveying & mapping, utilities, and oil & gas industries.

Aircam will be fully integrated with the Microdrones business, brand and leadership team. The Aircam brand and corporate identity will change to Microdrones, and all aspects of the business will be directed by the Microdrones global leadership team.

Microdrones and Aircam have a long history of working together. Microdrones President Vivien Heriard Dubreuil explains, “For the past decade, Microdrones and Aircam have shared a strong distribution relationship, selling and supporting Microdrones systems to professionals throughout the continent.”

Although Microdrones professional drones have been available in Asia (though Aircam) since 2008, Microdrones now has a direct, local presence in the market. Microdrones technology, products and solutions will be available to customers throughout Asia, subject to applicable export control and regulations.

“We’re talking about business oriented, field-proven solutions that will help end-users make better business decisions.” says Heriard Dubreuil, adding “Globally, this is the next step in our evolution. In Asia, specifically, this will have a revolutionary and transformative impact for our customers and our business.”

According to Francois Gerner, SVP of Corporate Affairs for Microdrones, “This is exciting news for Microdrones, our newly acquired team in Asia, and our respective customers across markets worldwide. Microdrones is investing in its presence in China so we can offer professional solutions to the high potential commercial market throughout the continent. With more than ten years of operation and market experience in Asia, we are thrilled and grateful to welcome the Aircam team to join the Microdrones family.”

Completed in late December of 2018, this acquisition hardens a global presence for the rapidly expanding company and its technology platforms. “We now command a best in class R&D, manufacturing, sales, service and marketing footprint across 6 continents, with more than 220 employees worldwide.” explains Gerner, further noting that “Aircam brings to Microdrones additional production and service capacity and a seasoned team, with access to an enthusiastic customer base across Asia.”

Microdrones success and notoriety worldwide is rooted in mastering all of the key hardware and software technologies required to provide fully integrated, professional solutions. As one unified company, Microdrones is best positioned to transform customer needs into effective, scalable products and solutions for professionals in all markets and territories.

Despite the name Microdrones, the global technology solutions company doesn’t just sell drones, but rather complete commercial packages that include:

  • The drone, adapted for professional applications,
  • perfectly integrated sensors,
  • software and workflow,
  • service, training and support.

Dr. Mohamed Mostafa, who directs product and solution development for Microdrones sums it up like this; “Microdrones designs each technical brick of the workflow to be optimized for the application, while supporting production of the best data for end-users. We offer proven systems for professionals in surveying, mapping, mining, construction, land development and inspection. The expanded Microdrones team will provide solutions that help professionals be the best both in the field and at the office. Our easy workflow takes users from data collection through information creation, with one goal in mind: to help them use our technology for better decision making.”

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It’s Time to Replace SMB with Something Smarter

Original network protocols are starting to age out of usefulness. HTTP is being replaced by HTTPS, people are trying to replace DNS with DNSSEC, and TLS just got its first update in 8 years. Now it’s time to update SMB. Introducing SmarTransfer.

Eitan Bremler, Co-Founder and VP Technology of Safe-T, a leading security provider of software-defined access solutions for the hybrid cloud from Israel is discussing the question

"Why Would You Want to Replace SMB?"

He is discussing some of the drawbacks of SMB1: This is an old version of the SMB protocol with roots in the 1980s. While it’s still active on many computers, it’s generally only needed to communicate with Windows XP and Server 2003 operating systems – and if you’re going your job right, that equipment has already been uprooted from your environment. In most cases, you can disable SMB1 on throughout your network without encountering many issues.

SMB 2 and SMB 3 are a different story. They’re modern, full-featured secure file transfer protocols with strong encryption and robust failover. The major issue is that using these protocols, along with a similar protocol known as NetBios, requires administrators to open ports 339 and 445. Keeping ports open is bad practice for a secure network but closing these ports or disabling SMB causes a host of other issues.

