LogiMAT Exotec Solutions has been awarded a „Best Product award 2019 “ in the category „Order picking, Conveying, Lifting, Storage technology“ with the Skypod system

The Skypod system is a complete Goods To Person solution designed for the eCommerce.

Modern logistics are facing a double challenge of performance and agility. It must keep a total adaptability to a moving market, while ensuring the preparation of thousands of orders per day, for a same-day delivery.

The Skypod system is the first order preparation system in the world, based on 3D mobile robots. These robots transfer bins of goods to a 10-meter mass storage and bring them to the picking operators.

“The Skypod Systems answers to a strong need we have identified since the creation of Exotec 3,5 years ago. Customers are looking for high performance and high-density systems, that can be easily modified to follow the unpredictable growth of their business. “They cannot afford to invest in cathedrals of steel, for the next 10 years” says Romain Moulin, CEO of Exotec Solutions.

“The system has been built, since the beginning, to ensure a fast deployment and a full scalability. Our free navigation allows reaching 4 meters / seconds, and the artificial intelligence of the control allows to setup the system in only a few weeks on site.” Says Renaud Heitz, CTO and cofounder.

The fast implementation of the Skypod solution can slash a year out of commonly accepted lead times to get beneficial use of such systems. This leads to better ROI and allows to follow the pace of the eCommerce business.

Business intelligence survey recently projected that the demand for automated systems will be beyond 600.000 to be compared to the 100.000 already in service.

Exotec Solutions, brings automation to small, medium and large DC’s allowing future proof investments.

The use of the full height of the logistics buildings reduces by 5 the needed surface compared to a traditional Person To Goods solution.

In addition, our Skypod, is saving energy as it recovers most of the energy spent during decelerations, and downwards movements. And its low power consumption allows installations without the need of a dedicated additional power supply.

The redundancy in the system is also a key advantage, as it ensures a good availability, and the possibility of a true 24/7 operation, thanks to the maintenance made possible while the system is online. Performing maintenance is possible by retrieving one Skypod, leaving the rest of the fleet operational.

The key advantages are:

Capacity and productivity

Goods to man system to ensure performance and ergonomy


Adding racks and robots is easy and without production interruption. The system size can follow the actual growth needs without anticipation on investments.


Skypod solution doesn’t rely on batches or order combination, it adapts seamlessly to order profile variations.


Thanks to its massive parallelism concept there is no single point of failure and it allows 24 / 7 operations whilst allowing maintenance during production.

Energy saving

With minimal live loads and an embedded energy recovery capability the Skypod solution can claim an impressive 80% energy saving compared to traditional automation.


The pure goods to man concept of the Skypod allows a very late prioritization of orders and therefore an incomparable reactivity. With Skypod the next order to be prepared is always the most urgent one!

About Exotec Solutions

Established in 2015, Exotec Solutions has successfully installed 4 systems and is planning to install more than twice in 2019. With Partners in Italy, Germany, USA, and Poland, Spain, Benelux, UK, Japan, South Korea, Middle east during 2019, the Skypod will be soon available worldwide.


Press Contact: Sales@Exotecsolutions.com;  Gilles Baulard Tel +33 (0)6 13 30 65 30

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Tamper-proof labelling with artimeltsurface

Not only drug manufacturers are faced with the essential obligation to tamper-proof their cardboard packaging as a result of the new European anti-tampering guideline which took effect on 9 February 2019. Other manufacturers are also increasingly looking for new ways to label or seal their products in such a way that consumers can clearly recognise whether the packaging is still in the originally sealed manufacturer’s condition or if it has already been opened. Labels with exceptional adhesive properties that damage the carboard when removed play a crucial role in this. Conventional adhesives in particular fail to provide strong enough adhesion of labels on high-quality lacquered surfaces and the labels can be removed relatively easily. With artimeltsurface, artimelt has developed an adhesive that attaches itself increasingly more powerfully to the surface as time passes by. Whenever it is attempted to remove a label coated with artimeltsurface, the label will tear, or the surface of the underlying packaging will be damaged.

