The future tunnels: Herrenknecht at bauma 2019

The future is forging its way through the underground, where intelligent infrastructures are being built, future-proof mobility solutions designed and the habitat of the growing world population expanded. As a full-range supplier of mechanized tunnelling technology, Herrenknecht, together with its highly specialized subsidiaries, supports the construction industry in all underground challenges. At bauma 2019 in Munich, the world market leader shows where the journey of tunnelling can go with high-tech.

The golden age of tunnelling and the underground is driven by the unbroken trend toward urbanization, the increasing demand worldwide for mobility and the associated need to build new, efficient infrastructures underground. In the coming decades, hundreds of new megacities will emerge and today’s metropolises will grow to unbelievable sizes. Gigantic urban habitats whose citizens need housing, drinking water, and environmentally friendly, flexible and affordable mobility concepts. The interconnectivity between nations and metropolises is becoming ever denser, more complex and faster.

An obvious, almost inevitable solution: systematic urban development underground. This requires efficient metro and high-speed rail networks, well-connected traffic and transport systems as well as efficient sewage, water, oil, gas and energy systems. With its expertise and technology, Herrenknecht is particularly involved in projects with very complex technological requirements. A case in point is the "Grand Paris Express" metro expansion program. With more than 200 km of new metro lines, new perspectives are opening up for the growing hinterland around the French capital.

Under the motto "The future tunnels", at bauma 2019 Herrenknecht presents visionary urban planning in Paris, current and future tunnel projects as well as groundbreaking technology innovations. With its expertise from milestone projects worldwide and as a passionate underground pioneer, Herrenknecht shows how the partners in mechanized tunnelling move forward together safely, quickly and reliably. In a total of four exhibition areas, visitors of the trade show will enter into a dialog about what Herrenknecht is working on to open up new underground terrain and make it usable for people. At the outside booth, technology will be shown live and touchable.

Bauma is the world’s leading trade show for construction machinery, building material and mining machines, construction vehicles and equipment. As the leading industry event, the world’s largest trade show sets the trends for the future.

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For another year Laboratorio Tello received the recognition of the I.O.C.

It is a great pleasure for us to inform you again this year that since 2012 Laboratorio Tellohas been continuously recognised by the International Olive Oil Council (I.O.C.) as a laboratory for physio-chemical analysis in the two most important categories

  • Type B: Advanced analysis covering the physio-chemical determinations of both quality and purity of the Community regulations
  • Type C: Analysis of residues and impurities

The I.O.C. recognition for both analysis types confirms the quality and reliability of our analytical results, and together with the ENAC accreditation for all regulations included in our Technical Scope, we can confirm our successful commitment to provide the highest level of reliability and technical competence in the analytical services we have been offering our customers for 15 years.

All this is possible thanks to the daily work of the great team of professionals who work at Laboratorio Tello and to all those who continue to rely on and trust the Laboratorio Tello team year after year.

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ZSF – Fully clamped

The hydromechanical spring-loaded cylinders of the ZSF series from JAKOB Antriebstechnik offer robust and reliable clamping elements. These spring-loaded systems can be used wherever displaceable or movable machine parts must be temporarily clamped or locked. Other applications can be found in jig construction and for workpiece or tool clamping.

The spring-loaded systems interact mechanically-hydraulically. The clamping force is applied mechanically by a prestressed plate spring package. The hydraulics are only needed for the release stroke of the elements, whereby the tie rod or pressure pin is released. This system ensures a high level of operational safety, since the clamping force is always maintained at full height, regardless of oil pressure or leakage losses. In the operation the pressure or tension piston is alternately acted upon by the plate spring package or the hydraulic pressure. This means that the spring pack is compressed with increasing oil pressure, the spring force increases. At set pressure, the corresponding nominal clamping force is achieved as the reaction force of the plate spring package. To release the pressure or tension piston, a higher hydraulic pressure is required, which is proportional to the release stroke up to a maximum value. This means that the setting pressure is required only for the initial installation for exact force adjustment. In the actual operating cycle, the cylinders are driven either without pressure or with release pressure. For spring-loaded cylinders, a mandrel or tie rod is screwed into the threaded hole of the tensioning piston and secured (on request, in one piece or with special thread). Operation requires a hydraulic unit that should be equipped with a pressure gauge, a pressure relief valve, a switching solenoid valve and a pressure switching device.