Most notably, a vulnerability in the SMB protocol led to 2017’s mass ransomware attack known as Wannacry, which caused a total of $4 billion in damage. Frustratingly, even after the this vulnerability was widely disclosed, there are approximately 5.5 million devices that are still exposed to the internet in this manner.

Augmenting SMB with SmarTransfer

At its heart, Safe-T developed a new file access solution called SmarTranser (SMTR for short), which lets administrators close ports 339 and 445, and disable SMB from user segments, and replicate their functionality using the secure HTTPS protocol.

To the end user, nothing about their usual workflow changes. Accessing webmail, printing a document, or accessing a file on remote server will all look the same. Behind the scenes, however, an entirely different workflow will take place – one that administrators will ultimately find easier and more secure.

For example, SMTR comes with a smart access permissions console that lets administrators easily control how users use the files they can access. They can delineate who can read which files, who has read and write permissions, and who can create and delete files. With its simple UI, SMTR even lets administrators provide auditable access permissions to customers and vendors outside the network. This ensures secure and controlled access to any file types and content.

In addition, SMTR encrypts files at rest, making it difficult for unauthorized users to read or copy their contents. The product can also prevent unauthorized users from moving or deleting the file, or from uploading potentially compromised/malicious files.

SMTR is an Updated File Transfer Protocol for an Age that Requires Security

Protocols like SMB and NetBios have inescapable origins in an earlier era of information technology. They were created in an age where leaving open ports on your network was acceptable. Nowadays, leaving any open port on your network – even the ubiquitous port 80 – is an invitation to disaster.

When used in combination with other Safe-T technologies, SMTR makes it possible to do business on the internet without opening any ports to the outside world – and without significantly changing your normal workflows or impacting your end users. For more information on this technology, and how to start using it today, contact Safe-T for a free trial.

About Safe-T

Safe-T® (www.safe-t.com), a wholly owned subsidiary of Safe-T Group Ltd. (Nasdaq, TASE: SFET), is a provider of software-defined access solutions to reduce attacks on mission-critical services and sensitive corporate data. Safe-T solves the data access challenge. Its patented, multi-layer software-defined access solution masks data at the network perimeter, keeping information assets safe and limiting access only to authorized and intended entities, on premises or in the cloud. Safe-T enhances productivity, efficiency, security, and compliance by protecting enterprises from data exfiltration, leakage, malware, ransomware, and fraud. Companies and governments around the world trust Safe-T to secure their data, services, and networks from internal and external data threats. Safe-T operates in North America, APAC, Africa, Europe, and Israel.


For more information, visit www.safe-t.com.

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Durchgängig digital durch das Lager bis zum Kunden

Durchgängige Steuerung sämtlicher Warenbewegungen zwischen Einlagern und Ausliefern – DISPONENT Lagerlogistik und DISPONENTplus mit erweiterten Statistikabfragen und neuen Suchfunktionen – Integration von JasperReports in DISPONENTplus – Taskboard informiert Mitarbeiter ganz individuell über anstehende Aufgaben

Der IT-Dienstleister Weber Data Service präsentiert auf der Messe LogiMAT (19. bis 21. Februar) in Stuttgart Weiterentwicklungen für das Lagerverwaltungssystem DISPONENT Lagerlogistik sowie die Speditionssoftware DISPONENTplus. Beide Systeme ergänzen sich nahtlos, arbeiten mit einer zentralen Datenbank und sorgen für eine durchgängig integrierte Steuerung sämtlicher Warenbewegungen zwischen Einlagern und Ausliefern. Weber Data Service stellt aus in Halle 8 am Stand F06.

