Miscellaneous init innovation in traffic systems SE: MTS Partners with INIT for Account-Based Fare System in San Diego

As previously announced in the adhoc release on 14 December 2018, the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) has now signed the contract with INIT Innovations in Transportation, Inc – a wholly owned US subsidiary of init SE – for the delivery of an account-based, open architecture electronic fare system in San Diego. The total contract value is more than USD 30 million including the option operation and maintenance.

"Fare collection is at the core of our business and purchasing options are more diverse than ever. It’s incumbent that we keep pace with the technology our customers demand," said Paul Jablonski, MTS chief executive officer. "INIT has a track record of success partnering with transit agencies to develop customized next generation fare collection solutions. We look forward to rolling this out in 2021."

INIT will also provide more than 100 cash and about 70 cashless Ticket Vending Machines (TVM) to facilitate the convenient purchase of tickets and fare media. Ticket office terminals and mobile sales units will be included in the project to allow MTS to sell fares during large events.

Additionally, INIT will deliver about 900 fare validators for use on MTS buses and at rail station platforms. The validators will accept closed-loop payments such as an MTS-branded smartcard and be capable of accepting open payments such as bank-issued debit/credit cards and mobile wallets using Google Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay.

The core intelligence of MTS‘ next generation fare system will be INIT’s back-office processing and revenue management solution, MOBILEvario. MOBILEvario utilizes an open architecture design to integrate with various third-party vendors for a fully unified system. Due to MOBILEvario’s multi-client capability, MTS will have the ability for a region-wide, interoperable fare structure.

MTS chose INIT because of their goal to implement proven technologies and secure a provider that can ensure a smooth transition to the new system.

About MTS

MTS operates 95 bus routes and three Trolley lines on 53 miles of double-tracked railway. Every weekday 300,000 passenger trips are taken on MTS bus and Trolley services in 10 cities and the county. In FY 2018, MTS served 86 million riders.

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Elting en Netcap bieden geschroefde vloerconstructie met een schuifhuif

Vrije toegang tot de laadvloer met een stabiele onderbouw en doorlopende vormsluitende ladingzekering: de fabrikant van schuifhuifsystemen Netcap International B.V. en Elting Metalltechnik presenteerden op de IAA Nutzfahrzeuge een gemeenschappelijk ontwikkelde voertuigopbouw. Deze is gebaseerd op het modulaire voertuigbouwpakket VarioFRAME met geïntegreerde gecertificeerde ladingzekering VarioSAVE van Elting. De kap is gemakkelijk met de hand te verschuiven, zodat de laadvloer van drie kanten en van boven geladen en gelost kan worden. Het gemeenschappelijk ontwikkelde bouwpakket is vanaf nu voor trucks en opleggers verkrijgbaar.

Machines, Treinstellen of staaldelen – wanneer zware of zwaar of lastig te hanteren goederen afgedrekt moeten worden, is een schuifhuif ideaal een goede oplossing. Omdat de huif echter vooral een bescherming tegen weersinvloeden is, was Netcap op zoek naar een samenwerkingspartner die een veelzijdige ladingzekering met een stabiele onderbouw levert. “Wij willen onze klanten een complete oplossing van premium-kwaliteit bieden. Omdat de combinatie van schuifhuif en VarioSAVE-ladingzekering bij klanten in het staaltransport al veelvuldig succesvol werd toegepast, was Elting voor ons het eerste adres”, zegt Daan Buscop, sales manager bij Netcap. Hiervoor werden de bodemgroep en systeemcomponenten van het VarioFRAME-bouwpakket op de specifieke breedte voor Netcap schuifhuiven aangepast.

Veilig hanteren van moeilijke lading
Voertuigbouwers krijgen een doordacht en gevarieerd totaalpakket dat geschroefd gemonteerd kan worden. Hierbij zijn ze vrij in het kiezen van een verbindingsmethode. De opbouw kan zowel op motorvoertuigen als op alle soorten aanhangers gemonteerd worden. Distributeurs profiteren van kortere laad- en lostijden dankzij de schuifhuif en de vormsluitende ladingzekering met insteekrongen. Door eenvoudig rongen insteken ontstaat uit meerdere deelladingen één transporteerbare laadeenheid. Bovendien is de vormsluiting vooral voor bijzondere transporten en zware goederen de beste vorm van ladingzekering, zegt Guido Elting: “Als lading lang en zwaar is, dan bereikt de wrijvingsweerstand van ladingzekering snel zijn grenzen. Alleen met spanbanden werken is hier tijdrovend en vaak niet eens doeltreffend.” Werken met rongen verlaagt niet alleen de proceskosten maar ook het aantal reclamaties. Want waar niet wordt aangespannen, werken ook geen vervormende krachten op de lading in. Beide partners produceren zelf en hebben een eigen constructie- en ontwikkelingsafdeling. Hierdoor zijn ook speciaal op de eisen en toepassingen van de klant aangepaste pakketten mogelijk.

