Putzmeister Contributes to World Record Concrete Pour at Polavaram Dam

A Putzmeister Operations & Management team helped Navayuga Engineering Company Limited (NECL) set Guinness World Records for Largest Continuous Concrete Pour and Most Concrete Continuously Poured in 24 hours at the Polavaram Dam. 32,315.5 m3 of concrete was continuously poured for 24 hours to achieve this record.

The Putzmeister team of 50 did this with the help of 4 Putzmeister Telebelt – TBS 130, TB 200 and TBS 600, 1 Putzmeister Truck Mounted Concrete Pump – BSF 42, 20 Agitators and 4 Surgecretes All Putzmeister equipment had a 100% uptime.

Putzmeister has been working on the Polavaram Dam project since work on the foundation for the spillway started towards the end 2016. Till date the team has transported and placed 1.5 million m3 of concrete. This is not the first time Putzmeister has helped its clients achieve the world record for continuous concrete pour. We not only help set records, we also help break records achieved through our efforts.

Putzmeister Operations & Management is a service offering from the company in India. An embedded team typically comprising a Project Supervisor, Application Specialist, Material Specialist, Machine Operators, Drivers and Service Engineers manages not just the equipment, but also the operations and delivery through the equipment at the jobsite. This helps the customer focus on overall delivery of the project while the Putzmeister team manages the day to day work on the jobsite.

To learn more about our Operations & Management offering, contact us at marketing@pmw.co.in

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­For enquiries contact:

Putzmeister Marketing at marketing@pmw.co.in or call 0832 669 6094

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Operating manual sliding wall systems (MSW) safely and conveniently


GEZE at BAU trade fair I Munich I 14 – 19 January 2019 I Hall B1 I Stand 538-539

At BAU 2019, we will be displaying systems and solutions which support our customers and partners in all stages of the building life cycle.

Our way is Connecting expertise – building solutions.

Manual sliding wall systems by GEZE create an open, inviting atmosphere in shop fronts in shopping malls. To open the system fronts, the glass elements are simply pushed together and elegantly ’stacked‘. With the new automatic MSW Comfort locking concept, we demonstrate how manual sliding wall systems can be operated even more conveniently and easily. And all this without the bother of bending.

As easy as opening a door

In the future, handling movable all-glass sliding wall systems will be as easy as easily and safely opening and closing a door. Movable shop fronts often need to be operated not only in the morning and evening, but several times throughout the day as well. People who work in shopping centre stores and building operators have given us the inspiration to further improve our manual sliding wall systems.

Kind on backs and time-saving

The new MSW Comfort vertically locks the glass elements into the floor while simultaneously locking the elements together, by means of an activator unit. This means that manual sliding wall systems can easily be locked and unlocked by moving the elements.

  • no extra manual operation needed for lower element profile
  • significantly faster ‚manual‘ opening or closing of MSW shop fronts

Safety with design

Convenient operation is even possible for segmented system fronts with a directional change from element to element of up to 15 degrees.

  • no visible locking elements on the front
  •  no disruption to the clear design
  • manipulation of the locking position not possible from the outside
  • assurance that MSW shop fronts are safely locked

Your partner for planning

Our aim is to create product and service-based solutions, and so comprehensively and optimally support our customers and partners, and help them gain advantages over the competition.

With the help of our apps and planning tools, we support our customers and partners in creating complete manual sliding wall systems in all stages of a project.

  • just a few steps to create comprehensive planning documents using the MSW configuration tool
  • easy and quick installation, thanks to automatically generated layout and detail drawings
  • direct ordering of configured manual sliding wall systems via the customer portal

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GEZE Cockpit building automation system


GEZE at BAU trade fair I Munich I 14 – 19 January 2019 I Hall B1 I Stand 538-539

At BAU 2019, we will be displaying systems and solutions which support our customers and partners in all stages of the building life cycle.

Our way is Connecting expertise – building solutions.

Buildings become more liveable – safer, more efficient and more comfortable – when products from different subsections of the building communicate with each other. GEZE Cockpit, the first door, window and safety technology system, successfully achieves this. GEZE demonstrates how automated products can be networked and centrally operated and monitored. The building automation system can work independently, or be integrated into a building management system.

