Overload protection up to 9000 Nm

Highly dynamic, high-performance, regulated drives are playing an increasingly important role in today’s advancing automation. The SKY-KS safety coupling series with Balganbau offers these high-performance drives the adequate safety element. With a maximum disengaging torque of 9000 Nm, the current, ever-increasing performance data are taken into account. As a special version, disengaging torques of up … „Overload protection up to 9000 Nm“ weiterlesen

SMS group to supply 5,000-ton MT 5000 eccentric press to Musashi Europe

Musashi Europe has placed an order with SMS group (www.sms-group.com) for the delivery of a 5,000-ton eccentric forging press, type MT 5000, for its plant in Bockenau, Germany. Commissioning of the new MT 5000 closed-die forging press is scheduled for Q4 2019. The new forging press will enable Musashi Europe to produce large rotationally-symmetric forgings … „SMS group to supply 5,000-ton MT 5000 eccentric press to Musashi Europe“ weiterlesen

Timber construction screw BMax

With the screw BMax, CELO Befestigungssysteme continues to expand its professional range of screws: CELO is now offering professional screws with European Technical Approval from Ø 3.0 mm to Ø 10.0 mm. The new BMax for general and structural timber work, for on top rafter insulations and facades is available in 8 and 10 mm … „Timber construction screw BMax“ weiterlesen

Alegra turbines: The decisive plus in performance

With the current power update to its Alegra turbine range, W&H now offers users noticeably more performance and power. The 16-watt TE-97 mini-head version enables a fast and easy working approach, providing optimal support for efficient preparation in particularly small oral cavities, such as in older patients with limited access. The two Alegra 18-watt turbines … „Alegra turbines: The decisive plus in performance“ weiterlesen

Campaign Project Application: SGF offers free elastic test coupling

Süddeutsche Gelenkscheibenfabrik (SGF), headquartered in Waldkraiburg, Upper Bavaria, is launching a major campaign at the Hannover-Messe starting on 23 April, at which plant manufacturers, service entrepreneurs, engineers or plant operators can submit their projects and thus get the chance of a free test coupling. Shaft couplings are elementary machine elements that connect two shafts rigidly, … „Campaign Project Application: SGF offers free elastic test coupling“ weiterlesen

Stainless distance coupling

JAKOB Antriebstechnik offers various stainless steel couplings as standard series. These include the WD-VA distance coupling series, which is manufactured using the extremely easy-to-install half-shell hub design. Assembly and disassembly of the coupling are no longer a problem even in cramped installation conditions. The fixed hub halves are placed on the shaft and bolted to … „Stainless distance coupling“ weiterlesen

Proven power clamping nut

With the MCA power clamping nut from JAKOB Antriebstechnik, the user has at his disposal a long-proven, widely used and economical clamping element. Without additional installation effort, this clamping technology can ensure the highest clamping forces and maximum operational reliability – and is easy to operate manually. For this only a wrench SW 17 is … „Proven power clamping nut“ weiterlesen

Mehrwert durch Ideen auf der Dritev

Interaktiv, kreativ und Innovationsstark – der VDI-Getriebekongress Dritev präsentiert vom 27. – 28. Juni in Bonn, neben dem anspruchsvollen Fachprgramm weitere Highlights wie das neue Dritev Lab, Round Tables und Nominierte des ZF-Pitch Events. Neu ist 2018 nicht nur der Name des VDI-Getriebekongresses: Die Dritev („DRIvetrain Transmission Electrification in Vehicles“) wartet mit völlig neuen interaktiven … „Mehrwert durch Ideen auf der Dritev“ weiterlesen

Maximaler Schutz für Mensch und Maschine

Das polnische Unternehmen ADAL Sp. Z. o.o. setzt in seiner neuen Lackiererei auf das kompakte Feldbusmodul MVK Metall Safety

Das polnische Unternehmen ADAL Sp. Z. o.o. setzt in seiner neuen Lackiererei auf das kompakte Feldbusmodul MVK Metall Safety