A new compound, ideal for the challenges of the food and pharmaceutical industry

With this white Vi 770 material, seal manufacturer C. Otto Gehrckens adds another high performance FKM to expand its Hygienic-Seal range for the food and pharmaceutical industry. The latest product innovation comes directly from the development lab, where the high-tech material has been specially designed by COG experts for high material stress in production systems within the pharmaceutical and food processing industry. The central concern was good capability for SIP, CIP and WFI processes, where Vi 770 has been shown to meet the strict Hygienic Design standards. Alongside outstanding resistance to the high stresses caused by the various cleaning processes, the new FKM innovation gets the job done with its very good resistance to mediums and water vapour. In addition, Vi 770 meets the increasing demand in the industry for certified ADI-free seal materials (Animal Derived Ingredients free). Like all COG Hygienic-Seal compounds, the new Vi 770 also has the key industry-related FDA 21 approval, CFR 177.2600, USP Class VI, Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 and approval according to 3-A Sanitary Standard 18-03. This means that the material can be used in a wide range of applications in the food and pharmaceutical industry and in medical technology, and meets even the toughest demands of these industries. The new seal material is available right now from C. Otto Gehrckens.

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Golden Torch Award for Tentamus Taiwan – Value “Innovation” and “Service Experiences”

Tentamus Analytics Taiwan Co. Ltd. (hereinafter “Tentamus Taiwan”) has actively integrated international resources into localized services for years, which is recognized by “Outstanding Enterprise Managers Association (R.O.C.)” and won the 14thGolden Torch Awards for the “Top 10 Innovative Designs” and “Top 10 Managers” of the year.

The awarding ceremony was held at the head office of CPC Corporation, Taiwan on the 29thJune, 2018 and the former Vice President, Mr. Wu Dunyi, was the presenter at this year’s ceremony, who presented awards to each prizewinner. With the participation of more than 400 companies and over 100 nominees, Tentamus Taiwan is the only food testing and consulting company that being awarded for the two prizes, which is undoubtedly the greatest honor.

Outstanding Enterprise Managers Association (R.O.C.) evaluates Taiwanese enterprises every two years. With the referral system from the industry, the professional committee members will select the best or most representative enterprises and their managers of the year. As an enterprise valuing innovation the most, Tentamus Taiwan makes unremitting efforts and dedications to enhance the competitiveness of its customers by using their capability of innovation.

The Vice President, Mr. Stanley Hung, states “We cannot merely count on test reports when it comes to food safety. In fact, we should come up with more advanced solutions that can be reach balance between quality management and production efficiency. Under the leadership of Mr. Alvin Wei, the General Manager of Tentamus Taiwan, we’ve set up a project innovation team and constantly communicated across departments to timely respond to the market changes. In the face of all kinds of unexpected challenges, we will never be obedient but try any possible solutions that have higher quality standards than the regulations; therefore, Tentamus Taiwan is favored by many leading manufacturing companies and retailers.” Mr. Hung further pointed “We differentiate ourselves from other competitors by identifying problems through professional testing and auditing services, and helping our clients to make improvements, which create a virtuous cycle for the society and spread positive mindset.”

In regard to social participation, Tentamus Taiwan also actively supports peasants and social enterprises, and holds the belief that appropriate resource allocation enables good and high-quality business to generate great value.

Being awarded for the “Top 10 Innovative Designs”, Mr. Alvin Wei, the General Manager of Tentamus Taiwan, stated heartfeltly, “This award represents not only the recognition of our past performance, but also greater expectation to the future, which makes us work harder to advance our techniques and take greater responsibilities . Moreover, only by constant innovation can we continue gaining trusts from our clients.” Mr. Wei further pointed, “As part of T.I.C (Testing, Inspection & Certification) industry, clients’ trust and professionalism are what we compete with other competitors. Tentamus Taiwan may not be the brand with the largest market share, but it will be the brand that offers the most innovative service solutions and increases competitiveness for our clients.”

Tentamus Taiwan believes that good things will happen when things are always done right. The more good things, the better the world will be. For the ten years, we always consider we can do more as a third-party inspection and certification organization. These two awards belong to our distinguished and hard-working employees; nevertheless, we won’t relax nor be proud when facing upcoming challenges. Tentamus Taiwan will continue providing the most professional and efficient solutions for our clients as we always do.