Networked and smart doors and windows

The interdisciplinary networking of door and window technology with smart software and open interfaces provides completely new options for planners and operators in terms of building automation. The BACnet communication standard enables the full intelligence of GEZE products (i.e. all available control options and status information) to be integrated into the building automation system using GEZE Cockpit. The truly ‘intelligent’ operation of doors and windows is possible because the system allows data from other devices and subsystems to be used. Doors and windows can therefore be controlled and monitored with the highest degree of precision.

• seasonal setting of the opening width of an automatic sliding door
• opening and closing of a window according to the external temperature, in coordination with weather stations and heating systems

Scenarios – the right reaction, automatically

Individual scenarios can be saved in GEZE Cockpit, so that doors and windows are opened and closed or doors locked automatically. This is triggered either by time or by a specific event.

• door monitoring and control, operating mode changes
• for targeted escape route release
• intelligent smoke and heat extraction

This also means that time-consuming inspections are no longer necessary, since the status of each connected element is reported. Malfunctioning doors, alarm and error messages can be easily identified and countermeasures implemented immediately.

Always a great atmosphere

Ventilation scenarios ensure an optimal indoor climate through the interplay of subsections. Integrated in GEZE Cockpit, the façade technology responds to changing climatic conditions.
• windows close according to the exterior temperature, rain/wind
• windows open according to the ambient temperature and air quality in the room
• energy-efficient night-time back cooling, e.g. in office blocks

The optimal GEZE Cockpit in any building

The system can be adapted to individual requirements – whether installed in airports, clinics, exhibition halls, office blocks or shopping centres. Because there’s not just one GEZE Cockpit, we get involved in networking projects at the earliest opportunity and remain involved for longer. This ensures that all our customers’ and partners’ needs and the building requirements are met, and no questions are left unanswered, creating comprehensive and efficient solutions with the greatest added value. To achieve this, we connect all building development personnel in an efficient network and provide inspirational impulses – all in keeping with our slogan, ‘Connecting expertise – building solutions’.

Coordinated service packages
GEZE Cockpit features three different applications, depending on the situation and to cover a wide variety of building requirements. Whichever software configuration is implemented, the comprehensive service package and the expertise of our networking specialists are always included.

Support in all project stages
• planning/project planning and management
• configuration and commissioning
• operator training
• maintenance and support

Operation with an IP-enabled device

GEZE Cockpit is operated using browser-based software. Any IP-enabled device – be it a PC or tablet – can access and process information from the system. Up to 62 GEZE products can be connected to any system.

Meet all your requirements with GEZE Cockpit

Using the same hardware and software, GEZE offers various ways of connecting GEZE products to all common building automation systems based on a BACnet IP.

Integration into the building management system

GEZE Cockpit connects GEZE products to the building management system via BACnet IP. With the ‘integration solution’, all relevant data points of the connected products are made available to the building management system for further processing in cross-functional and interdisciplinary scenarios.

• easy connection of GEZE products to leading building management systems
• safety for building operators: flawless integration of a range of GEZE product functions into the building automation system
• centralisation of functions
• minimal interfaces

Independent solution
In the ‘stand-alone solution’, the GEZE Cockpit is used for door, window and safety technology applications where less extensive building automation is sufficient, e.g. in small to medium projects.

GEZE Cockpit offers

• the potential for integration
• browser-based central operation and monitoring of integrated GEZE components
• separate interfaces for operators and users

The best of both worlds
The available integration and stand-alone solutions can be combined for more comprehensive building automation. GEZE Cockpit can remain unchanged in the building.

• Simple connection to the building management system by means of extended software functions

Further information:

GEZE Cockpit is already being used successfully

Over 180 door solutions are networked in the GEZE Cockpit building automation system and integrated into the BACnet building automation system at the head office of the Stuttgart-based IT company Vector.

Further information:

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Strike update – AMCU refuses to co-operate with the verification process

Sibanye-Stillwater (Tickers JSE: SGL and NYSE: SBGL- http://www.commodity-tv.net/c/search_adv/?v=298294) advises that following an application for leave to appeal by the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (AMCU) of the judgment made by the Labour Court (Court) on 21 December 2018 and confirmed by the Court on 8 January 2019, the union affiliation verification process, facilitated by Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA), which was due to continue today, has been suspended pending the outcome of the appeal process.

Sibanye-Stillwateris confident that the that the verification exercise will confirm that three other unions which signed the wage offer, represent more than 50% of employees in the workplace, therefore supporting the extension of the offer in terms of Section 23(1)(d) of the Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995 and will oppose AMCU’s attempts to avoid the verification process.