The hydromechanical spring-loaded systems can score with many advantages. Due to the short operating times of the hydraulic unit, this system offers advantages in terms of economy. The acquisition costs are low, the reliability is increased, the application areas are diverse and the operation is very simple.

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A wide range of products delivered at speed

LAPP has added several new cables and system products to its range of products for the rail sector. The global market leader for integrated connection solutions is currently shaking up the industry with its incredible new logistics set-up. Other providers are only able to produce to order and demand high minimum order quantities. By contrast, LAPP is able to deliver any amount – even small packages – off the shelf. The result is a drastic shortening of delivery times around the world, from up to three months to less than a week. This helps users to reduce inventories and respond to new requirements even faster. Most of the new cables are now also available off the shelf. The following items are new to the range:

  • ÖLFLEX CLASSIC 110H SF: This control cable is the workhorse of the LAPP portfolio. After being used successfully in factories in countless variants, the cable is now also available for trains. Here, it can be used to power doors, lighting or air conditioning systems. With its Class 6 conductors, the new variant is extremely flexible, allowing for installation in tight spaces. Further variants include the shielded ÖLFLEX CLASSIC 115 CH SF and ÖLFLEX CLASSIC 115 CH SF (TP). The latter features a twisted-pair design that makes it suitable for entertainment systems or transferring data to a driver’s control panel. Just like all of LAPP’s cables for the rail industry, the new products meet the requirements for fire protection in rail vehicles as per EN 45545-2.
  • ÖLFLEX TRAIN HT150: This single-core silicon cable is designed for use at high temperatures and can withstand up to 150°C. Possible applications include engines or power converters. The cable is rated at Hazard Level 3, the highest hazard level for fire protection. It is also certified to EN 50382-2 for the construction of silicone cables. It is available in cross-sections of 1.5 mm2 to 400 mm2 with 1.8 kV or 3.6 kV. It features a two-layer sheath with silicone insulation, and is also available with a single-layer sheath and Class 6 conductors. This makes it flexible and suitable for installation in positions with tight bending radii.
  • ÖLFLEX TRAIN 340 and ÖLFLEX TRAIN 345C: LAPP has significantly expanded its tried-and-tested range of power and control cables to meet the high demands of the rail sector in line with EN 50264-3-2. These cables are now available in cross-sections of 0.5 mm2 to 50 mm2 and with between two and 40 cores. They are suitable for various purposes, including outdoor installation, as their black sheath resists UV light. These products also withstand high temperatures, oil and fuel, and are certified to EN 45545-2.

Power and control cables are not the only products LAPP sells to the rail industry. The company also offers the complete range of data connection technology and is constantly expanding its range of connectors and system products, such as cable glands, cable inlets and cable protection systems as well as labelling solutions and tools.

  • Also new to the range and approved in line with DIN EN 45545-2 is the SKINTOP ST-HF-M in black with increased UV resistance for outdoor use. In addition to vibration protection, optimum strain relief and oil resistance, which all result from the tried-and-tested high functional safety, the plastic glands in the SKINTOP ST-HF-M series are approved for use in the rail industry in line with EN 45545-2 (Hazard Level 3). All materials, including the seals, are also 100% halogen-free. In addition to the light grey design for interior applications, there is now a black version with improved UV resistance for outdoor use.
  • The brass glands in the SKINTOP MS-HF-M series fulfil the strictest requirements in line with EN 45545-2 (Hazard Level 3) and EN 45545-3 (E30 fire resistance).
  • They are available with a shield contact spring as SKINTOP MS-HF-M SC or with a brush insert as SKINTOP MS-HF-M BRUSH in EMC applications for shielded ÖLFLEX TRAIN cables.
  • SKINTOP MS-HF-M GRIP is highly suitable where extreme strain relief is also required – the double clamp ensures additional centred strain relief and improved bending protection.

Numerous EPIC rectangular connectors are also suitable and approved for the special requirements of the rail industry.

  • The EPIC MH modular connector system, for example, also fulfils EN 45545-2 requirements, is highly resistant and is very quick to assemble. The fixed frame enables one module after the other to be simply locked in place, so EPIC MH is pluggable, even with standard products on the market. When connecting cables in the EPIC MH system, LAPP relies on crimp contacts, which are highly vibration-proof and thus offer a very important advantage for the rail industry in comparison to screwed contacts. Another special feature of the EPIC MH is the gigabit module for connecting Etherline Cat. 7 cables to facilitate ultra-high-speed data transmission in modern trains.