Het VarioSAVE-systeem is optimaal in de opbouw te integreren. De ladingzekering kan in dwars- of langsrichting of in beide richtingen gecombineerd ingebouwd worden. Bovendien is het bouwpakket compatibel met alle toebehoren van de VarioSOLUTIONS-productlijn van Elting.

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Cognitive Automation International Conference, 2nd edition – 2019

From 12 – 14  March 2019, AI & intelligent robotics experts from YES BANK, AliBaba Group, Xing, UBS, idealo, UniCredit,  DHL, Turkcell, Solvay, Unbabel,  and more will come to Berlin for the first conference in Europe dedicated to Cognitive Automation. The second edition of the conference has its specific focus on the latest trends in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and allows experts of different industries to share their experiences and strategies.

Many of the new start-up businesses worldwide have so quickly gained global prominence by using Chatbots & Personal Assistants, profiting from the ability of machines learning languages. It is known that this leads to better predictive analytics. Artificial Intelligence will free up employees to concentrate on doing the knowledge work that provides far more value to business units like human resources, procurement, customer services, IT, sales, marketing, and many more.

The agenda of the 2nd  Cognitive Automation International Conference in Berlin focuses on bringing you to the next level in automation with practical solutions to approach your current and specific problems and therefore the conference will focus on the following topics:

  • Machine Learning and AI: How to set up an AI or machine learning department with fast results and roll out into the rest of the organization?
  • The times they are AI-changing: creating sustainable RoI without losing scaling potential
  • Advanced Data Analytics: Large data is not enough. How to guarantee Data Readiness, Data Creation and Normalisation?
  • Tensorflow, Keras, Neural Network, Deep learning, Dataset cleanup: How to leverage these tools for the business?

This expert forum will bring together the major players across many industries, for more information and details concerning attending companies, speakers and their presentation, visit:



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ANDTEX – First Edition of Nonwovens and Disposable Hygiene Technology Exhibition & Conference in Bangkok

The first Southeast Asia Nonwovens and Disposable Hygiene Technology Exhibition & Conference (ANDTEX) is organized by E.J.Krause & Associates, Inc. and supported by the Asian Nonwoven Fabrics Association (ANFA), All Nippon Nonwovens Association (ANNA), Indonesian Nonwoven Association (INWA), Taiwan Nonwoven Fabrics Industry Association (TNFIA) and Hong Kong Nonwovens Association (HKNA). The three-day event will take place May 15-17, 2019 at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center (BITEC) in Thailand.

ANDTEX is set to be Southeast Asia’s premier event for the nonwovens and engineered fabrics industry. The international event will showcase the whole industry chain including engineered materials, disposable and durable hygiene products, equipment, and the latest manufacturing technologies. Most of the technology, equipment and products are purchased from outside the region, providing a strong demand and a huge nonwovens market in the long run. Southeast Asia, with 11 countries including Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, has a population of 640 million people.

„Consumers in China, Japan and South Korea already heavily rely on disposable nonwoven products. Especially wipes and hygiene products such as diapers save time, increase hygienic standards and simplify life. Now we see other South-East Asian producers becoming interested in also making these quality nonwoven products. We participate in ANDTEX to inform about Trützschler machinery and complete lines for spunlacing (hydroentangling) and through-air bonding” , stated Jutta Stehr, Senior Marketing Manager, Trützschler Germany.

„As an expert in the manufacturing of packaging solutions for the paper hygiene industry, it is natural for Optima Nonwovens to have a presence at the ANDTEX show in Bangkok. The packaging systems from the family-run company in Schwäbisch Hall (Germany) are specially designed to meet the requirements of the Asian market. From entry level to high performance, Optima offers packaging machines for nonwoven products tailored to many needs." informed Vanessa Utz, Marketing Manager Optima Packaging Group GmbH.

