FSK invites to the International Specialist Conference Foamed Plastics 2018

Innovations, lectures, contacts and trends – the Specialist Association Foamed Plastics and Polyurethanes offers the perfect platform at its annual industry event, the International Foamed Plastics Conference in Papenburg at the end of November.

The Specialist Association Foamed Plastics and Polyurethanes (FSK) will be holding its annual International FSK Specialist Conference Foamed Plastics from 27 to 29 November. The 2018 venue for the FSK Specialist Conference will be the Forum Alte Werft in Papenburg and will offer participants everything they need to know about foamed plastics. The two-day conference agenda includes lectures from numerous companies and institutions in the field of foamed plastics and of course, the traditional FSK evening event. Among other things, new solutions with technical foams and composites in various fields of application, flame protection in PUR and innovations in lightweight construction will be presented. Further topics will include effective vibration isolation with IMO-certified PUR elastomers and the introduction of technologies for using high-pressure water jets as universal cutting media. "It is very important that, with this international conference, the specialist association offers the industry a platform where topics in the field of foamed plastics are addressed in a variety of ways and from different perspectives. There should also be enough time for questions and discussions," said Klaus Junginger, Managing Director of the FSK. To provide the participants with the opportunity for intense discussions and networking, the association itself has organised an interesting supporting programme, which will begin with an evening Get-Together at the Fischhaus Smutje in Papenburg and extend to an evening event at the Alter Güterbahnhof. A special highlight this year will be the tour of the MEYER WERFT shipyard. The presentation of the FSK Innovation Award Foamed Plastics 2018, for which submissions are currently being accepted, will also take place in a festive setting. "With the wide variety of topics, the participants can look forward to extremely interesting and future-oriented impulses from the professional world," promises Klaus Junginger.  
Very special and new – this year companies have the opportunity to present their company, special technologies or innovations to the participants of the event as exhibitors in the Forum Alte Werft. Space is limited! If you are interested in exhibiting, please contact the FSK team directly.                                                                                     

The programme for the International FSK Specialist Conference Foamed Plastics 2018 is now available for download on the website of the specialist association.

Registration online, by fax: +49 (0) 711 993 751 11 or by e-mail: fachtagung2018@fsk-vsv.de or by postal mail directly to the FSK.

For further information please visit www.fsk-vsv.de or call +49 (0) 711 993 7510.

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LAB entering the cosmetics sector – Interview

Cosmetics and personal care products must be both effective as well as dermatologically and environmentally harmless. For this reason, LAB | Laboratorio Analítico Bioclínico has extended its analytical services to this sector, which is currently en vogue.

Mª Elena Hernández (Technical Director and Manager of LAB) and Rosario Santiago (Head of the Chromatography Department), give an account of the strong commitment of the laboratory to the cosmetics sector, the methods developed to date and its expansion plans.

Q. Most of LAB’s analytical services are focused on the food, agriculture and environmental sector, a sector with high demand in Almeria and in Andalusia in general. Why the cosmetics sector?

A. Mª Elena Hernández: Headquartered in Almería, with a branch office in Huelva (a strategic location to cover the demand in the red fruit sector), our sales network covers the entire national territory. In addition, as we are part of the Tentamus Group, we also work internationally, collaborating with other laboratories of the Group.

In fact, the development of the new method in the cosmetics sector was inspired by the request of an international customer. We were very excited to meet this demand, to implement the new method in the laboratory and to offer it to our customers eventually (national and international).

Q. What are the main methods of analysis that have been carried out since then in this sector? What technology does the laboratory use to ensure the reliability of the results?

A. Rosario Santiago: Methylchlorothiazolinone (MCI) and methylisothiazolinone (MI) are heterocyclic compounds used as preservatives in cosmetics and industrial products with biocidal activity.

The laboratory has established a new chromatographic method using cutting-edge UPLC-MS/MS (liquid chromatography coupled to triple quadrupole mass spectrometry) to detect and quantify these substances.

This sophisticated equipment has allowed us to develop a chromatographic method with a limit of quantification* of 0.5 mg/kg and a limit of detection** of 0.05 mg/kg. Undoubtedly, a very sensitive method! What’s more, sample handling is reduced to a minimum.

Q. What are the main risks of the use of these ‚preservatives‘ for consumer health?

A. Rosario Santiago: The abuse of these substances in cosmetic products (gels, shampoos, creams…) can cause skin sensitization and cause allergic dermatological diseases, such as contact eczema.