The new adhesive artimeltsurface will be presented at ICE – the leading international trade fair for the finishing and processing of paper, film, and foil – from 12 to 14 March 2019 in Munich.

artimeltsurface also adheres to surfaces that contain silicones

Many cardboard boxes do more than just packaging and protecting the actual product: they should also look attractive, leave a sophisticated impression, and stimulate the customer to buy, especially with quality contents. Representative packaging is elaborately printed, partially embossed, and coated with a high gloss or matte varnish to protect against soiling and damage. “Varnishes must have special additives to fulfil the desired functions,” explains Wolfgang Aufmuth of artimelt AG. Silicone is often used as one of these additive components. With its low surface tension, silicone repels greases, dirt, and dust. At the same time, adhesives also stick very poorly to surfaces that contain silicones.

artimeltsurface has been designed to create a stronger connection with the silicone-containing surface as time goes by. “Laboratory analyses on siliconised surfaces have shown that the adhesive properties grow ever stronger.” Already after a few days, the label can no longer be removed from the underlying surface without leaving traces. During the tests, the labels were destroyed completely. Only small label parts could be removed from the packaging while leaving clearly recognisable cracks in the previously covered varnishing of the packaging, showing that the cardboard has been tampered with.

artimeltsurface can also be used for adhesions under submerged conditions. Tests have shown that adhesive tapes fitted with artimeltsurface adhere properly to smooth, submerged surfaces. This also allows, for example, for the covering of cracks in swimming pools from the inside without having to let the water out.

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Close to the Customer – ODU to expand market in Korea

As of January 1, 2019 ODU has established its newest ODU company in Korea. Kai Schneider is Managing Director of ODU Korea Inc. Together with the longstanding trading partners it is his task to further expand sales in Korea, to find new sales channels and to introduce ODU connector solutions into Korean medical technology and robotics. "Currently, we are strong in Korea, especially in the field of e-mobility and military technology. We also want to prove our know-how in new fields and applications", says Kai Schneider.

Schneider is a mechanical engineer and brings a lot of experience in mechanical engineering as well as his knowledge of Korean culture. With its new company, ODU wants to be ready and personally accessible to its customers and partners. Kai Schneider will act as the interface between Korea and ODU in Mühldorf (Bavaria). "We also care about the geographical closeness to the customer. We already are present in Japan and China, and that has proven to be successful", says Denis Giba, ODU Managing Director. As a specialist for electrical connector systems, ODU develops solutions exactly to customers’ requirements and specifications. In close cooperation ODU creates technically and economically optimal connector systems that meet the customer needs.


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Appointment of Industry Expert to Infinity Lithium’s Board

  • Infinity significantly strengthens the Board with the appointment of European based lithium industry expert Vincent Ledoux-Pedailles
  • European based Executive with significant lithium market experience highlights continued European focus

Infinity Lithium Corporation Limited (‘Infinity’ or ‘the Company’ – http://www.commodity-tv.net/c/search_adv/?v=298809 ) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Vincent Ledoux-Pedailles to the Board of Infinity.  The appointment continues to reflect the corporate requirements and core focus of Infinity with regards to advancing the San Jose Lithium Project (“San Jose”).

Mr Ledoux-Pedailles has been involved in the lithium industry since 2011, initially with Talison Lithium Limited in Australia. He has held roles monitoring various metals and industrial minerals markets at international metals and minerals research and consulting company Roskill.

Vincent also led the lithium and battery materials research team at London based global data and information service group IHS Markit (‘IHS’), where he first focused on basic chemical commodities and led the EMEA Chlor-alkali team.  Having covered the entire industry’s supply chain from the extraction of the raw materials, their conversion to chemicals and battery materials used in cathodes, and the progression to end uses such as in electric vehicles, energy storage systems and portable electronics, Vincent brings extensive industry experience and perspective in highly specialised lithium chemicals. 