ANDTEX exhibition and conference will provide a platform to facilitate business and promote the latest cutting-edge technology in engineered materials. The event will bring together suppliers, manufacturers, researchers, machinery and equipment providers, vendors, and all others involved in the industry. Around 4.000 attendees are expected with a strong presence of purchasing power by CEOs and Business Owners, Procurement Officers, R&D Professionals, Technical Engineers, Sale and Marketing Teams.

Join ANDTEX 2019 to be part of the developing nonwovens market. For more information see offical website www.andtex.com or contact the EJK Germany office.


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Further strong growth at DEUTZ

  • Significant rise in new orders
  • Double-digit increase in revenue and significantly improved EBIT margin
  • DEUTZ focuses efforts on growth in China
  • Implementation of E-DEUTZ strategy continues to gather momentum

DEUTZ AG has today published its consolidated financial results for the first three quarters of 2018. New orders rose from €1,173.8 million to €1,548.7 million, an increase of 31.9 per cent. In the third quarter of 2018, new orders were up by 22.0 per cent to €452.2 million (Q3 2017: €370.8 million).

The unit sales figure for the nine-month period was 156,504 engines, including 8,977 electric motors sold under the Torqeedo brand. This equates to an increase of 32.3 per cent compared with unit sales in the prior-year period (Q1–Q3 2017: 118,279 engines). Revenue advanced from €1,093.2 million to €1,297.3 million, a rise of 18.7 per cent. In the third quarter, revenue was up by a substantial 17.0 per cent to €419.7 million (Q3 2017: €358.7 million).

Operating profit (EBIT before exceptional items) amounted to €45.9 million in the first three quarters of the year (Q1–Q3 2017 €26.7 million). Adjusted for effects on earnings in connection with the DEUTZ Dalian joint venture, it stood at €60.3 million. Operating profit thus improved at a significantly faster rate than revenue, despite the strike at one of the Company’s suppliers. Consequently, the EBIT margin (before exceptional items) improved to 4.6 per cent after adjusting for the temporary drag on earnings resulting from DEUTZ Dalian and to 3.5 per cent before adjustment for this drag on earnings (Q1–Q3 2017: 2.4 per cent). In the third quarter of 2018, the EBIT margin was 3.0 per cent (Q3 2017: 1.4 per cent).

“The strike at a supplier put a great deal of strain on management and staff at our Company,” says the Chairman of the DEUTZ Board of Management, Dr Ing Frank Hiller. “This makes our substantial revenue growth, to which all regions and segments contributed, and our significant increase in operating profit all the more pleasing. We took further important steps that are aimed at securing growth in the future. We have also succeeded in further expanding our licensing business in China and are making good progress with the implementation of our EDEUTZ strategy.”

In the Chinese market, DEUTZ plans to generally reorganise its presence so that it can generate stronger growth and be even more successful there. As previously announced, DEUTZ signed contracts for the sale of the former DEUTZ Dalian joint venture to its former partner FAW in October 2018. The Company is also currently in talks about entering into new alliances with major local partners in the construction equipment and agricultural machinery industries.

Our E-DEUTZ strategy, introduced in 2017, is continuing to gather momentum. Demonstrating fully working operational systems during the ELECTRIP Event Week was the best way to prove our expertise in this field. An interdisciplinary team of Torqeedo and DEUTZ design engineers succeeded in integrating our drive concept into two prototype machines in just six months. This shows that DEUTZ has mastered the technology and is in a position to supply marketable electrification solutions.

For 2018 as a whole, DEUTZ (assuming no further supply shortage) expects revenue to rise sharply to more than €1.6 billion. The EBIT margin (before exceptional items) is forecast to improve to at least 4.5 per cent.

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Growth trends in production and sales in the German mechanical engineering in July 2018 at the same level of 3.2% p.a.

Since March 2017, production in the German mechanical engineering sector showed a growth trend of 3.2% per annum until July 2018. This growth trend has replaced a five-year stagnation phase during which production increased by only 0.7% per year.

The Quest Trend Magazine records the growth trend as a moving annual average of the monthly indices of the Federal Statistical Office. With 105.9 index points in July 2018, this growth trend of production marked the highest value since the outbreak of the global economic crisis ten years ago.