Eine neue Funktion von DISPONENT Lagerlogistik berücksichtigt automatisch die mögliche Anzahl der Artikel pro Lademittel und bildet daraus einzelne Lagerpositionen. Wenn zum Beispiel eine Lagerposition ursprünglich 5.700 gleichartige Artikel auf 10 Paletten umfasst, generiert DISPONENT Lagerlogistik daraus 10 Lagerpositionen beziehungsweise 10 Paletten mit jeweils 570 Stück. Lagerpositionen, für die bereits Fahraufträge gebildet wurden, werden dabei nicht berücksichtigt und in einer Hinweismeldung aufgeführt. Darüber hinaus ermöglicht DISPONENT Lagerlogistik jetzt neue Statistikabfragen für die durchschnittliche Lagerdauer je Artikel oder je Auftrag sowie die Umschlagshäufigkeit je Artikel in frei definierbaren Zeiträumen.

Auch DISPONENTplus bietet neue Analyse-Möglichkeiten: Die Auswertungen des Statistikmanagers beziehungsweise die Statistiken aus der Statistikabfragen-Verwaltung können jetzt automatisiert und zeitgesteuert ausgeführt und per E-Mail versendet oder im File-System abgelegt werden.

Eine weitere Neuerung betrifft das in den bewährten Monitoring Desk integrierte Taskboard, das jeden Mitarbeiter über seine anstehenden Aufgaben informiert. Neu ist, dass jeder Mitarbeiter selbst entscheiden kann, in welchen Intervallen die einzelnen Bereiche seiner Anzeigen aktualisiert werden sollen. Dadurch verringert sich die Zahl der unnötigen, zum Teil auch konzentrationsstörenden Hinweisanzeigen, Aufgaben können priorisiert und Server um unnötige Abfragen reduziert werden. Dazu kann die persönliche Anrede des Mitarbeiters individuell konfiguriert werden. Das neue Tool ist ein weiterer praktischer Beitrag zur Digitalisierung der internen Organisation und ersetzt die handgeschriebenen Notizen sowie gelbe Post-Its am Monitor-Rand.

Der zum Standardumfang der Speditionssoftware DISPONENTplus gehörende Monitoring Desk macht verschiedene Echtzeit-Informationen auf einen Blick sichtbar und bietet im Tagesgeschäft einen guten Überblick über wichtige Kennzahlen und Aktionen. Die grafische Oberfläche erscheint automatisch beim Programmstart und ist in sechs Bereiche unterteilt. In der oberen Hälfte bietet das Dashboard Transparenz und Kontrolle über Kosten und Erlöse sowie das Sendungsvolumen. Betrachtet werden hier die vier Bereiche Abholer, Sammelgut, Express und Teil- und Komplettladung. In der unteren Hälfte sind der Workflow-Monitor und das userabhängige Taskboard mit den aktuell anstehenden Aufgaben des betreffenden Anwenders untergebracht. Die einzelnen Bereiche können einfach per Mausklick vergrößert oder verkleinert, Farben individuell konfiguriert werden. Über den Download-Button können sich Anwender jederzeit eine PDF-Datei der aktuellen Ansicht erstellen. Eine Notizfunktion für Freitextnachrichten rundet den Monitoring Desk ab.

Ebenfalls neu sind die Berichtsvorlagen für das kostenlose Tool JasperReports, das als Alternative zu Oracle Reports in DISPONENTplus integriert wurde. Weber Data Service hat neue SYS-Reports in einem übersichtlichen Design erstellt, die auch als Vorlage für eigene Reports genutzt werden können. Inzwischen zählt die auf Java basierende Open Source Software JasperReports zu den am weitest verbreiteten Reporting-Lösungen. Eine interne Projektgruppe hat für die wichtigsten Speditions- und Lagerformulare einheitliche und übersichtliche Designvorlagen erarbeitet und bislang mehr als 20 Formulare und Labels zur freien Nutzung umgesetzt.

Weber Data Service: Wir digitalisieren Ihre Logistikprozesse!

Seit mehr als 40 Jahren entwickelt Weber Data Service innovative Speditions- und Logistiksoftware für Speditionen, Verlader, Transport- und Logistikdienstleister. Damit gehören wir zu den erfahrensten Anbietern der Branche. Mittlerweile vertrauen mehr als 2.700 User aus Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz unseren IT- und Logistikfachleuten  – und das zum Teil schon seit vielen Jahren. Zu unseren Kunden zählen Konzerne wie Q Logistics, ein Joint Venture der Österreichischen Bundesbahn, große mittelständische Logistikdienstleister wie Meyer & Meyer aus Osnabrück und auch kleinere Unternehmen wie die Ewald Spedition.