About Tentamus Taiwan

As a laboratory and consulting service provider within Tentamus Group in the Greater China region, Tentamus Analytics Taiwan Co. Ltd. is specialized in the testing and inspection of agriculture, food, pharmaceuticals, medicals and cosmetics. With more than 10 years of experience in Taiwan, we are also a reliable partner offering auditing and consulting services.

The laboratories of Tentamus Taiwan has obtained the accreditation of ISO17025 from Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF), and is a dual-accredited lab in food, drug & cosmetic fields from Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA), which ensures the management and technology of our lab meeting international standards.

The testing scope includes the fields of food, feed, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, Chinese herbals, pharmaceuticals, medical and agriculture. In addition, we are capable of developing customized testing items for our clients’ needs.

Through precise analysis, Tentamus Analytics Taiwan Co. Ltd. controls food quality from raw materials, semi-finished products to end products, and monitors the risk of food safety for food manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

With highly-qualified professionals as well as integrated network of global laboratories, Tentamus Analytics Taiwan Co. Ltd. can make your products travel all around the world smoothly and safely.

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codeBeamer ALM Recognized in Ovum White Paper on Agile+DevOps in Safety-critical Development

Intland Software announces the recognition of its codeBeamer Application Lifecycle Management software platform in Ovum’s latest white paper. In the report, the London-based independent analyst firm notes codeBeamer ALM as an outstanding tool to support Agile and DevOps maturity in regulated product development. Based on a case study with leading German carmaker BMW, this new white paper on integrating ALM with Agile and DevOps practices finds that Intland Software’s codeBeamer aptly supports compliance in a scaled lean Agile context.

Titled Achieving Safety-Critical Development Maturity with Agile/DevOps ALM, the study examines the use of DevOps and Agile scaling frameworks (SAFe®, LeSS) in regulated development. With an example from auto manufacturer BMW, it also analyzes the role of ALM in satisfying the needs of safety-critical development.

“Tools can help in bringing transparency into bottlenecks and issues, in reducing feedback cycles, and in having the right information to hand when troubleshooting. The role of ALM is paramount in this respect. […] BMW’s choice of Intland codeBeamer for its ALM solution was based on its ability to support development for safety-critical products, including agile practices and end-to-end work item traceability.”

– Michael Azoff, Achieving safety-critical development maturity with Agile/DevOps ALM, Ovum

Claiming that Agile/DevOps is the next step in the evolution of software development, the report states thatcodeBeamer is a next-generation ALM tool that can support the accelerated delivery of quality software at scale and with low risks. The paper recognizes the benefits of Agile scaling frameworks such as LeSS and SAFe® used in conjunction with ALM to satisfy the compliance, regulatory, safety, and security requirements of safety-critical development.

“As evidenced by our growing user base in the automotive industry as well as among medical and avionics developers, codeBeamer represents a new generation of Application Lifecycle Management that enables the adoption of Agile and DevOps practices in these regulated industries. The experiences of our automotive customer quoted in the study underline that codeBeamer brings maturity to the integration of ALM and Agile/DevOps. We hope that Ovum’s recognition of our tool will allow us to help more companies create high-quality software in safety-critical environments.”

– Janos Koppany, CEO, Intland Software

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VV ECMO in severe ARDS: EOLIA trial results show benefit for patients

The results of the ECMO to rescue lung injury in severe ARDS (EOLIA) trial have long been awaited, since the first two trials in this field were already conducted decades ago and the results were controversial. The investigators around Prof. Alain Combes showed now in the largest international randomized multicentre setup so far, that the mortality decreases in patients with early initiation of ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) in addition to mechanical ventilation in severe ARDS patients.

EOLIA, as an investigator initiated trial was largely sponsored and conducted by Assistance Publique–Hôpitaux de Paris. The trial was designed to determine the impact on survival of early and systematic installation of veno-venous (VV) ECMO in severe ARDS patients. 

Therefore, 249 patients were randomized in a protective ventilation arm with latest standard of care or the same treatment with addition of VV ECMO. However, 28 % of patients of the control group crossed over to the ECMO group as rescue therapy. 

Although the results of the two groups showed no statistical significant difference, the mortality in the ECMO group was 11 % less. “The 28 % rate of crossover among patients with refractory hypoxemia in the control group may have diluted the potential effect of ECMO”, the authors said.