Neal Froneman, CEO of Sibanye-Stillwater commented: “We are disappointed that AMCU continues to pursue these obstructive actions and delay the conclusion of the ongoing strike, while its members are suffering severe financial hardship as a consequence. We are not surprised by AMCU’s behaviour and have considered other legal alternatives, which we will be pursuing.”

Please refer to https://soundcloud.com/user-155552468/suspension-verification-process for a media sound clip by the spokesperson, James Wellsted.


This announcement contains forward-looking statements, including forward-looking statements” within the meaning of Section 27A of the U.S. Securities Act of 1933 and the “safe harbour” provisions of the United States Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements may be identified by the use of words such as “target”, “will”, “would”, “expect”, “can”, “unlikely”, “could” and other similar expressions that predict or indicate future events or trends or that are not statements of historical matters. These forward-looking statements, including among others, those relating to our future business prospects, financial positions, debt position and our ability to reduce debt leverage, plans and objectives of management for future operations, plans to raise capital through streaming arrangements or pipeline financing, our ability to service our Bond Instruments (High Yield Bonds and Convertible Bonds), our ability to achieve steady state production at the Blitz project and the anticipated benefits and synergies of our acquisitions are necessarily estimates reflecting the best judgement of our senior management and involve a number of known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors, many of which are difficult to predict and generally beyond the control of Sibanye-Stillwater, that could cause Sibanye-Stillwater’s actual results and outcomes to be materially different from historical results or from any future results expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. As a consequence, these forward-looking statements should be considered in light of various important factors, including those set forth in the Group’s Annual Integrated Report and Annual Financial Report, published on 2 April 2018, and the Group’s Annual Report on Form 20-F filed by Sibanye-Stillwater with the Securities and Exchange Commission on 2 April 2018 (SEC File no. 001-35785). These forward-looking statements speak only as of the date of this announcement. Sibanye-Stillwater undertakes no obligation to update publicly or release any revisions to these forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after the date of this announcement or to reflect the occurrence of unanticipated events, save as required by applicable law.

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Miscellaneous init innovation in traffic systems SE: MTS Partners with INIT for Account-Based Fare System in San Diego

As previously announced in the adhoc release on 14 December 2018, the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) has now signed the contract with INIT Innovations in Transportation, Inc – a wholly owned US subsidiary of init SE – for the delivery of an account-based, open architecture electronic fare system in San Diego. The total contract value is more than USD 30 million including the option operation and maintenance.

"Fare collection is at the core of our business and purchasing options are more diverse than ever. It’s incumbent that we keep pace with the technology our customers demand," said Paul Jablonski, MTS chief executive officer. "INIT has a track record of success partnering with transit agencies to develop customized next generation fare collection solutions. We look forward to rolling this out in 2021."

INIT will also provide more than 100 cash and about 70 cashless Ticket Vending Machines (TVM) to facilitate the convenient purchase of tickets and fare media. Ticket office terminals and mobile sales units will be included in the project to allow MTS to sell fares during large events.

Additionally, INIT will deliver about 900 fare validators for use on MTS buses and at rail station platforms. The validators will accept closed-loop payments such as an MTS-branded smartcard and be capable of accepting open payments such as bank-issued debit/credit cards and mobile wallets using Google Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay.

The core intelligence of MTS‘ next generation fare system will be INIT’s back-office processing and revenue management solution, MOBILEvario. MOBILEvario utilizes an open architecture design to integrate with various third-party vendors for a fully unified system. Due to MOBILEvario’s multi-client capability, MTS will have the ability for a region-wide, interoperable fare structure.

MTS chose INIT because of their goal to implement proven technologies and secure a provider that can ensure a smooth transition to the new system.

About MTS

MTS operates 95 bus routes and three Trolley lines on 53 miles of double-tracked railway. Every weekday 300,000 passenger trips are taken on MTS bus and Trolley services in 10 cities and the county. In FY 2018, MTS served 86 million riders.

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„Plunet fulfills all of our requirements“ – Translation Street changes their translation management system

With the Polish translation service provider Translation Street, Plunet has gained another customer who is reorganizing their translation management processes with the powerful Plunet software.

Founded in 2010, Translation Street not only carries out translations in all world languages based on their customer’s needs and values, but also keeps up continuously with technical developments. The Krakow-based company offers a wide spectrum of services for a variety of industries, including specialist translations, interpreting services, proofreading, localization, and desktop publishing.