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LAB extends their ENAC accreditation

Being aware of the importance for our clients to work with a trusted partner, offering a wide range of services, we are happy to announce that LAB extends their ENAC accreditation by the the analysis of pesticides by means of UPLC-ms/MS in olive oil and the analysis of metals by ICP-ms in vegetable oils (arsenic, cadmium, copper, chromium, tin, iron, mercury, nickel and lead).

This is a new method developed by our team of experts in the Physical Chemistry and Chromatography Departments together to ensure 100% reliability of the new method and performance to achieve ENAC certification.

Furthermore, at LAB we offer a maximum standard time of 48 hours for the delivery of results (national level) in this new analysis, adapting to the specific and punctual needs of each client.

Please find the complete list of pesticides and the limits of quantification for pesticides and metals on our website under “Accreditations”.


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TÜV Rheinland: Cyber Hazards for Operational Technology Underestimated

TÜV Rheinland, a leading expert in digital transformation and cybersecurity, today announced the results of a worldwide study, exploring how 370 industrial organizations protect their operational technology (OT) assets from cyberattacks. The findings show that as hackers increasingly attack OT, many companies are not aware of the threats cyberattacks pose to their OT assets. Moreover, their measures for cybersecurity are usually not tailored to operational technology.

Lack of concern toward OT cybersecurity is worrying

In the study entitled “Industrial Security in 2019: A TÜV Rheinland Perspective”, 40 percent of respondents stated that they had never assessed the risks posed by cyberattacks on their operational technology. A further 34 percent do not know whether their own company has ever investigated these risks. In addition, only one in five companies has tailored its measures for cybersecurity to operational technology. “The fact that OT cybersecurity is obviously not of high priority is worrying. Attacks from the Internet can shut down entire plants, which can result in production downtime and higher costs,” comments Nigel Stanley, Chief Technology Officer, Operational Technology and Industrial Cybersecurity at TÜV Rheinland.

Preventing hazards from the Internet

In the study, the authors emphasize the complexity of OT security in a networked world. For instance: Enterprise IT applications are constantly updated to respond to new threats. But computer controls for OT systems are not typically updated regularly. “Whether or not an OT system is connected to the Internet, preventive cybersecurity measures based on an understanding of the OT risk are a must. This is especially important as the safety of OT systems can be undermined by cybersecurity attacks,” says Nigel Stanley.

Protecting production data from theft

Those responsible should think about how to protect their own production facilities from physical intrusion. “Whoever is responsible for OT security should consider whether an intruder could insert a rogue USB stick into a system,” Stanley says. “A lot of valuable intellectual property is found in industrial plants and data theft can be just as rewarding for some hackers as disrupting the plant production line.”

Operational Technology (OT)

Operational technology is name given to the computerized systems used to control physical assets such as valves, motors and pumps. Its use is prevalent across many industries and sectors including oil and gas, transportation, building management systems, water treatment plants and critical national infrastructure. Experts from TÜV Rheinland already have identified Operational Technology as a frontline for cyberattacks in their Cybersecurity Trends.

The study

The study was conducted by IT analysts from Bloor Research, who administered an online survey to 370 managers from companies worldwide, inquiring about how they protect their OT assets. While almost 70 percent of the respondents work in the manufacturing industry, a variety of other industries were also represented, including automotive, oil and gas, telecommunications, energy, chemical, logistics and public institutions. The study looks at the aspects of risk assessment, protection against and detection of cyberattacks, and provides information on protective measures and the recovery of assets after a cyberattack. The free study can be downloaded at:

Digital Transformation & Cybersecurity

For over 20 years, TÜV Rheinland’s Digital Transformation & Cybersecurity Business Stream has been helping companies from various industries, government agencies and public institutions to use innovative technologies securely. With nearly 1,000 consultants worldwide, our experts have a high level of industry knowledge about digital transformation and cybersecurity. In an increasingly vulnerable world of networked systems and devices, our cybersecurity solutions aim to combine security and data protection. Our team carries out cybersecurity tests, industrial security tests and data protection tests on the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud infrastructures, among others.

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Ethernet for offshore drilling rigs

Hradil Spezialkabel, the German cable-engineering company presents a hybrid a cable which transmits images and data in real time, supplies power for applications in marine atmospheres and is compliant with ATEX and EX requirements. While standard Ethernet cables have a maximum length of 100 meters, Hradil’s Hybrid Multi-Ethernet cable can reach lengths of up to 250 meters. The Hradil cable excels at extreme temperatures, from arctic -60°C to tropical + 80°C, is mud and flame-resistant, halogen-free resistant and also resistant against oil, UV-radiation and ozone. Hradil’s Hybrid Multi-Ethernet Cable has the required UL or cUL certifications for applications in the North-American markets.