Despite the trial has its limitations, the EuroELSO (Extracorporeal Life Support Organization) stated on their latest conference: “The results of the EOLIA trial were presented with a clear advantage for early ECMO compared to conventional care with late rescue ECMO in ARDS”.

The secondary endpoints also indicated a potential benefit of the ECMO treatment. Compared with the control group, ECMO patients had more days without renal replacement therapy and more days free from renal and cardiac failure. The occurrence of strokes was low in both treatment arms – whereas ischemic stroke events were even lower in the ECMO group. Furthermore, Harrington and Drazen, authors of an editorial criticized, that the focus was on the primary endpoint when the Data Safety Monitoring Board terminated the trial earlier for futility, but the possible secondary outcomes were neglected.

With a good patient selection and well trained medical staff, also non ECMO centres were able to provide a safe and effective extracorporeal treatment. A subgroup analysis of the trial showed no advantages of the patient cohort that was treated in ECMO centres compared to those starting the therapy in non-ECMO centres.

All in all, the EOLIA trial provides another element in better understanding the management of severe ARDS in adults. Despite the primary endpoint analysis did not reach significant difference, the trial data suggest indeed that early ECMO initiation has clinical benefits.

A methodological problem in this study is the crossover group, which makes the interpretation of the primary end point difficult. Additionally, the Data Safety Monitoring Board stopped the trial after enrollment of 249 patients (331 originally planned) for futility, because with crossover it was unlikely to reach the expected 20 % relative difference in mortality.

For further information: The EOLIA trial and two referring editorials were published in New England Journal of Medicine.

A.Combes et al., N Engl J Med 2018; 378:1965-1975 and D Harrington, JM Drazen, Board.. N Engl J Med 2018; 378(21):2031-2032)

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Lüfterloser 15-Zoll Touch Panel PC mit XGA TFT LCD Display und IP65-Frontblende zum Schutz vor Staub und Flüssigkeiten – MPC152-845

Als Infotainment-Terminal verwendbar

Der MPC152-845 ist der neuste Touch Panel PC für medizinische Anwendungen von AXIOMTEK. Er ist EN 60601-1 zertifiziert und vielseitig anwendbar. So kann er Krankenkassenkarten integrieren oder als Infotainment-Terminal dienen, um zum Beispiel über neue Techniken Auskunft zu geben.

Staub und Mikroben haben keine Chance

Der Medical Panel PC zeichnet sich durch einen 15-Zoll XGA TFT LCD Display mit resistivem Touchscreen aus, der eine Helligkeit von bis zu 420 Nits erreichen kann. Der Dual-Core Intel® Celeron® Prozessor N3060 sorgt für einen geringen Stromverbrauch. Außerdem ist kein Lüfter verbaut, sodass Staub und Mikroben, wie Bakterien, Viren und Pilze vorgebeugt wird. Auch in geräuschempfindlichen Situationen stört der PC durch das lautlose Arbeiten die Patienten und Ärzte nicht. Zusätzlich sind zwei PCI-Express-Mini-Card-Slots für RFID, 3G, Bluetooth oder Wi-Fi-Verbindungen vorhanden, wodurch der Zugriff auf Patientendaten und dessen Bearbeitung möglich ist.

Besonders resistent und funktional

Obwohl der Touch Panel PC leicht und flach ist, sind eine Reihe von I/O-Schnittstellen vorhanden: Ein RS-232 Port, ein RS-232/422/485 Port, zwei USB 3.0 Ports, zwei USB 2.0 Ports, zwei Gigabit Ethernet Ports, ein 8-Bit DIO und ein Audio-Port (Line-Out). Betriebsbereit ist er bei 0°C bis 40°C und bei Erschütterungen bis zu 2G, sodass der MPC152-845 den vielseitigen und rauen medizinischen Umständen gerecht wird. Aus diesem Grund ist die IP65 als Frontblende verbaut, die den PC vor Flüssigkeiten und Staub schützt. Gleichzeitig kommt die Funktionalität durch den praktischen An- und Ausschalter des Touch Screens auf der Vorderseite nicht zu kurz, sodass der Computer ohne Umwege gereinigt werden kann.