Their presence in cosmetics is studied and regulated because they are considered to cause allergic reactions in about two to four percent of patients undergoing epicutaneous tests. These preservatives can be found in wet wipes (make-up remover wipes, baby wipes, intimate hygiene wipes, toiletries, etc.), hand soaps, shampoos, moisturizers, hand creams, cleaning products (dishwashers, glass ceramic cleaners), paints, varnishes and many more. Even if there is no allergic reaction, it may develop over time by continuous use of these products.

The European Commission banned the use of these compounds in non-rinse products such as body creams in 2015. At LAB we focus on EU Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009, which guarantees consumer safety in the use of this type of product.

Q. Obviously LAB is very open to the development of new methods linked to the cosmetics sector? How about other areas?

A. Rosario Santiago: LAB has always been working very closely with clients in the development of R&D projects. We are passionate about challenges and our capacity to develop multiple chromatographic methods to meet our clients’ demand is definitely not limited to the cosmetic sector but extendible to other areas of interest.

We are very proud to have developed and implemented this new method which will lead to the expansion of the laboratory into a new market area.

Q. LAB is a laboratory that has grown both in terms of human resources and scope of analytical services since its creation in 2003. How does your vision for LAB’s future look like?

A. Mª Elena Hernández: We will further consolidate LAB as reference laboratory in organic contaminant analysis and analysis of environmental and agro-food samples both at national as well as international level.

Furthermore, LAB’s objective is striving to open new lines of business by developing new methods in the sectors in which we currently work and additionally in further sectors, tailored to the demand of our clients.

*Limit of quantification: minimum quantity of a component present in the sample that can be quantified under the experimental conditions described for that method, with adequate accuracy and precision.

**Detection limit: refers to the minimum amount/concentration of a substance that can be reliably detected by a given analytical method.


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EUROSOLAR calls for regenerative emergency actions to limit climate catastrophe

In the 30 years since the founding of EUROSOLAR, many extraordinary successes and advances in the proliferation of renewable energy have been made: the powerful feed-in tariffs; the diffusion of 100 % renewable buildings; communities and regions, the broad march of solar and wind into many countries’ power mixes; the revolution of national policies to embrace energy transitions and the rise of renewable energy investment – which has long become the dominant mode in annual capital expenditures in new power generation capacity worldwide.

However, due to political resistance and misinformation the nightmare of fossil fuel dependence continues to grow unabatedly, building up a more ominously looming legacy every day. The long resistance, delay and postponement by governments and industries has had dire and long predicted consequences, building up rising greenhouse gas concentrations that lie far above a climate stable level.

There is mounting evidence that global warming effects as largely triggered by fossil emissions may already be beyond the kind of control implied in standard emissions reduction and renewable energy targets. The spectre of abrupt climate change with dramatic consequences for the human species and its ability to reliably secure food supplies is now clearly manifest – and yet still largely ignored by policy makers and media outlets alike. Most IPCC declarations still propagate misleading linear climate prognoses, while the non-linear earth systems responses and exponential nature of concentrations growth have long been observed and known, over the entire duration of IPCC and UNFCCC workings.

We may have long passed the boundary of no return, as a series of climate tipping points are being reached. We witness large-scale Arctic and Siberian methane releases triggered in melting permafrost; ocean warming has gone so far that the seas will begin to expel rather than absorb heat as well as CO2; or the disappearance of polar sea ice that has long created Arctic heat waves in the wake of lowered albedo. Other powerful climate feedback mechanisms include the disruption of Asian monsoon rains, or the escalation of global forest dieback. More than 15 climate tipping point mechanisms are at risk of being triggered, or have already been activated.

As a consequence sudden climate change even beyond the scale and duration of the historically cyclical Dansgaard-Oeschger or Bond events may be impending. Like these past events, this would be a period of rapid climate shifts in the wake of gradual build-up of GHG concentrations in the atmosphere – but now unprecedentedly boosted by the nearly explosive burst of fossil fuel combustion based GHG release. Without immediate and far-reaching measures, it is not impossible that global temperatures could spike by ten degrees Celsius or more within a few decades.