Sales in the German machinery industry are also showing a growth trend that began in November 2014. In July 2018 it stood at 3.2% p.a., the same level as production growth. With 109.4 index points, the growth trend in sales also marks the highest value since the outbreak of the global economic crisis.

Currently the same average growth rates for production and sales signal an end to the prevailing trend to date of expressing the increasing high quality of machines from Germany, their increasing capacity and functionality in correspondingly rising prices.

The report on production and sales in the German machinery industry is available on https://www.quest-trendmagazine.com/en/machinery-industry/production-and-sales/production-and-sales-of-machinery-industry.html

A further report reveals that the relatively slight growth trends in production and sales since the global economic crisis are associated with ever greater fluctuations. The link to this report is https://www.quest-trendmagazine.com/en/machinery-industry/production-and-sales/production-and-sales-of-machinery-industry-since-2000.html

The Quest Trend Magazine analyses the growth expectations of mechanical engineers up to 2020, the worldwide export markets of mechanical engineering, the majority of its automation-relevant industries and many aspects of its automation technology on the machines.

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In May 2018 growth trend of production and sales in German machinery industry at 3% per year

This growth trend replaced five years of stagnation in production. During this period, production had only increased by 0.7% per year.

In April 2018, the slight growth trend in production reached 105.3 index points, its highest value since the onset of the global economic crisis ten years ago. The growth trend is recorded by the Quest Trend Magazine as a moving annual average.

In May, the growth trend in sales in German mechanical engineering shows a value of 3% per year. This growth trend had already emerged in 2014.

The Quest Trend Magazine analyses the economic development of the machinery industry in regard to three aspects: Identifying of long-term and therefore reliable trends; specification of these trends by their currently effective rates of changes; finally using the official statistics because of their highest possible representation.

The report to production and sales in the German machinery industry is available in German and English on http://www.quest-trendmagazine.com/en/machinery-industry/production-and-sales/production-and-sales-of-machinery-industry.html

Another report reveals that the relatively slight growth trends in production and sales are associated with ever greater fluctuations since the year 2000. The link to this report is http://www.quest-trendmagazine.com/en/machinery-industry/production-and-sales/production-and-sales-of-machinery-industry-since-2000.html

The Quest Trend Magazine has recorded the growth expectations of machine-builders to 2020, analyzed the global export markets of mechanical engineering, the majority of its automation-relevant industries and many aspects of its automation technology at the machines.

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Industrial data acquisition and analysis with ProfiMessage D

With the ProfiMessage D, Delphin Technology AG has now added a new master device to its tried and tested Message series. Over many years, the Message series has stood for reliability and flexibility in industrial data acquisition and analysis. The ProfiMessage D now enables use of a optional PROFINET interface and communication with third-party systems via an OPC UA Server/Client. An optional WLAN interface is also available.

The ProfiMessage D device can acquire and analyse any measurement data and automatically transmit it to a cloud database. The device is equipped with extensive signal processing functions and interfaces and uses the latest measurement technology to make it an ideal IoT device. In this way, users gain an optimal environment to process and transmit data from their machines, systems and test stands. A display is available to read out important configuration data and measurement values on-site and without requiring PC support.

Powerful processor technology gives the ProfiMessage D device the resources needed for "industrial analytics". Analysis functions are highly intuitive to set up and use and simplify the computation, analysis and monitoring of data.

The ProfiMessage D devices feature universal sensor inputs, a high level of data security, and a diverse range of interfaces. Their modular design is based on master and slave devices which can be equipped with one or two I/O modules. Slave devices can be decentrally located and managed from a single master device. A large number of I/O modules make the devices adaptable to different types of sensor and different channel numbers. The I/O modules are equipped with 8–24 analog or digital inputs and outputs. Depending on the I/O module being used, each input can be individually configured for mV, mA, RTDs and thermocouples.

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Treiber vieler Innovationen im Bereich RFID-Anwendungen

Der RFID-Experte Elatec wird 30. Das 1988 gegründete Unternehmen expandierte zunächst als Distributor elektronischer Komponenten. Um die Jahrtausendwende spezialisierte sich Elatec dann auf das Thema Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). In den Folgejahren wandelte sich das Unternehmen zügig vom Händler zum Entwickler und Hersteller innovativer RFID-Produkte. Heute ist es international mit 90 Mitarbeitern an 14 Standorten in aller Welt einer der führenden Anbieter von RFID-Lese-/Schreibgeräten und hat mit seinen Innovationen die technische Entwicklung der Branche maßgeblich mitgeprägt. Hochflexible Multifrequenz- und Multistandardlösungen – die Markenzeichen von Elatec – sparen heute vielen Anbietern von Identsystemen in aller Welt angesichts der Masse verschiedener Standards erhebliche Integrations- und Entwicklungsaufwände.