Hervorragende Integration in das bereits bestehende medizinische Umfeld

Der Medical Panel PC ist mit einem 204-Pin DDR3L-1600 SO-DIMM Sockel mit einem Arbeitsspeicher von bis zu 8GB ausgestattet. Als Speichermedium dient eine 2.5” SATA HDD und eine mSATA. Auch in Bezug auf den Stromeingang ist Vielfalt geboten: Es können entweder ein medizinischer AC/DC-Power-Adapter mit Screw Type Connector oder ein DC-Power-Input mit Terminal Block Connector verbaut werden. Außerdem unterstützt der PC Windows® 10, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 7, WES 7, WE8S und Linux. Damit er hervorragend in die medizinische Umgebung integriert werden kann, lässt sich der PC per Wand-, VESA- und Tischständermontage anbringen.

Der praktische Medical Panel PC ist ab sofort für Sie erhältlich. Bei Produktanfragen steht Ihnen unser Vertriebsteam gerne unter sales@axiomtek.eu zur Verfügung.


– 15-Zoll XGA TFT LCD Display mit LED Backlight

– Intel® Celeron® Prozessor N3060 (Codename: Braswell) Zwei Gigabit LAN Ports, vier USB Ports und zwei COM Ports (diese können als RS-232/422/485 im BIOS ausgewählt werden)

– Lüfterloses Design

– IP65-Frontblende

– Unterstützt RFID (optional)

– AT/ATX-Schalter

– Unterstützt Wand-, VESA- und Tischständermontage

– Zertifikate: EN 60601-1, CE and FCC

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Lüfterloser 10.4-Zoll Touch Panel PC mit Intel® Celeron® Prozessor N3060 und IP65-Frontblende – MPC102-845

Keine störenden Hintergrundgeräusche

Der neue EN 60601-1 zertifizierte Medical Panel PC ist AXIOMTEKs neuer Computer für die Medizinbranche. Er lässt sich problemlos im medizinischen Alltag einbinden. Zum Beispiel erleichtert er den Umgang mit diversen Karten oder dient den Patienten als Informationsquelle. Das lüfterlose System ist mit dem Intel® Celeron® Prozessor N3060 ausgestattet und arbeitet lautlos, was vor allem im medizinischen Bereich von Vorteil ist. Der 10.4-Zoll XGA TFT LCD Display mit resistivem Touchscreen kann eine Helligkeit von 350 Nits erreichen.

Sicheres Arbeiten in medizinischer Umgebung

Der PC kann sicher in medizinischer Umgebung arbeiten und hat den ESD Immunity Test bestanden, bei dem der Computer 15kV Air Discharge and 8kV Contact Discharge standhält. Außerdem kann er sich hervorragend in die vorhandene Umgebung integrieren, was durch das flache Design des 45,8 mm schmalen Computers erreicht wird. Darüber hinaus ist er nicht nur platzsparend und mobil, sondern auch, durch den nicht vorhandenen Lüfter, beständig und lautlos, wodurch er in Warteräumen oder Stationen im Krankenhaus Anwendung finden kann.

Datenkontrolle in Echtzeit durch zahlreiche Slots

Der MPC102-845 ist bei Temperarturen von 0°C bis +45°C und bei Erschütterungen bis 2G betriebsbereit. Um ihn vor Staub und Flüssigkeiten zu schützen, wurde die IP65 als Frontblende verbaut. Der Medical Panel PC ist mit zahlreichen I/O-Schnittstellen ausgestattet: Ein RS-232 Port, ein RS-232/422/485 Port, zwei USB 3.0 Ports, zwei USB 2.0 Ports, zwei Gigabit Ethernet Ports und eine Audio-Buchse (Line-Out). Zusätzlich ist ein AT/ATX-Schalter vorhanden. Ein 204-Pin DDR3L-1600 SO-DIMM Sockel ermöglicht einen Arbeitsspeicher von bis zu 8 GB. Zusätzlich sind zwei PCI-Express-Mini-Card-Slots für RFID, 3G, Bluetooth- oder Wi-Fi-Verbindungen integriert, sodass Kontrolle der Patientendaten in Echtzeit möglich ist. Als Speichermedien dienen wahlweise eine 2.5” SATA HDD oder eine mSATA.