Trotz steigender Sendungsmengen stehen Logistikdienstleiter aktuell vor großen Herausforderungen. Die komplexer werdende Produktvielfalt, steigende Ansprüche an Service und Liefergeschwindigkeit, aber auch der Fahrermangel erhöhen den Preisdruck und zwingen zu kontinuierlichen Effizienzsteigerungen. Die Abwicklung muss automatisiert, durchgängig digital und vernetzt erfolgen. Historisch gewachsene Teilprozesse müssen in einen durchgängigen Workflow integriert, Fahrzeuge optimal und ressourcenschonend ausgelastet und der Sendungsstatus bis zum Empfänger digital überwacht werden.

Dafür bieten wir mit DISPONENTplus eine hoch skalierbare Standardsoftware, die flexibel an kundenindividuelle Anforderungen angepasst werden kann. Für durchgängig transparente und automatisierte Prozesse als Voraussetzung für geringe Logistikkosten stehen ein vollständig integriertes Warehouse- und Customer Relationship-Management zur Verfügung. Dazu integrieren verschiedene Apps Kunden, Partner und Fahrer auf nur einer Plattform und ermöglichen den Zugang zu Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

Speziell für kleinere Unternehmen und Start-ups ohne eigene IT-Abteilung wurde die kompakte Speditionssoftware DISPONENTgo entwickelt, die bereits umfassend vorkonfiguriert ist und eine schnelle und unkomplizierte Einführung erlaubt.

Auf Wunsch werden agile Arbeitsmethoden wie Scrum eingesetzt und mit klassischen Vorgehensweisen kombiniert. Online-Schulungen und Workshops in unserem Schulungszentrum im historischen Dornbuschgebäude in der Feilenstraße runden das Angebot ab.

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Noch frei? Continental rollt Parkdaten-Dienste global aus

  • Continental entwickelt digitale Plattform im Bereich „Smart Parking“ weiter
  • Hochgenaue und aktuelle Parkdaten für 14 Europäische Länder verfügbar
  • Weltweite Ausweitung bis Ende 2019 geplant

Nicht mehr lange suchen: Das Technologieunternehmen Continental weitet seine Parkdaten-Dienste, die über freie Parkplätze abseits der Straße informieren, auf weitere 14 Länder aus. Das Angebot beinhaltet die europäischen Kernmärkte Deutschland, Österreich, die Schweiz, Frankreich, die BeNeLux-Staaten, Spanien, Italien und Großbritannien. Der Fokus bei der Aggregation und Verarbeitung der Daten liegt auf Genauigkeit, Vollständigkeit und Aktualität. Somit grenzt sich Continental mit seiner Parking-Plattform im Markt ab.

Der Dienst bietet Echtzeit-Belegungsdaten, beispielsweise von Parkhäusern und Tiefgaragen, sowie relevante Informationen zu Tarifen, Öffnungszeiten, oder Elektro-Ladestationen. Die Erhebung der Daten zur Lage der Infrastruktur erfolgt über verschiedene Datenquellen. Ein strikter Qualitätsprozess und ein eigenes Datenteam garantieren dem Unternehmen die Sicherstellung von Aktualität und Hochwertigkeit seines Datenservices.