Plunet BusinessManager is the leading business and translation management software, offering a high level of automation and flexibility to complement a wide range of functionalities. Using a web-based platform, Plunet integrates every step of the translation management process in a single solution, from quote, order, job, and invoice management to reporting. The configurable system also makes it possible to customize functions and extensions to fit individual requirements.

Sought and found: A sophisticated system for a demanding market

Translation Street had been planning to switch to a different translation management system for a while. The fast-moving translation market brought with it new challenges that could no longer be tackled with the current solution. After extensive market research, Translation Street opted for Plunet. Stanisław Szczurek, Partner at Translation Street, explains:

"We wanted a system that is web-based, quick and reliable, can be adapted to our requirements and combined with different modules – Plunet fulfills all of our requirements."

The implementation process ran smoothly. After just a few months, Translation Street was able to configure the Plunet software to fit the company’s specifications, import the required data and arrange the necessary training for their own staff.

Peggy Grafe, Head of Implementation at Plunet, remembers the training phase:

"The customer explained their requirements in a clear and precise way, which meant that I could quickly respond to their requirements and give them specific advice on how to set up the system. All in all, it was a very open and uncomplicated collaboration."

Big plus: Time savings

For the translation service provider, there are considerable advantages to using Plunet.

"The quotes, which can be automatically created as PDF files, demonstrate a high level of professionalism. Translators can directly access the files in the system – this is particularly important in urgent cases, if the project manager is not available."

Another important aspect for Stanisław Szczurek is the amount of time that has been saved – and in this sense, implementing Plunet has already paid off.

"Automatic notifications informing the translators that a job has already been assigned, or the option for vendors to upload or update their invoices in the system – there are so many ways to save time with Plunet."

Looking to the future with Plunet

And Translation Street still has a lot planned with Plunet. At the top of the to-do list is the QualityManager module, which can be used for more efficient and ISO-compliant feedback processes, as well as a quicker vendor search and assignment. In the coming year, Translation Street is planning to switch to the dynamic CAT integration, and implement the VendorRegistrationManager module, which enables vendors to register themselves in Plunet BusinessManager.

Translation Street will therefore experience a number of changes that will further optimize processes and reposition the company – with Plunet always on board.

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BELLIN further cemented as a leader in the treasury management system sector

BELLIN, a global leader in providing web-based treasury software and services for multinational corporations, has again been recognized as an industry leader, winning the 2018 Awards for Innovation & Excellence in Treasury & Risk Management for Best Cash & Treasury Management Solution. In addition, one of BELLIN’s clients, Ferguson has won a Corporate Recognition Award for their “Future-Proofing Treasury” project, in which they utilized BELLIN’s award-winning solution.

The Awards for Innovation & Excellence are sponsored by Treasury Management International and were introduced more than a decade ago. Over the years, TMI has entrenched themselves as a quality authority and benchmark for the treasury profession by formally recognizing banks, vendors, consultants and practitioners that are exhibiting elevated innovation and expertise within their fields. BELLIN’s treasury management system, tm5, was recognized as the number-one Cash & Treasury Management Solution, further cementing BELLIN as the leader in treasury technology.

"BELLIN is extremely proud to have maintained our identity as a traditional fintech service provider, while simultaneously shifting our gaze to exciting emerging technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence", remarked Martin Bellin, CEO and Founder of BELLIN. "We are honored to receive this award from TMI and will strive to continue serving and reshaping the treasury industry as a whole," Martin added.

BELLIN’s tm5 is a comprehensive and integrated treasury platform that consolidates typical treasury tasks into one convenient interface. tm5 excels in cash and liquidity management, secure global payments, bank connectivity, FX and interest rate exposure. tm5 steps in as an all-in-one treasury management platform with a heightened focus on security by providing cutting edge in-house modules supplemented with third-party integrations.

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Air collector and thermal storage materials for air conditioning in buildings

Profound changes are occurring in the energy and construction sector, so traditional business models are no longer sufficient. The interaction of smart materials, sustainable energy-efficient systems, decentralized storage and the use of renewable energies and existing heat sources is becoming increasingly important. The acquisition and evaluation of measurement data forms a sound basis for improving energy efficiency. Based on these data, models for energy balancing can be created, and the interaction between energy demand and availability can be optimized.