Vielfältige Befestigungsmöglichkeiten

Der Stromeingang kann über zwei verschiedene Wege erfolgen – zum einen kann der medizinische AC/DC-Power-Adapter mit Screw Type Connector, zum anderen der DC-Power-Input mit Terminal Block Connector genutzt werden. Zum schnellen An- und Ausschalten des Touch Screens dient ein separater Knopf auf der Vorderseite des Computers. Besonders praktisch sind die vielfältigen Befestigungsmöglichkeiten des Panel PCs – diese funktioniert per Wand-, VESA- und Tischständermontage, sodass die Einbindung des Medical Panels in die bereits existierende Umgebung leicht ist. Außerdem unterstützt er Windows® 10, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 7, WES 7, WE8S, sowie Linux.

Der Medical Panel PC ist ab sofort für Sie erhältlich. Bei Produktanfragen steht Ihnen unser Vertriebsteam gerne unter sales@axiomtek.eu zur Verfügung.


– 4-Zoll XGA TFT LCD Display mit LED Backlight, 350 Nits Helligkeit

– Intel® Celeron® Prozessor N3060 (Codename: Braswell)

– Zwei Gigabit LAN, vier USB und zwei COM Ports (diese können als RS-232/422/485 im Bios ausgewählt werden)

– Lüfterloses Design

– IP65-Frontblende

– Unterstützt RFID (optional)

– AT/ATX-Schalter

– Unterstützt Wand-, VESA- und Tischständermontage

– Zertifikate: EN 60601-1 (4.Edition), CE und FCC

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SLM Solutions at Rapid.Tech 2018: Rapid Prototyping in Series Production

SLM Solutions Group AG will exhibit and give a presentation at Rapid.Tech 2018. The leading producer of metal-based additive manufacturing technology is due to showcase its latest developments from June 5 – 7, 2018 in Erfurt at stand 2-313.

Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3.D is the international trade fair where additive manufacturing specialists gather to showcase their latest innovations. Over 200 exhibitors are due to attend the event, now in its 15th year. At the parallel conference, delegates will share the latest scientific insights and practical expertise in 3D printing.

SLM Solutions uses this meeting point for the industry to report about the latest results, trends and applications in additive manufacturing. This year, the company will present its metal-based additive manufacturing technology at stand 2-313, including the SLM®280 2.0. This machine maps the entire selective laser melting process. The SLM®280 2.0 is designed to be an all-purpose system, suitable for both R+D and the production of highly complex components.

At the specialist forum on medical, dental and orthopedic technology, SLM Solutions will report on the use of additive manufacturing in medical engineering.  Philip Oris, Business Development Director Medical & Dental at SLM Solutions Group AG, will deliver his presentation about the latest developments on June 6 at 2.30 pm entitled: “Productivity of Selective Laser Melting for AM production of surgical implants”.

 “Alongside medical engineering, we will also be showcasing a range of solutions for other sectors at our stand, such as aerospace, automotive, energy and tool production,” explains Stefan Ritt, VP Head of Global Marketing and Communications at SLM Solutions Group AG. “We are one of the leading technology businesses in the industry. We have a highly qualified and dedicated group of employees, and use the latest production systems. These put us in a great position to continue pushing technical development forward.”

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Ascom sichert sich Auftrag zur Auslieferung der Ascom Healthcare Plattform in den USA

Ascom, der global führende Lösungsanbieter mit Fokus auf Healthcare ICT und mobilen Workflow-Lösungen, liefert die lösungsbasierte, umfassende Ascom Healthcare Plattform an das Medical Center of Southeast Texas in Port Arthur, USA. Der amerikanische Partner Executone of Louisiana wird die Schwesternruflösung Ascom Telligence, Ascom Myco 2, i62 Mobile Handsets und Ascom Unite Software mit kompletten Auswertungsmöglichkeiten auf dem Campus von Steward Health Care installieren.

Die Ascom Healthcare Plattform ist ein neuer, klarer Ansatz, um Workflow-Digitalisierung und Optimierungen wie auch Analysen und Smart Data durchgehend bereitzustellen. Offen und technologieunabhängig konzipiert, schliesst die Plattform digitale Informationslücken zwischen Geräten, Krankenhaussystemen und klinischem Pflegepersonal. Dadurch wird die Reichweite kritischer Informationen quer durch alle Pflegepunkte erweitert und lässt zeitnahe, fundierte klinische Entscheidungen zu.