„Durch die Synthese unserer Datenquellen und eine automatisierte Qualitätssicherung erfüllen wir in unseren Kernmärkten eine fast 100-prozentige Abdeckung in Städten über 25.000 Einwohnern mit über 70.000 Parkmöglichkeiten“, sagt Jürgen Schweiger, Leiter des Bereiches „Map & Parking“ des Segmentes ITS bei Continental. „Unsere Kernkompetenz liegt hierbei auf der Qualität unserer Daten, die eine bestmögliche Nutzererfahrung innerhalb der Länder gewährleistet.“

Die weltweite Ausweitung befindet sich derzeit im vollen Gange und wird im Laufe des Jahres 2019 umgesetzt. Die Daten werden in Lizenzpaketen an Kartenanbieter und Automobilhersteller verkauft, was ermöglicht, Autofahrer direkt über ihre „On-Board“- und Navigationssysteme zu erreichen. Zudem können sie über die kostenlose Continental App „Parkpocket“ genutzt werden. Diese ist für iOS und Android in den Sprachen Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Niederländisch, Spanisch und Italienisch erhältlich.

Continental Parking als digitale Full-Service-Plattform

Zusätzlich zu Off-Street Parkinformationen bietet Parkpocket mit der Einführung des „Mobile Payment“ ein umfassendes Produktportfolio im Bereich Smart Parking. Hierfür bietet die App ein mobiles Bezahlsystem, welchen es Nutzern ermöglicht, ihre Parkgebühren bargeldlos und komfortabel über die App zu bezahlen. Ab der zweiten Hälfte des Jahres 2019 wird das Portfolio mit Echtzeitinformationen zum Parken am Straßenrand ergänzt.

„Wir arbeiten mit Hochdruck an einer hochauflösenden „On-Street Parkkarte“, die alle statischen Informationen sowie Ausparkvorgänge in Echtzeit und Belegungsvorhersage der Parkplätze entlang der Straße beinhaltet. Die hohe Präzision bei zeitgleicher Skalierbarkeit dieser Lösung dürfte aktuelle Brückentechnologien in diesem Markt komplett ablösen“, sagt Stefan Bader, der bei Continental das Thema Parken verantwortet.

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Endeavour Silver Provides Early Review of El Cubo Mine Plan for 2019

Endeavour Silver Corp. (NYSE: EXK; TSX: EDR – http://www.commodity-tv.net/c/search_adv/?v=298293) provides an early review of its 2019 mine plan for the El Cubo mine, located in Guanajuato, Mexico.

Due to the current short mine life at El Cubo, the Company plans to reduce the production rate in 2019 to approximately half its 1500 tonne per day capacity, at higher operating costs than 2018, while continuing to explore for new reserves to extend the mine life. More details will be provided when Endeavour releases its 2019 consolidated production and cost guidance in January.

Accordingly, the Company has initiated layoffs of approximately 240 employees to reflect the lower production rate in 2019.  The mine will continue to run at three shifts per day but the plant will move to one shift per day next year. Some idled mining equipment at El Cubo has been shipped to the El Compas mine in Zacatecas to facilitate their mine plan in 2019. 

About Endeavour Silver – Endeavour Silver Corp. is a mid-tier precious metals mining company that owns three high-grade, underground, silver-gold mines in Mexico. Endeavour is currently commissioning its fourth mine at El Compas, advancing a possible fifth mine at the Terronera mine project and exploring its portfolio of exploration and development projects in Mexico and Chile to facilitate its goal to become a premier senior silver producer.  Our philosophy of corporate social integrity creates value for all stakeholders.

Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

This news release contains “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the United States private securities litigation reform act of 1995 and “forward-looking information” within the meaning of applicable Canadian securities legislation. Such forward‑looking statements and information herein include but are not limited to statements regarding the anticipated performance of the El Cubo mine in 2019, including changes in mining, staffing and operation, anticipated results of exploration and resource determinations,  and the timing and results of various activities. The Company does not intend to, and does not assume any obligation to, update such forward-looking statements or information, other than as required by applicable law.

Forward-looking statements or information involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause the actual results, level of activity, performance or achievements of Endeavour and its operations to be materially different from those expressed or implied by such statements. Such factors include, among others, changes in national and local governments, legislation, taxation, controls, regulations and political or economic developments in Canada and Mexico; financial risks due to precious metals prices, operating or technical difficulties in mineral exploration, development and mining activities; risks and hazards of mineral exploration, development and mining; the speculative nature of mineral exploration and development, risks in obtaining necessary licenses and permits, and challenges to the Company’s title to properties; as well as those factors described in the section “risk factors” contained in the Company’s most recent form 40F/Annual Information Form filed with the S.E.C. and Canadian securities regulatory authorities.

