Easyfairs acquires majority stake in Milan-based Packaging Première exhibition

Global exhibition organiser Easyfairs announces today its acquisition of a majority stake in high-end Italian packaging exhibition Packaging Première, which takes place on 26-28 May 2020 in Milan. Packaging Première is a ‘selective’ exhibition dedicated to designers, luxury packaging manufacturers and international brands, held in the heart of Milan, the Italian hub of fashion and … „Easyfairs acquires majority stake in Milan-based Packaging Première exhibition“ weiterlesen

Adhesive that comes into contact with foodstuffs

. Labels in the supermarket When walking through the supermarket, have you ever noticed how many products feature labels? By labels, I don’t mean the small price tags – these have in recent years been almost completely done away with and prices are instead displayed on shelves – but rather the larger labels that are … „Adhesive that comes into contact with foodstuffs“ weiterlesen


Beim diesjährigen CARD COUTURE AWARD des italienischen Feinstpapierherstellers FEDRIGONI waren Kreative, Produzenten, Verleger, Auftraggeber und Industrieunternehmen eingeladen, ihre besten Arbeiten auf den weißen Naturqualitäten der CARD NATURE & HIGHLINE-Kampagne und den hochweißen Chromosulfatkartons der SYMBOL CARD-Kollektion einzureichen. In einer spannenden Jury Night einigte sich die Expertenjury auf eine beeindruckende Auswahl kreativer Druckerzeugnisse in den Kategorien … „CARD COUTURE AWARD 2019 by FEDRIGONI“ weiterlesen

Profitable Solvent Recovery for Flexographic Printing Presses

OFRU Recycling presents complete solvent recycling concepts for new or existing flexographic printing presses. Flexographic printing presses are often equipped with an automatic cleaning system. For each printing press wash-up cycle, the cleaning system requires a certain amount of clean solvent. The need for cleaning solvents increases according to the number of color and printing … „Profitable Solvent Recovery for Flexographic Printing Presses“ weiterlesen