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Elastomer couplings are pluggable, backlash-free and flexible shaft couplings. The connection and compensation element consists of a plastic spider with involute teeth and a high Shore hardness. This elastic coupling spider is electrically insulating and has good oscillating damping behavior. It is inserted form-fitting and slightly preloaded into two claw-shaped hubs with high precision. The … „Something for everyone“ weiterlesen

SMAC Releases 35mm Brushless High Torque Motor

SMAC Moving Coil Actuators released their new high-torque brushless 3-phase DC motor (BLDC). The HT35 is the first model in a series from the manufacturer best known for its programmable, electric actuators. The HT35 has a 35 mm diameter and peak torque 0.5 Nm at 48VDC, 4 Amp. This new proprietary design is founded on … „SMAC Releases 35mm Brushless High Torque Motor“ weiterlesen

Jetzt auch bei kleinen Schraubfällen unschlagbar!

GEDORE Torque Solutions GmbH erweitert sein  Einsatzgebiet im unteren Drehmomentbereich. Der neue Montage-Akkuschrauber GDA von GEDORE Torque Solutions GmbH auf einen Blick: Der GDA 60 bis 200 Nm, optional erweiterbar bis auf 300 Nm. Bürstenloser Motor- moderne Ansteuerung (18V Technologie). Stufenloses einstellbares Drehmoment mit bewährter Skala. 2-Gang Schaltgetriebe. GTS Getriebebaukasten 1:1 verwendbar. Durchlüftetes und kompaktes … „Jetzt auch bei kleinen Schraubfällen unschlagbar!“ weiterlesen

Overload protection up to 9000 Nm

Highly dynamic, high-performance, regulated drives are playing an increasingly important role in today’s advancing automation. The SKY-KS safety coupling series with Balganbau offers these high-performance drives the adequate safety element. With a maximum disengaging torque of 9000 Nm, the current, ever-increasing performance data are taken into account. As a special version, disengaging torques of up … „Overload protection up to 9000 Nm“ weiterlesen

SMS group to supply 5,000-ton MT 5000 eccentric press to Musashi Europe

Musashi Europe has placed an order with SMS group ( for the delivery of a 5,000-ton eccentric forging press, type MT 5000, for its plant in Bockenau, Germany. Commissioning of the new MT 5000 closed-die forging press is scheduled for Q4 2019. The new forging press will enable Musashi Europe to produce large rotationally-symmetric forgings … „SMS group to supply 5,000-ton MT 5000 eccentric press to Musashi Europe“ weiterlesen

Timber construction screw BMax

With the screw BMax, CELO Befestigungssysteme continues to expand its professional range of screws: CELO is now offering professional screws with European Technical Approval from Ø 3.0 mm to Ø 10.0 mm. The new BMax for general and structural timber work, for on top rafter insulations and facades is available in 8 and 10 mm … „Timber construction screw BMax“ weiterlesen

Alegra turbines: The decisive plus in performance

With the current power update to its Alegra turbine range, W&H now offers users noticeably more performance and power. The 16-watt TE-97 mini-head version enables a fast and easy working approach, providing optimal support for efficient preparation in particularly small oral cavities, such as in older patients with limited access. The two Alegra 18-watt turbines … „Alegra turbines: The decisive plus in performance“ weiterlesen

Campaign Project Application: SGF offers free elastic test coupling

Süddeutsche Gelenkscheibenfabrik (SGF), headquartered in Waldkraiburg, Upper Bavaria, is launching a major campaign at the Hannover-Messe starting on 23 April, at which plant manufacturers, service entrepreneurs, engineers or plant operators can submit their projects and thus get the chance of a free test coupling. Shaft couplings are elementary machine elements that connect two shafts rigidly, … „Campaign Project Application: SGF offers free elastic test coupling“ weiterlesen

Stainless distance coupling

JAKOB Antriebstechnik offers various stainless steel couplings as standard series. These include the WD-VA distance coupling series, which is manufactured using the extremely easy-to-install half-shell hub design. Assembly and disassembly of the coupling are no longer a problem even in cramped installation conditions. The fixed hub halves are placed on the shaft and bolted to … „Stainless distance coupling“ weiterlesen