Forward-looking statements are based on assumptions management believes to be reasonable, including but not limited to: the continued operation of the El Cubo mine,, no material change in the market price of commodities, mining operations will operate and the mining products will be completed in accordance with management’s expectations and achieve their stated production outcomes, and such other assumptions and factors as set out herein. Although the Company has attempted to identify important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those contained in forward-looking statements or information, there may be other factors that cause results to be materially different from those anticipated, described, estimated, assessed or intended. There can be no assurance that any forward-looking statements or information will prove to be accurate as actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such statements or information. Accordingly, readers should not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements or information.

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USU Software AG: Guidance adjusted in response to project delays

A number of major projects expected for the fourth quarter of 2018 – primarily in the United States – will most likely not be completed during the current quarter of 2018. In spite of the advanced stage of contract negotiations, the Management Board expects that the final contract awards will not be made until 2019. The Management Board has modified its planning for 2018 to reflect this development because the projects have a total license volume of €2 million to €3 million. The board now projects Group-wide sales of €89 million to €91 million. Adjusted EBIT is expected to total €4 million to €5 million.

“We have added a number of well-known customers in recent years in the United States,” said Bernhard Oberschmidt, the CEO of USU Software AG. “We are also in the process of conducting positive negotiations with new potential customers. But the formal decision-making process is taking longer than expected.”

Given the advanced nature of the negotiations, the Management Board expects that contracts for a majority of the projects will be awarded in 2019. At the same time, growth in the IT Service Management segment was significantly expanded. As a result, the target figures for 2019 include an increase in total sales to €98 million to €101 million and a rise in adjusted EBIT to €7.5 million to €10 million.

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DEUTZ AG: New three-pillar growth strategy in China

  • Joint venture with leading construction equipment group SANY
  • Expansion of service business with HORIZON
  • Manufacturing alliance with BEINEI
  • Revenue of half a billion euros expected in 2022

DEUTZ AG is restructuring its market presence in China, entering into partnerships with three major Chinese companies – SANY, HORIZON and BEINEI – in order to benefit from the high-growth Chinese market. "China is the largest individual market for engines in the world," says Dr Frank Hiller, Chairman of the DEUTZ Board of Management. "Thanks to its new partners, DEUTZ now has the ideal production network for efficiently supplying local customers with DEUTZ drive systems. At the same time, we have access to an extensive service network that we will systematically enhance with digital solutions."

DEUTZ and SANY, China’s largest construction equipment group, signed a memorandum of understanding in Beijing. The two companies are forming a joint venture in which DEUTZ AG will be the majority shareholder with a stake of 51 per cent. Initially, the plan is to supply SANY with around 75,000 new engines for off- and on-road applications in 2022. These engines will comply with the China 4 and China 6 emissions standards. One of the leading engine manufacturers in the off-highway segment, DEUTZ AG is thus stepping up its activities in the on-highway segment as well. DEUTZ AG’s initial investment in the new joint venture is in the mid double-digit millions.

"We chose DEUTZ because it is one of the world’s top engine manufacturers," says Lincoln Liang, a member of the Sany Group’s board of directors. "In this joint venture, we will benefit from working with an agile company that is looking to the future and driving forward technological innovation. DEUTZ thus brings to the table exactly what we need for our engine development."

In addition, DEUTZ AG is entering into a cooperation agreement with HORIZON in order to strengthen its position in the attractive service business as well. With more than 80 branches, HORIZON is the largest player in the Chinese construction equipment rental business. It will become a local service partner for DEUTZ, servicing engines in the field and taking over the aftermarket sales business in China. HORIZON is also the ideal partner with regard to digital fleet service solutions.