This is no time for denial or resignation but for massive and unwavering action. EUROSOLAR calls for a regenerative emergency action plan, entirely unprecedented in extent and speed. These are not normal times; extraordinary measures have to be taken:

1 Massive and immediate mobilization of renewable energy systems locally, nationally and globally, to provide 100 % of thermal, electric and transport energy from renewable sources as quickly as possible;

2 Emergency ending of all coal mining and coal burning worldwide;

3 Emergency pursuit of petroleum reduction and complete replacement throughout all local, national and world economies;

4 Drastic reduction of meat in global consumption, and replacing it with a plant based diet, to end the wholesale destruction of emissions managing ecosystems by resource-intensive and inefficient meat production;

5 Extraction of CO2 from the atmosphere now oversaturated with greenhouse gas, by

  • massive afforestation and wetland regeneration programs on all continents, and an immediate stop to the clearing of rainforests
  • raising of organic humus content in urban parkland and agricultural soils
  • replacement of industrial agriculture with organic farming practices
  • replacement of organic waste combustion through composting and carbonization, to help reduce emissions and enhance biological carbon sequestration in soil
  • rapid expansion of industrial-scale CO2 extraction from the atmosphere and its long-term embedding in carbon material

6 Decommissioning of all nuclear power plants and termination of new construction programs. Nuclear power delivers only a few percent in global final energy supply, while posing enormous human health, environmental, security and economic risks, even without being compromised by climate risks in safe operation and maintenance. Nuclear power absorbs an enormous amount of funding away from vital renewable energy infrastructures.

EUROSOLAR calls for the immediate embrace of these measures, in public policy, national and international action agendas, and through local and regional voluntary action.

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SMA partners with SolarCoin Foundation and SolarLux

SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA) will examine the possibilities to capitalize on the use of the SolarCoin reward – for itself and its customers. To this end, SMA has partnered with the Hong Kong based startup SolarLux to evaluate the feasibility of onboarding a large number of PV Plant owners into the SolarCoin ecosystem via the world’s largest solar energy monitoring platform, SMA’s Sunny Portal.

“SolarCoin is one of the most interesting projects in the block chain space, which SMA has followed for quite some time,” explained Dr. Matthias Victor, Head of Technology Center & Services at SMA. “We are currently assessing what added value a direct access to SolarCoin via the Sunny Portal may bring to our customers.”

The mission of SolarCoin Foundation is to accelerate the global energy transition by rewarding solar producers with SolarCoin, the first energy-referenced currency. SolarCoin is gaining traction within the industry as an additional incentive for solar energy producers. The low carbon blockchain token (SLR) is exclusively granted for free to solar energy producers at the rate of one SolarCoin for one megawatt hour of solar power generated. SolarCoin provides cash value and as a solar currency helps reduce solar financing costs globally.

Together with SMA, SolarLux, a startup specialized in helping the solar industry to make use of the opportunities SolarCoin offers, is exploring how SolarCoin can best be integrated into SMA’s popular Sunny Portal. Claiming SolarCoins could become easy for more than 300,000 Sunny Portal monitored plants and likely increase both the Sunny Portal and SolarCoin digital currency user bases significantly. If the ongoing proof-of-concept shows enough potential for SMA it could be rolled out to all Sunny Portal customers equipped with suitable SMA communication technology.

“We are excited to see one of the most prestigious manufacturers in the solar industry recognize the value of SolarCoin,” said Nick Gogerty, Co-Founder of SolarCoin. “It is our goal to add value to the global solar industry. We are watching the industry explore new uses of the publicly open SolarCoin blockchain technology every day.” SMA believes that if the proof-of-concept succeeds it could see multiple innovative ways to create value for its customers.

This press release serves only as information and does not constitute an offer or invitation to subscribe for, acquire, hold or sell any securities of SMA Solar Technology AG (the “Company”) or any present or future subsidiary of the Company (together with the Company, the “SMA Group”) nor should it form the basis of, or be relied upon in connection with, any contract to purchase or subscribe for any securities in the Company or any member of the SMA Group or commitment whatsoever. Securities may not be offered or sold in the United States of America absent registration or an exemption from registration under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended.

This press release can contain future-oriented statements. Future-oriented statements are statements which do not describe facts of the past. They also include statements about our assumptions and expectations. These statements are based on plans, estimations and forecasts which the Managing Board of SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA or company) has available at this time. Future-oriented statements are therefore only valid on the day on which they are made. Future-oriented statements by nature contain risks and elements of uncertainty. Various known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors can lead to considerable differences between the actual results, the financial position, the development or the performance of the corporation and the estimates given here. These factors include those which SMA has discussed in published reports. These reports are available on the SMA website at www.SMA.de. The company accepts no obligation whatsoever to update these future-oriented statements or to adjust them to future events or developments.