Infinity Managing Director, Ryan Parkin, said: “Infinity is delighted with the outcomes of the lithium hydroxide scoping study, and the appointment of Vincent to the Board of Infinity.   Vincent’s depth of industry expertise and strong network throughout Europe reinforces Infinity’s focus on engaging with potential strategic, technological and offtake partners in the progression of the San Jose Lithium Project in the world’s second largest electric vehicle market.  Vincent’s industry knowledge and expertise in the broader industrial chemicals market will provide immense value when considering the nature of offtake agreements in a highly specialised segment.  With his lithium market credentials, strong leadership qualities and team mentality, we are excited to welcome Vincent to the Board to drive Infinity and the strategically significant San Jose Lithium Project forward.”

The rapid evolution in cathode technologies and the lithium chemicals market has resulted in increasing focus on opportunities for lithium hydroxide and in particular the availability of product from non-Chinese based converters.  The proximity of San Jose to growing European markets provides significant strategic value to European cathode producers and lithium-ion battery cell manufacturers, as Europe addresses surety of supply to support what is projected to be the 2nd largest electric vehicle market.  The appointment of Vincent to the Board of Infinity further strengthens the Company’s focus on European developments after his recent appointment to lead European corporate strategy.

Vincent has been working with Infinity over the last quarter of 2018 in his capacity as Vice President of European Corporate Strategy and Business Development.  He is a regular speaker at various industry events across the world presenting at chemical, mining, and energy related conferences, and is scheduled to present at the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference (‘AABC’) “Global Battery Raw Materials Symposium Balancing Supply, Demand & Costs for Battery Component Materials” on 29 January 2019.

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Hitachi Chemical Co. Ltd. to acquire apceth Biopharma GmbH

apceth Biopharma GmbH, a leading contract manufacturing organization in the field of cell and gene therapy, announces today that Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. will enter into an agreement to acquire all shares of apceth Biopharma GmbH. This acquisition is expected to close in April 2019.

Founded 2007, apceth is a pioneer in cell and gene therapy and has developed into a leading European contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) for Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs). The company has state-of-the-art facilities located in Munich, Germany, which are fully compliant with all current EU ATMP regulations, BSL2 and ICH guidelines.

With the acquisition of apceth, Hitachi Chemical will be expanding its business presence footprint in Europe―the world’s second-largest market for regenerative medicine after the United States.

“We are very pleased to become part of Hitachi Chemical. Our combined strengths within Hitachi Chemical will allow us to manufacture complex cell and gene therapies for clients in North America, Asia, and Europe. This will allow our clients to supply patients around the world with highly needed innovative and high-quality cell and gene therapies”, said Christine Guenther, MD, CEO of apceth Biopharma.

“apceth had been built by a great team and strong support of its shareholders into Europe’s leading independent cell therapy manufacturer. We are very proud that these joint efforts resulted in apceth Biopharma now being chosen as Hitachi Chemical’s hub for cell therapy in Europe,” commented Manfred Ruediger, PhD, Chairman of the Board of apceth.

“We are proud having been able to accompany apceth on its successful journey from its foundation in 2007 until today. We are very pleased to have found an excellent partner for apceth’s future endeavors with Hitachi Chemical,” said
Helmut Jeggle, Managing Director of Santo Holding (Deutschland) GmbH, majority shareholder of apceth.

“The addition of apceth Biopharma to Hitachi Chemical will strengthen our presence in the second-largest cell and gene therapy market in the world, and enable us to offer a truly harmonized global operation, providing our customers with ready access to new markets and maximizing the value we bring to the industry,” said Robert A. Preti, PhD, CEO and President of Hitachi Chemical Advanced Therapeutics Solutions, LLC and General Manager of the Hitachi Chemical Regenerative Medicine Business Sector.