Mit kontaktlosen und kontaktbehafteten Lesegeräten und Modulen für RFID, NFC, Bluetooth und Smartcard bietet Elatec äußerst zuverlässige und vielseitig einsetzbare Lösungen. Die Kunden, Hersteller unterschiedlichster Produkte von Zugangskontrollsystemen, Zeiterfassung und Secure Printing über Kassensysteme und Ladesäulen bis hin zu Fitnessgeräten und Vending Machines, können mit der Hilfe von Elatec sichere und zugleich komfortable Identlösungen realisieren. Durch die Unterstützung von über 60 international gängigen RFID-Technologien haben diese Hersteller die maximale Flexibilität in der Implementierung bei Endkunden in aller Welt.

„Mit innovativen Produkten ‚Made in Germany‘ und einer auf kompetente technische Beratung spezialisierten internationalen Organisation können wir hohe Verfügbarkeit und kurzfristige Anpassungen garantieren. Wir freuen uns über das langjährige Vertrauen von Kunden und Partnern – und arbeiten mit dem gleichen Engagement weiter, das uns die letzten 30 Jahre ausgezeichnet hat“, so Stefan Haertel, CEO der Elatec GmbH.


2003 brachte Elatec die ersten eigenen RFID-Module auf den Markt, zunächst nur im 125-kHz-Band. Bereits 2005 gelangen dem Unternehmen große Vertriebserfolge mit RFID-Komponenten für Secure-Printing-Lösungen in Multifunktionsdruckern großer, internationaler Hersteller. Leicht integrier- und konfigurierbare Multistandard-Reader sind seit 2009 mit dem TWN3 das Markenzeichen des Unternehmens. Die Vielseitigkeit dieser als PCB und in Gehäusen angebotenen Schreib-/Lesemodule wurde 2012 mit dem TWN4 weiter ausgebaut. Zugleich eroberte Elatec neue Märkte und eröffnete 2013 eine Tochtergesellschaft in den USA. Neben industriellen Anwendungen, Secure Printing und Sicherheitssystemen konnten weitere Branchen wie 2015 der Einzelhandel hinzugewonnen werden. Ab 2016 erfolgte die Kombination von RFID und NFC mit Bluetooth in einem Gerät – Eines der daraufhin vorgestellten Geräte, das TWN4 MultiTech 3 BLE, wurde mit dem Innovationspreis-IT 2018 von der Initiative Mittelstand ausgezeichnet. Auch die Internationalisierung des Unternehmens schreitet voran: Seit diesem Jahr hat Elatec eine Tochtergesellschaft in Shenzen, China.

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CE marking for robot assistance systems of the BMW Group

For safety when working with robot assistants, the BMW Group works together with Pilz: the automation company carries out the conformity assessment including final CE marking. That enables Pilz to ensure safe human-robot collaboration (HRC) at multiple production sites of the BMW Group.

One of the particular challenges when it comes to safety is presented by workstations where humans and robots work together without guards. Here the BMW Group both in Europe and in the USA is trusting in the expertise of Pilz: the automation company is conducting the conformity assessment procedures required by law at a variety of production sites of the BMW Group in Germany, England and the USA, from risk assessment through the safety concept and validation to the CE marking of multiple applications.

Pilz takes responsibility worldwide
Pilz signs the final declaration of conformity as authorised representative, taking responsibility for ensuring that every application meets the requirements of the respective market. The BMW Group employs flexible robot assistance systems in its production. Here workers and robots work together “hand in hand” in the most confined of spaces – entirely without safety fences.

Touching, yes – injuring, no
While there may and can be collisions between humans and machines, these must never present a danger to the humans. That’s why the validation of HRC applications takes on particular importance: the experts from Pilz use a safe and reliable measuring process to determine whether the possible collisions are acceptable in terms of safety. With the BMW Group, as with other customers, Pilz uses a collision measuring set it has developed in-house.

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