The times when the relative peace of the office environment was the sole preserve of Ethernet networks and applications are definitely past. As field bus systems they perform a wide range of real-time tasks in outdoor industrial applications, at conditions which can be rough in the extreme. Special cable manufacturer Hradil Spezialkabel now introduces the armoured Hybrid Ethernet Cat. 5e cable for the most demanding offshore requirements.

Hradil’s armoured Hybrid Multi-Ethernet Cable can be used for safety-relevant real time applications in explosion hazard environments such as offshore drilling rigs or maritime applications. Typical uses are remote or video surveillance and control, the transmission of sensor data including power supply. Additionally, it can also be used in the construction sector for civil engineering work or tunnel construction, for heavy-duty construction machinery or tunnel boring machines. With its double armour the cable performs the heaviest tasks with ease.

Innovative design with dual cable sheath including double armouring and extrusion-embedment

Engineers at Hradil designed the armoured Hybrid Multi-Ethernet Cable as a multi-purpose Cat 5e cable with 3 control cores and 2 sensor cables. Its outer diameter is a mere 19.2mm and features double armouring – the outer and also the inner sheath are armoured. The outer sheath is resistant against oil, petrol and sea water, cooling fluids lubricants and cold cleaning agents. The cable owes its enormous stability and robustness to the dual armouring.

The braided shield of the inner sheath has been constructed from tin-plated copper wire. The shield in the outer sheath is made from galvanized steel wire. All cores inside of the inner sheath have been embedded in a special PUR compound using a production process developed by Hradil. improved maximum stability of the whole cable by multiples.

Certified Safety

Hradil’s armoured Hybrid Multi-Ethenet Cable complies with IEC60332-1 standards and requirements: flame-resistance, IEC 60754-2: halogen-free, DIN 60811-404: oil resistance, DIN ISO 4892-2: Ozone and UV-resistance, DIN EN 50288-2-1: Ethernet, mud resistance: acc. to NEK 606, ATEX / IECEx: zones 1, 21 and UL/cUL-approved.

Authors: Alfred F. Hradil, CEO and Dede Bülbül, Technical Director at Hradil Spezialkabel GmbH, Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany

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SFC Energy: Simark Controls receives order for fully integrated VFD Systems from new oil producing customer

  • Simark Controls wins new major customer: Canadian Oil Producer places order for Simark’s successful, fully integrated Variable Frequency Drive Systems (VFDs) for their oil assets.
  • Simark’s VFD systems help the oil producer to significantly reduce costs with unique installation and operations benefits.
  • Order amount: In the upper six-digit CAD range. Delivery and sales & earnings reporting still in 2018.

Simark Controls Ltd., a subsidiary of SFC Energy, leading provider of hybrid power solutions to the stationary and mobile power generation markets, has won another new major oil producing customer. The Canadian Oil Producer has placed an order for Simark’s fully integrated Variable Frequency Drive systems (VFDs) for their oil assets in Alberta. The order amount is in the upper six-digit CAD range. The order was still delivered in 2018 and recognised in 2018 sales & earnings.

The ordered VFD Systems operate electric submersible pumps (ESPs) used to artificially lift heavy oil from well-pads. Simark designed the systems specifically for seamless integration into the customer’s control system, precisely meeting the oil producer’s specific electrical requirements. Additional system benefits are improved system uptimes, optimized pump operation and augmented oil production.

“Our customized Variable Frequency Drive solutions are experiencing continued demand and strong recognition in the oil & gas industry”, says Mark Vandenbrink, Vice-President Drives & Motor Control of Simark Controls. “Automation, system intelligence, simplified logistics and low integration and operating costs are the main innovation drivers in the industry. We custom-design our systems to give producers exactly what they need.”

Additional information on SFC Energy’s off-grid power portfolio for oil & gas, clean energy & mobility, industry and defense & security at Additional information on Simark Controls at

About Simark Controls Ltd.

Simark Controls, a company of SFC Energy AG, is a service oriented, value added sales company specializing in custom integrated and manufactured solutions of high quality instrumentation, automation, energy and power products. Simark provides instrumentation & measurement systems, power components & drives, security & surveillance equipment for the oil & gas industry and mining, forestry & community supply markets. The Company is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, with sales offices in Edmonton and Grand Prairie, Alberta, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Vancouver, British Columbia and Montreal, Quebec.