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Adventure Car: Visitor highlights of the „CONCAR-EXPO 2018“

CONCAR-EXPO 2018 is Europe’s largest international trade fair for Connected Car, Automated Driving and Mobility Solutions. More than 1,000 visitors and more than 80 exhibitors will meet in Berlin in June. At the ConCarCongress and ConCarForum you can attend lectures and get insights into the latest solutions for networking and automation in the vehicle. With practical demonstrations of prototypes and concepts in the trade fair sector, the exhibitors show how these developments can be technically done.

Try out autonomous driving live

Visitors can experience first-hand what the innovative mobility concepts of the future look like: The Westfield POD (Pod on Demand) invites you to test drive on the exhibition grounds. The self-propelled shuttle bus is the first fully autonomous vehicle in the UK. It is already providing successful transfer services at the terminals of London’s Heathrow Airport and visitors to the CONCAR-EXPO can now take a test ride on it.
Booth 21

Take a seat in the latest prototypes

Further novelties to touch and test-sitting are offered in the Car Pavilion. This is where car manufacturers present their latest developments. Visitors can try out new features on the concept vehicles and discuss their questions with the exhibitors at the object. A highlight of the exhibition is the all-electric Jaguar I-PACE. In it, smart technologies that use artificial intelligence meet with Jaguar-designed engines.
Car Pavilion

Pioneer in mobile change: Partner country UK

Great Britain is the partner country of the CONCAR-EXPO 2018, and not without reason: The United Kingdom is driving the automotive revolution with innovation and investment. In three years, autonomous vehicles will drive on British roads. To achieve this goal, the specially founded government organisation CAV (Connected and Autonomous Vehicles) promotes more than 50 projects from around 150 institutions. The most innovative companies of the CAV initiative present their concepts for networked and autonomous driving at the UK National Pavilion – also in real-life demonstrations.
Booth 21

Digital innovations from Finland

The Finnish Community Pavilion is hosting companies from last year’s partner country. The Finns are among the global leaders when it comes to digitisation and technological innovation in the field of car IT.
So BMW, TomTom and Microsoft work closely together with the data provider Foreca. Daimler is also relying on the Finns for its brand new MBUX infotainment system. Forecas specialises in detailed, digital weather forecasts that inform drivers directly about weather changes via Connected Drive infotainment systems. In this way, safety is increased: weather conditions play a role in every fourth accident. With its weather service, the Finnish company provides data for various applications such as navigation, autonomous driving or fleet management.
Booth 54

Electromobility, networking and automation not only change the automotive industry, but the entire understanding of mobility. For the smart technologies to become reality, the infrastructural and digital requirements in the cities must be available. At the CONCAR-EXPO 2018 press conference titled Urban Mobility – Autonomous Driving, Connected Cars and the city of tomorrow: Are Driverless Vehicles forcing cities to become smart…? “ experts will be discussing the challenges faced by the cities on June 27 from 11am to 12pm.

The expected top participants of the press conference are:

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lutz Eckstein, Chairman of the VDI-Gesellschaft Fahrzeug- und Verkehrstechnik/Director of the Institute for Motor Vehicles (ika) of RWTH Aachen
  • Ing. Henry Widera, MBA Head of the Digitalisation Department of the Berlin Transport Authority (BVG))
  • Nicolaus Gollwitzer, CEO Telefonica Next

Journalists can accredit themselves here.

27 – 28 June 2018
Estrel Congress & Messe Center Berlin
Convention Hall II

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SMA Supplies Battery Inverters and System Technology for One Gigawatt of Storage Capacity

Storage systems are the essential tools in increasing flexibility for a decentralized renewable energy supply. To date, SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA) has supplied system technology with an output of approximately one gigawatt to worldwide storage projects up to the multi-megawatt range. Sunny Central Storage battery inverters for integrating state-of-the-art battery storage systems in large-scale storage plants make a key contribution to the continued growth of renewable energies by providing grid management services for stabilizing the utility grid.