Ascom beabsichtigt durch Interoperabilität zwischen bestehenden medizinischen Geräten, Informationssystemen und Pflegemanagement-Lösungen, klinische Informationen aufschlussreicher, zugänglicher und messbarer zu machen. Geringere Fehlkommunikation, verbesserte Reaktionszeiten und höhere Verfügbarkeit bei der Patientenpflege sind handfeste Vorteile.

"Unsere Kliniker haben bei der Entscheidung, Ascom den Zuschlag zu geben, eine Schlüsselrolle gespielt", sagt Debbie Vaughn, Chief Nursing Officer am Medical Center of Southeast Texas. "Die Live-Demos und -Versuche im Krankenhaus ermöglichten unserem Personal, Erfahrungen aus erster Hand mit den flexiblen Workflow-Optionen und der strafferen Kommunikation zu sammeln. Verbesserungen in der Patientenpflege und der Reaktionszeiten sind Kernaufgaben für uns. Die durch Analytik und Reporting gewonnenen Erkenntnisse ermöglichen es dem Management, Prozesse, klinische Informationen und Patientenpflege zu evaluieren und kontinuierlich zu verbessern."

Rob Goldman, President von Ascom North America, unterstreicht: "Unsere umfassende Healthcare Platform ist die Grundlage für diesen wichtigen Auftrag. Auch der ausgezeichnete Leistungsausweis von Executone of Louisiana in der Kundenbetreuung und die technologische Expertise waren sicher hilfreich. Wir freuen uns auf die Zusammenarbeit und auf eine erfolgreiche Implementierung im Medical Center of Southeast Texas in diesem Jahr."

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Hooked on innovations

ROMIRA has been a reliable partner to the medical industry for many years and produces flame-retardant products based on both halogenated and halogen-free systems. The flame resistance is always tested and guaranteed by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) in accordance with recognized standards. ROMIRA now has its own horizontal/vertical combustion chamber (HVUL2) that has been specially designed for combustibility tests on plastic materials pursuant to the UL specifications. This now enables our laboratory staff to perform standardized flame-resistance tests internally at the Pinneberg site. The stainless steel chamber has a large sliding window offering a good view of the test pieces. Equipped with complete sample support, precision gas burner and a digital timer allows for its safe and simple operation.

The medical equipment industry has many demands for its applications and ROMIRA can now offer further innovative developments in this field of use. When it comes to applications in surgeries, hospitals etc., ROMIRA has innovative materials in its portfolio for the use in housings of medical pumps, for example: Romiloy PBT/PC has a number of important properties including very good impact strength, high heat resistance and a very wide processing window. Furthermore, its chemical resistance is significantly higher than that of other more conventional polymers that are used in this application area. One leading OEM is already so convinced by the benefits Romiloy PBT/PC brings that they are now using it in their appliances.

And this is just one further step along the way to becoming an established name in this industry: medical technology is an important and promising sector for ROMIRA, and one which the company wishes to concentrate more on in future.

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New release of project management software in-STEP BLUE

Version 6.3 of the project management software in-STEP BLUE has been released. The software helps users with process-based project planning and controlling as well as with version-secure management of all project results, like requirements, changes, test cases, etc. The functional scope of the WebApp has been expanded substantially in the new version.

The new release of in-STEP BLUE offers users improved activity planning in the WebApp, which enables an overview of deadlines and costs with a Gantt chart. When planning resources, immediate notifications help prevent overloading an employee and notifications can also be attached to employees’ planned hours. Navigation in team planning has been simplified. Multi-project branching is now also an option to allow requirements and test specifications to be easily transferred from one project to another.

microTOOL GmbH was founded in 1984 and develops software for IT project management, requirements engineering and application life cycle management. In-STEP BLUE (previously in-Step) has been on the market since 1997. It offers templates for process models like the V model XT, PRINCE2, Scrum, HERMES and SPICE for Automotive, and also maps and supports custom processes and workflows. The broad functional spectrum covers the disciplines of project management, multi-project management, requirements management, configuration management, document management, quality management, risk management, process management and test management. The software is often used by businesses in the automotive industry, medical technology and the public sector to fulfil detailed IT compliance requirements.

Version 6.3 is now available in German and English. All the changes delivered by Version 6.3 can be read in the current changelog: https://www.microtool.de/en/support/#instepblue. A free in-STEP BLUE Personal Edition is available at: https://www.microtool.de/en/project-management-with-in-step-blue/download/.

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