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Body Worn Insect Repellent Market Research – Forecast Report 2024 | Orvis, 3M, BASF, Avon, LANXESS, Omega Pharma, CVS Pharmacy, SC Johnson

Body Worn Insect Repellent Market to exceed USD 1 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Increasing incidences of arthropod borne diseases across the world is a major factor leading towards body worn insect repellent market growth. Growing healthcare awareness programs to create consciousness among consumers also stimulates the demand for bug resistance products. Severe efforts taken to prevent epidemics is likely to play a key role in the increasing adoption for these repellents in the upcoming years.

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Wide spread of malaria, chikungunya, dengue etc. have increased the necessity for body worn insect repellents. Oils and creams are widely used for keeping mosquitoes and bugs away. Oil and creams are further classified into plant based and synthetic based on the ingredient content. The preference for plant-based insect repellents are increasing in the market due to the rising awareness of natural or organic products for the skin and its minimum side effects. 

Lack of awareness about the products can act as a challenge for the body worn insect repellent market growth. The availability of various traditional substitutes such as lemongrass extract, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, neem oil etc. are expected to hinder the market growth in the future. Limited product knowledge is also expected to hamper the market growth in the upcoming years.

Insect repellent oil & creams generated over USD 200 million revenue in 2017. Increasing health awareness along with ease of usage will propel the product demand. Plant based product has witnessed the market revenue share of over 36% in 2017. Plant-based products will observe rapid growth in the coming years due to its minimum side-effects and increasing consumer inclination for eco-friendly products. 

Increasing number of sales platform is one of the major factor leading towards product penetration. The online distribution channel is the fastest growing segment in this market. Easy product availability along with the competitive pricing and discount offers will enhance the product demand. 

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Global Body Worn Insect Repellent Market, By Product

  • Apparel
    • Trousers
    • Shirts
    • Jackets
    • Head Nets
  • Oil & Creams
    • Synthetic
    • Plant Based
  • Stickers & patches
  • Spray


Global Body Worn Insect Repellent Market, By Distribution Channel

  • Supermarkets
  • Online Stores
  • Convenience Stores


Browse key industry insights spread across 388 pages with 598 market data tables & 16 charts & figures from the report, “Body worn insect repellent market” in detail along with the table of contents:

Asia Pacific body worn insect repellent market is anticipated to witness over 8% growth up to 2024. The regional industry growth is primarily driven by countries including China, India, and Japan owing to a large number of population. This region also comprises of huge rural and semi-urban population currently affected by vector-borne diseases including malaria, Chikungunya, and dengue.

North America holds more than 30% overall body worn insect repellent revenue share in 2017. The increasing awareness of insect born disease among the population and the availability of products due to the presence of large distribution channel and online websites are enhancing the overall demand for the body worn insect repellent market in this region.

Global body worn insect repellent industry share includes S. C. Johnson & Son, Avon products, Sawyer Products Inc. and 3M Company. New product launches, acquisitions, development of natural products and promotion of products through e-commerce websites are the major strategies adopted by industry participants. Other considerable companies include E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, ExOfficio LLC, Omega Pharma and Spectrum Brands Holdings.

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LumaSense To Join Partner AIMS at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference (ADIPEC)

LumaSense Technologies, Inc., an Advanced Energy company, is exhibiting flare monitoring solutions alongside local partner Analytical Instrumentation & Maintenance Systems (AIMS) November 12-15, 2018 at ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

More than 110,000 professionals attend ADIPEC, one of the world’s largest and influential oil and gas events for knowledge sharing and idea exchange. Safe flaring operations will be an important issue facing many attendees at this event. To maintain safe flaring operations, industry professionals need continuous monitoring of pilot flames and flared gases to ensure that vented gases are ignited and confirm combustion in the flaring process.

“Thermocouple failure, flame movement, varying luminosity, and adverse climate conditions are just a few of the obstacles that need to be overcome to gain long-term monitoring reliability,” says LumaSense E2T Product Manager David Ducharme. He also says that by installing a secondary continuous monitoring system, oil and gas professionals can overcome these challenges and fulfill the required regulations, even when primary systems fail.

LumaSense Technologies invites attendees to visit Hall 13, Stand #13790 to get information on application details and benefits of the new LumaSense flare monitoring systems designed specifically for continuous monitoring of pilot flames and flaring operations.


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