About Hitachi Chemical

Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. (TSE:4217), is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, delivers wide range of innovative products, such as electronic materials, automobile parts, energy storage devices and systems, in global markets. The company’s consolidated revenues for fiscal 2017 (ended March 31, 2018) totaled 669 billion yen (5.4 billion euros*). For more information on Hitachi Chemical, please visit the company’s website at http://www.hitachi-chem.co.jp/…
*The conversion rate is 1 euro = 124 yen.

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Successfully master the winding process

Materials in winding applications place varied demands on drives: Sometimes the issue is high speeds, sometimes precision and in other applications, the challenge of a large mass. The wide spectrum of materials covers raw paper with a width of up to ten meters over a thin film, to carbon fibre threads with low elasticity and high tensile resistance.

Paper webs, for example, are rolled with a diameter of around two metres at high speeds of up to 2,000 m/min. Films are sensitive materials which must be wound or unwound extremely precisely, and the winding of metals adds the issue of heavy masses which influence the winding process. One range of drives which embody the required versatility is found in the air motors from DEPRAG SCHULZ GMBH u. CO.

The vane motor works according to a simple principle. The rotor turning in an eccentric cylinder is set into motion. Centrifugal force presses the vanes against the rotor wall and working chambers are built. In these working chambers the compressed air expands, pressure energy is converted into kinetic energy and the rotor turns.

Typical to pneumatic motors is the automatic adjustment of speed when there is a load variation. At idle speed, the air motor works with a complete removal of load. If there is a low load, meaning a low torque on the motor spindle, the working speed is close to the idle speed. The working speed lessens as soon as the torque increases. At 50 % of the idle speed, the air motor reaches maximum power. In this range it is particularly energy efficient.

In comparison with electric motors, the air motors have a high starting torque and can be loaded or even overloaded to standstill with no problems. After a reduction of load, the air motor continues running as normal. An additional advantage is the lessening energy requirements of air motors as the torque increases. In comparison, the electric motor uses the most electricity at maximum torque. Furthermore, compressed air is, in principle an unproblematic energy source: There are no electrical hazards and short circuiting is impossible.

Design to maximum torque

Above all, the required winding speed and the maximum torque are decisive for motor design. For the calculation of the maximum torque, the largest possible reel diameter is taken i.e. the reel in its fully wound state. The winding speed should also be determined at the fully wound state. However, when the reel is carrying less material, the reel diameter is smaller, and the motor automatically winds the material faster – the working speed adjusts to correspond with the load (the lower torque). If the motor is turning too quickly, the speed can be smoothly adjusted by altering the air volume, the operating pressure or a combination of the two.

Speed regulation using air volume

Through regulation of the air volume, speed can easily and flexibly by reduced. Depending on the application either supply or exhaust throttling can be used. Exhaust air throttling reduces the speed of the motor without a noticeable loss of power or reduction of the air motor’s torque. Exhaust air is kept back by a throttle valve, creating a backlog or counter-pressure and the speed is reduced.

If you also wish to reduce the power or torque of the motor, then supply air throttling would be recommended. If, for example, the winding application requires that continuous material be kept taut, then the motor must also continuously receive air.

Speed regulation using operating pressure

The technical data of DEPRAG air drives is based on an operating pressure of 6 bar. Every one of these motors can be operated between 4 and 6.3 bar as required in order to adjust the power needed for the corresponding application. If, for example, an air motor is too “strong” for the paper to be wound, the paper could tear during winding. In this case, a reduction of the operating pressure would be recommended. In combination with supply air throttling, the motor power can be reduced so that tearing is prevented. A reduction of the operating pressure by 1 bar effects a reduction of the torque by 17 %. If the motor is operated at 4 bar, the torque is reduced by 33 %.

In a winding application, an air motor which is operated at 4 bar can still be too strong for a reel which is emptying. In order to further take advantage of the torque range of the air motor, DEPRAG can equip the motor with spring-loaded vanes, so-called forced start vanes. Using these vanes with leg springs, it is even possible to operate the air motor with an operating pressure of less than 1 bar.