“The seamless integration of renewable energies into our utility grid is a major challenge for the energy supply of the future. Battery storage systems are taking on a key role in this — hardly any other technology offers comparable flexibility,” said Volker Wachenfeld, Executive Vice President of the Off-Grid and Storage business unit at SMA. “For more than 30 years, SMA has been developing and marketing intelligent and efficient solutions for integrating battery storage systems into a decentralized energy system. With more than 1 GW of system power installed, we have reached an important milestone, covering the full range of applications from home storage to battery power plants for primary operating reserve.”

In the last 12 months alone, SMA has supplied and successfully commissioned Sunny Central Storage battery inverters with a capacity of more than 400 MW in projects in the United Kingdom, California in the U.S., Germany, South Korea and the Caribbean. The 2200 to 2750-EV Sunny Central Storage systems are compatible with the most technically and economically attractive battery technologies and perfectly suited to large-scale storage power plants in the multi-megawatt range. The system solution with a medium-voltage transformer and switchgear in a turnkey container arrangement facilitates system design.

Electricity for remote regions
Since 2001, SMA’s Sunny Island battery inverters have made it possible to integrate battery storage systems into small to medium-sized power generation systems, especially in remote regions. These can be supplied with electricity even without an electricity grid and benefit from economic development.

The right solution for every application
In addition to the new Sunny Tripower Storage for commercial and industrial applications, SMA has been offering its customers intelligent and efficient solutions for grid-connected home storage systems for many years now. The new Sunny Boy Storage battery inverter, for example, allows the flexible integration of up to three independent high-voltage batteries.

– We will also be presenting the new SMA storage solutions at Intersolar Europe 2018 in Munich from June 20–22. Visit SMA at booth B3.210 in hall 3.

– Sunny Central Storage has been nominated for the ees AWARD. You can read more about SMA battery inverters here.

– Exciting projects realized with SMA storage solutions can be found on the SMA Sunny blog.

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OPVIUS presents first self-tending vertical garden

The winners of the 2017 DGNB (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen) Sustainability Challenge – BOXOM GmbH and OPVIUS GmbH – teamed up after the competition to establish an innovative joint project in vertical gardening. The final product? A zero-maintenance façade garden capable of looking after itself using solar power.Vertical gardens on exterior walls and façades are an urban solution to increase the sustainability of our city landscapes. Having met during the 2017 DGNB Sustainability Challenge, the experts at BOXOM GmbH and OPVIUS GmbH teamed up to carry out a joint project to attractively combine a façade garden and printed organic photovoltaics (OPV). The two companies developed a lightweight façade garden capable of tending itself based on sophisticated watering and system technology. OPVIUS’ semi-transparent OPV modules power the BOXOM façade system, which then supplies the integrated plants with the right amount of water and nutrients needed for growth.

BOXOM’s mission is not just to create vertical gardens, but also to develop façade use for sustainable concepts. The light weight and semi-transparency of the organic photovoltaics (OPV) technology makes it an ideal combination option for vertical gardens. Not only do the OPV modules generate a power supply, they also provide shade for the plants, and protect them from drying out. Plants on the south-facing sides in particular are at risk of getting too much sun, and this is where the OPV modules can help.

The pre-tensioned structure, consisting of steel ropes made by Carl Stahl GmbH, serves as the basis for integrating the OPV modules and plants. The elevated plant cords and the OPV modules are both affixed to these vertically tensioned steel ropes. This system is available as a finished product, and can transform unused vertical façades into attractive, sustainable gardens. The combination of OPV and vertical garden unlocks completely new façade solutions – for both restored and new buildings.

The first OPV vertical garden is currently being presented at a technically innovative “Tiny House” created by Merck KGaA. In addition to the OPV, other highly developed Merck materials and products are also integrated into the Tiny House’s many different functions, such as voice control, electrochromic windows, and flat OLED TVs.

Niklas Weisel, Managing Director of BOXOM GmbH, had this to say: “Botanic Horizon vertical gardens, using OPVIUS OPV modules, are a safe, easy way of creating gardens anywhere and fulfilling your passion for gardening even in a small space.” Hermann Issa, Senior Director Business Development & Sales at OPVIUS GmbH, adds that “particularly in view of discussions surrounding fine dust and nitric oxide, the self-tending plant system can play an important part in helping with air purity and the wellbeing of local residents in densely built-up inner cities. BOXOM GmbH, with its Botanic Horizon products, and OPVIUS GmbH, with its printed OPV technology, are making an energy-neutral contribution to improving urban climate here.”