At the Fraunhofer ICT energy campus in Pfinztal, individual thermal storage systems tailored to the respective application profile are developed and tested to increase energy efficiency. For example, in the STARK project the air conditioning of a building is implemented. Here, a 100m² collector array is used in combination with a zeolite and latent heat storage device. In energy-specific processes, the process data are recorded, evaluated and optimized with modeling and simulation tools.

We will demonstrate:

• Sorption and latent heat storage materials for active and passive thermal management

• A hybrid component, consisting of insulating and storage material, which combines the insulating properties of foams with the heat-storing and tempering properties of phase change materials (PCM)

• Lightweight air collectors in combination with zeolite and PCM storage devices, which enable the supply of heat and cold at any time

• Modeling and simulation of heat storage systems in their applications

• Presentation: STARK project – Solar Thermal System for Room Air Conditioning, Christian Teicht, B0 Forum

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MMK relies on PQA® for quality management across all processes

Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK), Russia, has placed an order with MET/Con, an SMS group company (www.sms-group.com), for the implementation of the quality management system PQA® (Product Quality Analyzer). Together, MMK, SMS group and MET/Con intend to set a milestone with this project and show how the location’s performance and quality levels can be improved thanks to total process and production transparency.

MMK produces around 10 million tons per year quality steel at its site in Magnitogorsk; this steel is used in the construction and automobile industries, for example, and for pipeline and mechanical engineering. As part of a company-wide Industrie 4.0 initiative, MMK will implement the new PQA® quality management system in order to further improve quality levels across all processes in Magnitogorsk, as well as stabilize production processes, improve on-time delivery performance, and thus improve its competitive position.

The PQA® system is a holistic IT solution that operates on know-how based expert rules. Among other things, the advanced software and database solution from QuinLogic GmbH in Aachen, also an SMS group company, is to be used. This approach has been successfully implemented in the past at selected flat steel and long product manufacturers with a wide range of downstream processing stages.

The PQA® system conducts an online analysis of process, production, and quality data from steel production, through casting and rolling, right down to surface finishing and refining. The PQA® expert rules, which can be freely configured and fed with specific know-how, take into account customer and order-specific information in the quality assessment process or when the material is approved for further processing.

The modular software structure comprises a LogicDesigner for flexible rule adaptation, a quality assessment module, and a web-based reporting system. The centerpiece of the quality management system is the DataCorrelator software module, which also covers current topics such as big data analyses and artificial intelligence (AI). Various intelligent mathematical evaluation methods, including pattern recognition options, identify and indicate correlations that can be directly used for process optimization.

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identity AG goes eIDAS based on Open eCard

Open technologies for electronic identities (eID) and trust services according to the eIDAS-Regulation are enjoying increasing popularity. With identity Trust Management AG, the growing Open eCard Community has now gained another prominent supporter.

Open eCard Library is the first Open Source "eID-Kernel" according to BSI TR-03124

The Open eCard project has recently released the world’s first Open Source "eID-Kernel" according to the technical guideline BSI TR-03124 (eID-Client) of the German Federal Office for Information Security (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik, BSI). Thanks to the free Open eCard Library for Android, electronic identification with the German eID card (Personalausweis) can now be directly integrated into corresponding smartphone apps. So far, this innovative and trustworthy Open Source technology has already been successfully used by the districts of Lichtenfels and Kulmbach in the area of "Smart Mobility" for the local "FiftyFifty Taxi" project. In addition, further fields of applications in the area of electronic signatures, which are currently being developed in the EU-funded "FutureTrust" project, are expected to follow soon.

identity mobilizes identification with trusted Open eCard technology

identity Trust Management AG is now using the trustworthy Open eCard technology in various regulated industries, such as banks, insurance companies, telecommunication companies and trust service providers, for highly secure mobile identity verification based on the eID function of the German eID card. "In the sensitive area of identity management, open sources are a very important prerequisite for a trustworthy system. In addition to the availability as Open Source, Open eCard has in particularly impressed by the proven support of the relevant guidelines of the BSI and international standards as well as its flexibility and expandability, since the high certification standard of identity AG must be maintained," adds Uwe Stelzig, CEO of identity Trust Management AG. "On this basis, we are pleased to be able to offer another innovative building block in identity AG’s Identity Management System for mobile identity verification, which meets even the highest demands of our internationally operating customers and our national and European certifications".

The integration of the Open eCard technology into the identity management system of identity TM AG will take place step by step in 2019 while maintaining the native user experience both in the online remote procedures (identity video, identity giro) and in the face to face procedures (identity shop, identity courier and identity PoS).

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