ATEX and food safety

The air motors of the BASIC LINE, ADVANCED LINE and POWER LINE series are ATEX conform and authorised for use in potentially explosive areas. Through the expansion of air, any frictional warmth generated is cooled and even under load there is no possibility of overheating the vane motor or igniting gases. The internal overpressure also prevents the penetration of dirt and dust.

Air motors need to withstand cleaning agents and steam for use in food preparation areas, e.g. for packaging machines. ADVANCED LINE motors have external parts made from stainless steel, are sealed and do not require additional housing. DEPRAG air motors can be run without lubrication, i.e. operated with unlubricated air. DEPRAG uses a food legislation compliant lubrication USDA-H1 grease for the planetary gears.

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TÜV Rheinland continues to strengthen Regional GDPR Centre of Excellence in Japan and deliver Privacy Consulting Services

TÜV Rheinland plans to further develop its regional GDPR Centre of Excellence in Japan that was set up last year. This CoE was aimed at addressing the rapidly growing needs of clients in Japan across several industries better understand and implement GDPR requirements.

Many divisions of a company are affected

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) demands full consent and transparency into how personal data is processed. It became enforceable through EU member state law from May 25, 2018, and is intended to harmonize data protection laws throughout the European Union (EU) by applying a single set of requirements that is binding in each EU member state. Most notably for Japanese businesses, GDPR not only applies to organizations located within the EU, but also to organizations located outside the EU if they offer goods or services that process personal information that originates in the EU.

The processing of personal data takes place in all type of companies and in various areas of the company: in sales for the collection and storage of customer data, in marketing for addressing customers, on the website or the social media channels used and in the human resources department. A range of products and smart devices today also collect personal information that is stored and processed in various locations There is therefore a correspondingly wide range of transactions that must be checked for legal conformity and, if necessary, adjusted. The first step in assessing compliance readiness for GDPR is a comprehensive analysis of all data processing and management processes. “Combining our expertise in product testing, information protection, privacy engineering, and GDPR regulations, we are one of the few organizations in Japan that can bring this level of expertise to market”, commented, Tobias Schweinfurter, President & CEO TÜV Rheinland Japan.

Extensive documentation requirements

The question of documentation becomes more important from the first day of the application of the regulation: The GDPR obliges companies to prove that the processing of personal data is carried out in accordance with the law. This proof is only possible through comprehensive documentation of all affected processes in the company. Medium and large companies can fulfil this obligation primarily by introducing or adapting an existing data protection management system.

Help with implementation: prioritising measures

Violations of the regulation may be subject to a fine of up to 20 million euros or four percent of the world’s annual turnover. Already the first steps on the way to the fulfilment of the GDPR presuppose comprehensive knowledge of the new regulation. They also require experience in the implementation of management processes and an understanding of information security technologies. If this knowledge and personnel resources are not available, external consultants, for example from TÜV Rheinland, can provide companies with comprehensive support in preparing for GDPR compliance In doing so, the consultants take into account both the requirements of the law and the interests of the company.

In Japan, the need for GDPR compliance is becoming evident to businesses. TÜV Rheinland Japan has focussed on rolling out its GDPR Gap Assessment Service for existing clients, but is seeing strong demand with several Japanese companies who are at early stages of assessing how GDPR requirements affect them. “We are have been successfully delivering GDPR and privacy consulting services to some of our key clients in the product development & engineering sector in Japan. We expect more to come forward and seek our assistance especially where engineering Privacy by Design is slowly making its way into the product development lifecycle”, added Urmez Daver, Vice President, Consulting Services

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Lyko Group AB invests in SSI Schaefer’s warehouse solution

The Swedish company Lyko Group AB, a leading omni-channel specialist for haircare and beauty products in the Northern countries, trusts the general contractor SSI Schaefer with the realization of their new automated distribution center in Vansbro, Sweden. The turnkey project includes the high-performance shuttle system Cuby, ergonomic work stations and the logistics software WAMAS®.