BOXOM was founded in Saxony’s Ore Mountains in 2015, and develops and sells complete vertical-garden solutions for façades, interiors (such as offices, canteens, kitchens and living areas), and greenhouses under the Botanic Horizon brand (see and plant cords, a product from the “Plant technology based on textile cords” series”). The systems developed may be installed in walls and ceilings of new buildings or as a retrofit on existing buildings.

The completely unique, patented vertical plant technology based on textile cords enables a wide range of applications which, through the use of supplementary vertical technologies like photovoltaics, solar heat, heat pumps and much more, make life more convenient and comfortable.    

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TerraX appoints David Suda as President and CEO

TerraX Minerals Inc. (TSX-V: TXR; Frankfurt: TX0; OTC Pink: TRXXF – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLSt_VpUzmw&t=1s&list=PLBpDlKjdv3yoX1N3x4RmnEyhecw5EVhv9&index=4 ) is pleased to announce that David Suda has been appointed as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company, effective immediately.  Mr. Suda will work closely with Joseph Campbell, the Executive Chairman of TerraX, to help lead the company towards continued success in discovery while enhancing the Company’s profile within the investment community.

"David Suda’s appointment is an exciting milestone and comes at an integral time for TerraX”, says Joe Campbell, Executive Chairman. "David’s people-focused leadership style and capital markets experience will improve the company’s ability to finance and fully capitalize on TerraX’s exploration successes and exceptional opportunities.”

David Suda has over 11 years of capital markets experience. He graduated with honours from York University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies.  Most recently, Mr. Suda was Head of Trading and Managing Director at Beacon Securities.  He has established relationships with investors including institutional managers and public companies.   His extensive capital markets experience with a focus on public resource-based companies will provide TerraX access to a skill set which includes marketing, corporate strategy and investment banking.

David Suda, President and CEO stated “It is an exciting and unique opportunity to work with a gold exploration company with so much upside and access to infrastructure in a favorable mining jurisdiction such as Terrax. The work of the team led by Joe Campbell and the commanding land position that has been assembled around two of the highest grade historic gold mines in Canada are the reasons I have decided to join the company.  I look forward to working with such a strong technical team to broaden the profile, heighten interest and provide increased value to shareholders.”

Joe Campbell further stated   “David brings new energy, vision, strategic thinking and discipline to TerraX as we move towards achieving our long term goal of establishing a major world class Canadian gold district. In addition, David’s background in Environmental Studies will ensure that we maintain and grow our strong relationship with the community in Yellowknife.  I am excited to mentor David in his new role, and to follow his lead on investment and corporate strategy.”

TerraX Minerals Inc. has agreed, subject to regulatory approval, to grant incentive stock options to Mr. Suda on 1,250,000 common shares at an exercise price of $0.41 per share for a period of three years from the date of grant.  These options will vest over an eighteen month period.

To accommodate Dave Suda’s appointment, Stuart Rogers has agreed to step down as President and to serve as Chief Financial Officer, replacing Mark Gelmon, who will be leaving the Company at the end of June.

About the Yellowknife City Gold Project

The Yellowknife City Gold ("YCG") project encompasses 772 sq km of contiguous land immediately north, south and east of the City of Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories. Through a series of acquisitions, TerraX controls one of the six major high-grade gold camps in Canada. Being within 10 km of the City of Yellowknife, the YCG is close to vital infrastructure, including all-season roads, air transportation, service providers, hydro-electric power and skilled tradespeople.

The YCG lies on the prolific Yellowknife greenstone belt, covering 70 km of strike length along the main mineralized break in the Yellowknife gold district, including the southern and northern extensions of the shear system that hosted the high-grade Con and Giant gold mines. The project area contains multiple shears that are the recognized hosts for gold deposits in the Yellowknife gold district, with innumerable gold showings and recent high-grade drill results that serve to indicate the project’s potential as a world-class gold district. 

For more information on the YCG project, please visit our web site at www.terraxminerals.com

Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

This news release contains forward-looking information, which involves known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause actual events to differ materially from current expectation. Important factors – including the availability of funds, the results of financing efforts, the completion of due diligence and the results of exploration activities – that could cause actual results to differ materially from the Company’s expectations are disclosed in the Company’s documents filed from time to time on SEDAR (see www.sedar.com). Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date of this press release. The company disclaims any intention or obligation, except to the extent required by law, to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, events or otherwise.