Another element of the new strategy for China is a local contract manufacturing alliance with engine manufacturer BEINEI. This will act as a production hub for the Asian market. The DEUTZ management team is to oversee the manufacturing of approximately 20,000 engines in 2022 at a new factory in Tianjin.

In October 2018, DEUTZ AG sold its shares in DEUTZ Dalian, the Chinese joint venture that it had entered into with First Automotive Works (FAW). The new strategy now enables DEUTZ to fundamentally overhaul its market presence so that it can meet the growing demand for sophisticated engines not only in China but also in other Asian markets. On the back of its three pillar growth strategy, DEUTZ is aiming to generate revenue of around half a billion euros in China in 2022.

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NCP breidt de productfamilie voor Juniper SRX- en vSRX-gateways uit

NCP engineering heeft vandaag de Exclusive Entry Client Versie 11.2 uitgebracht. De nieuwe versie is volledig compatibel met Virtual Private Networks (VPN) en SRX-serie Firewalls van Juniper Networks. De NCP Exclusive Entry Client is beschikbaar met een abonnementsprijsmodel en wordt aanbevolen voor MKB’smet maximaal 50 remote-access-gebruikers. Features van de NCP Exclusive Entry Client zijn o.a. biometrische authenticatie, beveiligde hotspot-login, een geïntegreerde firewall, de gepatenteerde VPN Path Finder-technologie van NCP en compatibiliteit met FIPS.

De NCP Exclusive Entry Client is de nieuwste telg van de NCP-productfamilie, ontwikkeld voor de Juniper SRX en vSRX-gateways. Dit geeft verder vorm aan de wereldwijde strategische technologiesamenwerking tussen Juniper en NCP voor het midden- en kleinbedrijf. In tegenstelling tot de centraal beheerbare NCP Exclusive Remote Access-oplossing, biedt deze technologie een onbeheerde standalone-client.

"Kleine bedrijven ontbreekt het vaak aan de middelen om cyberaanvallen te detecteren en zich ertegen te beschermen. Onze nieuwe Exclusive Entry Client voor de Juniper SRX-serie is bijzonder aantrekkelijk voor kleine bedrijven omdat het geavanceerde verificatie, gegevensversleuteling, een dynamische persoonlijke firewall en beveiligde hotspot-verbindingen biedt", aldus Patrick Oliver Graf, CEO van NCP engineering. "De IPsec-client selecteert automatisch het juiste firewall-beleid, controleert de internetverbindingen en begint met het opzetten van een VPN-tunnel – de ideale oplossing voor externe medewerkers en IT-beheerders. Met deze one-click solution zijn medewerkers beter beveiligd en kunnen ze zich flexibeler bewegen in hun home office alsook binnen de IT-omgeving van hun bedrijf."

De client wordt wereldwijd gedistribueerd via de bekende business-kanalen, zowel online alsook via NCP’s partners en resellers. Hiermee wordt NCP’s productportfolio en indirecte distributiekanaal nog verder uitgebreid. De NCP Exclusive Entry Client is al beschikbaar tegen een aanbevolen verkoopprijs van EUR 29,- / USD 35,- vanaf één jaar. Bestaande Juniper-klanten die al gebruik maken van andere VPN-technologie profiteren van aantrekkelijke cross-updatevoorwaarden die beschikbaar zijn via NCP-partners.

De NCP Exclusive Entry Client 11.2 biedt de volgende hoogtepunten:

• Exclusieve VPN-client voor Juniper SRX-/vSRX-gateways
• Geschikt voor Windows 10, 8.x en 7
• Installatie op enkele eenheden of kleine gebruiksgroepen (MKB)
• Abonnementslicentie voor 1/2/3 jaar
• Persoonlijke firewall
• Gepatenteerde NCP Path Finder-technologie
• Biometrische verificatie (bijv. vingerafdruk of gezichtsherkenning)


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HUBER+SUHNER to launch phase-stable cables for critical applications at Electronica 2018

Leading international manufacturer of components and system solutions for optical and electrical connectivity, HUBER+SUHNER, is set to debut its newest cable assemblies which push the boundaries for stability and reliability in harsh environments at Electronica, November 13-16, 2018 in Munich.