Lyko`s leading market position online and their 38 wholly-owned retail stores produces a continuous, rapid growth in the current markets in Sweden and Norway. To be able to handle this strong growth, strategy for geographic expansion, a large number of articles and to maintain a high service level towards their customers were the reasons for Lyko to increase efficiency of their warehouse operations.

Lyko has announced that it will secure their future in warehousing by cooperating with one of the world’s leading suppliers of logistics solutions, SSI Schaefer.

SSI Schaefer is going to realize a state-of-the-art warehouse for Lyko in a 10,000-square-meter facility including a 5-aisle shuttle system that will provide Lyko`s customers with around 50,000 different beauty products. Following the specific Nordic health & safety requirements, the goods-to-person-work stations will be installed accordingly to SSI Schaefer’s principle ergonomics@work!®. A bin and carton conveying system will connect the different warehouse areas efficiently. Furthermore, the WAMAS® logistics software from SSI Schaefer is going to coordinate the transparent warehouse processes.

Partnering with SSI Schaefer enables Lyko to increase significantly their productivity and storage capacity, improve picking performance and produce overall operational simplicity with consistent and streamlined warehousing processes.

Lyko`s Logistics & Purchasing Officer, Anna Persson explains: “SSI Schaefer served us with a strong intralogistics concept that offers a great flexibility. This together with excellent team work and cooperation were the main reasons that we choose SSI Schaefer as the system supplier for our new logistics center in Vansbro”.

The system is scheduled to go live in the beginning of 2020.

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e-nizing®: all machines finally in one platform – offered by mechanical engineers

In todays faster, digital, connected and complex world, the platform, which was launched to the public today, makes things easy: e-nizing® . No matter which IoT solution a customer has in place, e-nizing®brings it all together: simple, safe, generic and fast.

e-nizing® is one app for all IoT solutions, offering:

Integratione-nizing.io offers the freedom to integrate all IoT solutions. No data silos anymore as data can be collected from any machine (also non-IoT machines can be retrofitted), analytics or sensors. It is an open system, highly scalable and offers everything in one place, independently of its vendors.
Visualizatione.nizing.io visualizes the status of the machine. Structured and clear.
Analysise-nizing.io provides data analyses through a variety of Add-Ons. Customers can chose to go either directly with e-nizing.io or with third party services.
Action: Limits for every data point can be defined and thereby, any event can trigger a phone call, email or API call. This can be used for example to be notified if there is a problem in the plant or to order spare parts or maintenance automatically.

The platform’s key characteristics are:

e-nizing.io is simplee-nizing.io delights with a very easy and user-friendly usage, which eliminates any need for trainings to work with it. Free accounts can be setup via www.e-nizing.io to test the systems’ easiness. 
e-nizing.io is generic: you can visualize any data and any machine with one clearly structured user interface. 
e-nizing.io is safe: highest security standards ensure that every user can see his own data only. The system is run with end-to-end payload encryption, every device has an unique ID and unique encryption key, 2-factor authentication and certified data security. 
e-nizing.io is fast: Machine integration can happen in no more than two weeks’ time: a feature, especially mechanical engineers appreciate.

Andreas Evertz, President & CEO Schenck Process and Managing Director e-nizing GmbH, comments: “On behalf of the team I am delighted to announce the launch of e-nizing. The market showed a need for what e-nizing offers for a long time and we are now providing the answer. E-nizing already supports many Schenck Process machines’ monitoring, with many more coming soon. We do, what everyone’s always talking about. Easy industry 4.0 is now becoming reality.”

Michael Paas, Vice President Technology e-nizing GmbH, comments: “I have worked for over 25 years in IT Infrastructure and IT Security including for one of the largest internet service providers. This platform lets users put all doubts to rest. I’ve rarely seen a product that combines usability, high availability, a strong level of IT security all based on the newest IT Technology on one platform, as e-nizing does.”