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GoldMining Inc. announces Graduation to TSX

GoldMining Inc. (the "Company" or "GoldMining") (TSX-V: GOLD; OTCQX: GLDLF – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJuP9aepzxY ) is pleased to announce that it has received final approval from the Toronto Stock Exchange (the "TSX") for the listing of its common shares ("Common Shares") and common share purchase warrants expiring December 31, 2018 ("Warrants") on the TSX.

The Company’s Common Shares and Warrants will begin trading on the TSX effective June 19, 2018, and will continue to trade under the stock symbol "GOLD" and "GOLD.WT". 

As a result of the graduation of GoldMining to the TSX, its Common Shares and Warrants will no longer trade on the TSX Venture Exchange and will be voluntarily delisted from the TSX Venture Exchange upon commencement of trading on the TSX.

Commenting on the Company’s graduation to the TSX, Amir Adnani, Chairman of GoldMining, stated: “The TSX is a significant marketplace for international capital and a premier stock exchange for resource companies.  This new listing will elevate the visibility of the Company, attract new interest and improve access to capital markets.”

About GoldMining Inc.

GoldMining Inc. is a public mineral exploration company focused on the acquisition and development of gold assets in the Americas.  Through its disciplined acquisition strategy, GoldMining now controls a diversified portfolio of resource-stage gold and gold-copper projects in Canada, U.S.A., Brazil, Colombia and Peru.  Additionally, GoldMining owns a 75% interest in the Rea Uranium Project, located in the Western Athabasca Basin of Alberta, Canada.

For additional information, please contact:

GoldMining Inc.
Amir Adnani, Chairman
Garnet Dawson, CEO
Telephone: (855) 630-1001

Email: info@goldmining.com

In Europe:

Swiss Resource Capital AG

Jochen Staiger



Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this news release.

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Hortonworks Extends Collaboration with Microsoft to Drive Big Data Workloads to Azure

Hortonworks, Inc.® (NASDAQ: HDP), a leading provider of global data management solutions, today announced it has renewed and extended its long standing relationship with Microsoft to give enterprise customers greater agility and flexibility when moving big data workloads to the cloud. The collaboration now gives customers more choice as to where their analytic and Internet of Things data workloads run. Customers can deploy Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF) and Hortonworks DataPlane Service (DPS) products natively on Microsoft Azure infrastructure as a service (IaaS) to extract value from data of all types. Additionally, customers can also use Microsoft Azure HDInsight, a fully managed service powered by Hortonworks Data Platform which delivers Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark.

According to IDC1, “IT buyers are shifting steadily toward cloud-first strategies” therefore customers need a simple, fast and flexible path to run data workloads in the cloud to accelerate the ability to uncover new business insights. Hortonworks’ global data management platforms enable organizations to rapidly deploy modern data applications across hybrid data architectures on premises, in the cloud and out to the edge. When combined with the global scale and agility of Azure, Hortonworks enables organizations to manage the entire lifecycle of their data with cloud infrastructure.

Hortonworks and Microsoft have been pioneering cloud solutions together for over six years through a strategic collaboration spanning joint engineering and go-to-market motions, giving customers the most flexible big data environments. Hortonworks and Microsoft continue to invest and collaborate in the open source community which ultimately reduces vendor lock in for customers. Whether the customer wants to adopt a hybrid data architecture or go all in on cloud, they have choices with Hortonworks and Microsoft teaming together on Azure IaaS and HDInsight deployments.

“Our customers are increasingly adopting a hybrid data architecture as cloud deployments offer excellent use cases for ephemeral analytic workloads,” said Rob Bearden, chief executive officer, Hortonworks. “With the option to deploy HDP, HDF or DPS workloads on Azure IaaS, or use HDInsight, customers can take whichever path to the cloud that fits their business needs best. We are proud of our work with Microsoft and the cloud solutions we’ve developed together that are driving tremendous value for our joint customers.”

“We are giving customers the most choice as to how they move data workloads to the cloud, on Azure or Microsoft HDInsight for an enterprise-grade managed service that makes it easier for end users,” said Rohan Kumar, Corporate Vice President, Azure Data. “We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Hortonworks to accelerate innovation in the cloud.”

For more information about HDInsight and Azure, please visit https://hortonworks.com/products/data-platforms/cloud/azure-hdinsight/

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