The global Swiss-based company will be showcasing its five new and improved phase invariant CT cable assemblies which have been specifically developed for applications which require precise electrical length connectivity. Opening a new door for phase critical applications in fluctuating temperatures, HUBER+SUHNER has created a steady and reliable interconnect solution to satisfy a huge range of applications where phase stability is key. Along with the industry-leading phase vs. temperature performance, as well as a unique range of cable constructions to fulfil any customer demands, it meets all requirements in Radio Frequency, Aerospace & Defense, Test & Measurement and Industrial environments.

The solutions also have unique features to achieve a significantly improved insertion loss stability over temperature compared to standard coaxial cables. This is due to its innovative design, structure and specific developed materials.

"Thanks to our long-standing knowledge in providing communications to critical environments, we know exactly what the market, and essentially, customers, need from cable assemblies. Research and Development is core to the HUBER+SUHNER backbone, and our new CT assemblies offering is a direct result of our findings," said Eduardo Romero, Product Manager at HUBER+SUHNER. "The new assemblies achieve increased accuracy, stability and reliability over multiple temperature cycles, and there are no limitations no matter the temperature or industry."

Mr Romero added: "The new and improved CT variants of the tried and tested Sucoform, EZ, Minibend and Multiflex product families are practical and cost-effective yet performance and reliability are never compromised. Giving customers the option to control fluctuating temperature changes within their cable assemblies will ultimately lead to increased accuracy, stability and reliability – a beneficial scenario for all involved.

Electronica visitors can find HUBER+SUHNER at Hall B2, Booth 439, Messe München in Munich, Germany 13th-16th November 2018.



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Perpetuum and Knorr-Bremse RailServices look ahead to future cooperation

  • Signed declaration between Perpetuum and Knorr-Bremse for maximized safety and reliability and reduced costs
  • Future cooperation of digital applications in the rail sector
  • Condition based maintenance of wheels, gearboxes, motors and wheel bearings for a better insight

Knorr-Bremse RailServices, the aftermarket specialists in the Rail Vehicle Systems division of Knorr-Bremse, and Perpetuum have signed a declaration of intent as the basis for further future cooperation between the two companies. Perpetuum is the global leader in the provision of information to maximise safety and reliability and reduce costs.

The declaration allows both companies to continue servicing their customers independently from each other while working to accelerate the adoption of digital applications in the rail sector.

Perpetuum has developed an algorithm for recording and monitoring vibrations of wheels, gearboxes, motors and wheel bearings on rolling stock with the aim of obtaining better insight into the condition of the vehicle fleet. It is also able to simultaneously monitor the track. This allows maintenance cycles, quality, and efficiency to be optimized and conclusions drawn regarding the systems‘ behaviour in the future.

Knorr-Bremse RailServices is looking to combine the Perpetuum system and its information with iCOM Monitor, both systems are already being used by various operators to support condition-based maintenance. iCOM Monitor collects, consolidates, and processes the data generated by other systems on the vehicles and then sends them to a back office for further analysis.

Both companies see great potential in future collaboration, with significant added value for customers as a result of being able to gain deep insight into a wide variety of systems in their fleets and thus achieve cost reductions through optimized maintenance cycles. Possible applications have already been identified for both products in future joint customer projects and these will soon be pursued further.


Perpetuum is a global leader in the provision of information to maximise safety and reliability and reduce costs.

Its award winning, self-powered, wireless sensing technology, combined with its vibration engineering expertise and rich analytics, provides real time information that enables the rail industry to optimise railway operations.

Perpetuum’s revolutionary technology is deployed and operational in the UK, Australian, USA and Swedish national passenger rail networks. www.perpetuum.com

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