Jan Krall, Vice President e-nizing GmbH, adds: “Mid 2017, we started with a Presentation showing our vision. Building a solution to so many people’s needs, which is as simple, fast and customer-centric as e-nizing.io, in this short amount of time is only possible with an extraordinary team and many customers, giving their feedback into the development process. We have talked about our platform with many customers in the past six months exclusively. The learnings of that phase have been included into the tool, which is finally available to the public now. We are looking forward to continue to help customers to dramatically improve their operations.”

Behind the e-nizing® brand is a company with start-up spirit, whose team combines mechanical engineering with IT background and emerged from the Schenck Process’ future lab, an award-winning project.

Want to learn more? www.e-nizing.com

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Microdrones Expands into Asia with Acquisition of Aircam UAV Technology

As part of an ongoing global growth initiative, Microdrones has acquired Aircam UAV Technology (“Aircam”), a 64 employee Chinese company with its main location in Foshan, an hour-drive from Guangzhou in Southern China, and a branch in Beijing. Aircam has developed a large Chinese and Southeast Asian customer base with a focus on surveying & mapping, utilities, and oil & gas industries.

Aircam will be fully integrated with the Microdrones business, brand and leadership team. The Aircam brand and corporate identity will change to Microdrones, and all aspects of the business will be directed by the Microdrones global leadership team.

Microdrones and Aircam have a long history of working together. Microdrones President Vivien Heriard Dubreuil explains, “For the past decade, Microdrones and Aircam have shared a strong distribution relationship, selling and supporting Microdrones systems to professionals throughout the continent.”

Although Microdrones professional drones have been available in Asia (though Aircam) since 2008, Microdrones now has a direct, local presence in the market. Microdrones technology, products and solutions will be available to customers throughout Asia, subject to applicable export control and regulations.

“We’re talking about business oriented, field-proven solutions that will help end-users make better business decisions.” says Heriard Dubreuil, adding “Globally, this is the next step in our evolution. In Asia, specifically, this will have a revolutionary and transformative impact for our customers and our business.”

According to Francois Gerner, SVP of Corporate Affairs for Microdrones, “This is exciting news for Microdrones, our newly acquired team in Asia, and our respective customers across markets worldwide. Microdrones is investing in its presence in China so we can offer professional solutions to the high potential commercial market throughout the continent. With more than ten years of operation and market experience in Asia, we are thrilled and grateful to welcome the Aircam team to join the Microdrones family.”

Completed in late December of 2018, this acquisition hardens a global presence for the rapidly expanding company and its technology platforms. “We now command a best in class R&D, manufacturing, sales, service and marketing footprint across 6 continents, with more than 220 employees worldwide.” explains Gerner, further noting that “Aircam brings to Microdrones additional production and service capacity and a seasoned team, with access to an enthusiastic customer base across Asia.”

Microdrones success and notoriety worldwide is rooted in mastering all of the key hardware and software technologies required to provide fully integrated, professional solutions. As one unified company, Microdrones is best positioned to transform customer needs into effective, scalable products and solutions for professionals in all markets and territories.

Despite the name Microdrones, the global technology solutions company doesn’t just sell drones, but rather complete commercial packages that include:

  • The drone, adapted for professional applications,
  • perfectly integrated sensors,
  • software and workflow,
  • service, training and support.

Dr. Mohamed Mostafa, who directs product and solution development for Microdrones sums it up like this; “Microdrones designs each technical brick of the workflow to be optimized for the application, while supporting production of the best data for end-users. We offer proven systems for professionals in surveying, mapping, mining, construction, land development and inspection. The expanded Microdrones team will provide solutions that help professionals be the best both in the field and at the office. Our easy workflow takes users from data collection through information creation, with one goal in mind: to help them use our technology for better decision making.”

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