Industrial E-marking Switches for vehicle applications – Now available at Lantech

The E-marking certificate makes the series the most suitable switches for bus, carriage, other vehicles application as well as for industrial areas where the power source is limited with 12V or 24V but has demand of IP surveillance or VoIP applications.

The switches without PoE are:

8 10/100/1000T Industrial Unmanaged Switch ; 12V models
• Dual 9V~60VDC input(12V model) compliant with ISO 7637-2
• Galvanic isolation protection (power input /Ethernet port to case ground; power input to Ethernet port)
• Relay alarm output system events
• E-marking certificate for vehicle application (12V model)

8 10/100TX Industrial Ethernet Unmanaged Switch; 12V input model
• Dual 9V~60VDC input(12V model) compliant with ISO 7637-2
• Galvanic isolation protection (power input /Ethernet port to case ground; power input to Ethernet port)
• Relay alarm output for power f ail and alarm
• E-marking certificate for vehicle application (-12V model)

Galvanic isolation for dual 12V input range
The switch accepts power input 9~60VDC and is compliant with ISO 7637-2 Pulse 5a which protects switch from being damaged by high voltage that could be found at vehicle cranky start.

E-marking certificate, High reliability and extended working temperature
This switch provides ±2000V EFT and ±6000V ESD protection, which can reduce unstable situation caused by power line and Ethernet. It has high reliability and robustness coping with extensive EMI/RFI phenomenon, environmental vibration and shocks usually found in Automation, transportation, Wireless backhaul, Semi-conductor factory and assembly lines.

The -E model can be used in extreme environments with an operating temperature range of -40°C to 75°C.

The E-marking certificate makes it the most suitable switch for bus, carriage, o ther vehicles application as well as for industrial areas (-12V model)

For more information, please visit our homepage .

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Rheinmetall’s Argus soldier system sets the standard for technological compatibility and crystal-clear situational awareness

Rheinmetall is ushering in a new era of heightened battlefield awareness with the Argus soldier system, a portable communication unit that is as lightweight as it is rugged. The system, worn by individual soldiers on the ground, ensures connectivity between them, platoon-level combat units, and commanders using a central network. Its compatibility with both LTE networks and Android devices makes it extremely adaptable and versatile in diverse field situations.

A highly adaptable technology
Rheinmetall Argus soldier system is network-agnostic, resulting in increased uptime and the ability to integrate with any modern military radio. Specifically, its ability to connect to LTE networks allows for a much larger communication radius: LTE service is available all over the world and lets users exchange information over an extremely broad range, overcoming the strict geographical limitations of traditional radio.

Because Argus can also be used on any Android device, this technology is essentially universal: clients are no longer limited to TUIs to get the job done. It also creates the opportunity for easy integration in other sectors, such as security.

For the time being, Argus‘ main focus is to provide platoon-level soldiers with the most effective tool possible for receiving mission-critical operational information. However, its forward-looking open architecture framework means that it will be able to run new applications in future; current add-ons include laser rangefinders, shot detectors, GPS, UGVs, UAVs, counter-UAV systems, etc.

When it comes to unmanned ground vehicles (UGV), Argus can easily indicate route planning or waypoint identification. It can also task the UGV to convert to follow-me or convoy mode. Moreover, its access to live video feeds from integrated cameras ensures enhanced visualization on the ground.

Unparalleled situational awareness
When time is of the essence and precision can save lives, the Argus soldier system is the key to streamlined decision-making and crystal-clear situational awareness. Argus‘ ability to paint a real-time picture of friendly and enemy positions, obstacles, and essential coordinates can help advance operations, diminish loss of life, and expedite the decision-making process like never before.

This ultra-portable technology allows for tactical information to be shared in real time. The live map display also pinpoints terrain obstacles and similar potential hazards. With all of this data disseminated via a common network and laid out clearly on the display, the entire chain of command can access the exact same information. At any point, this data can be updated as new information is acquired.

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Rheinmetall Hybrid Protection Module combines passive and active protection technologies

At IDEX 2019 Rheinmetall is presenting its Hybrid Protection Module for the first time. Combining active and passive protection technology, it is primarily designed to be mounted on the sides of tracked and wheeled tactical vehicles.

The new Hybrid Protection Modules allow for an integrative approach: passive protection components simultaneously serve as interface and shield for the components of the active protection system ADS. Conversely, the ADS components comprise ballistic functions and characteristics. The specially harmonized bulkhead design features two layers. The first one, the external protection layer, protects the ADS components against shell fragments, small arms fire and other sources of mechanical stress. The ADS countermeasure component is embedded in the first protection plate from the outside. The deflector of the countermeasure serves simultaneously as part of the first layer of passive protection. The sensors of the system are contained in the space in between.

In standalone mode, the complete module already offers additional ballistic protection that significantly enhances the basic integrity of the vehicle hull. The integrated ADS standoff protection system is effective against rocket-propelled grenades and antitank guided missiles.

The prime advantage of this new possibility for ADS integration into tactical vehicles is its compact size: the hybrid module is less than 150 mm in height. Moreover, it is relatively simple to install and can be mounted onto existing vehicles. The module thus offers an easy-to-implement way of adding active protection technology to a platform. The new modules can replace existing add-on passive protection elements either completely or in part. Furthermore, the modules can be mounted to vehicles in preparation for a specific mission.

Thanks to variable material configurations, Hybrid Protection Modules can be readily adapted to be meet individual customer requirements. Rheinmetall has already fabricated various prototype modules, successfully conducting rigorous ballistic trials of variously configured modules with rocket-propelled grenades and antitank guided missiles.

At IDEX 2019, Rheinmetall Protection Systems Gulf (RPSG) will also be introducing itself. Operating in Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates since September 2017, the company is a subsidiary of Rheinmetall Ballistic Protection. RPSG develops and produces ballistic protection elements. Its product range extends from protection level NIJ IIIA right through to STANAG 4569 Level 4.

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The future tunnels: Herrenknecht at bauma 2019

The future is forging its way through the underground, where intelligent infrastructures are being built, future-proof mobility solutions designed and the habitat of the growing world population expanded. As a full-range supplier of mechanized tunnelling technology, Herrenknecht, together with its highly specialized subsidiaries, supports the construction industry in all underground challenges. At bauma 2019 in Munich, the world market leader shows where the journey of tunnelling can go with high-tech.

The golden age of tunnelling and the underground is driven by the unbroken trend toward urbanization, the increasing demand worldwide for mobility and the associated need to build new, efficient infrastructures underground. In the coming decades, hundreds of new megacities will emerge and today’s metropolises will grow to unbelievable sizes. Gigantic urban habitats whose citizens need housing, drinking water, and environmentally friendly, flexible and affordable mobility concepts. The interconnectivity between nations and metropolises is becoming ever denser, more complex and faster.

An obvious, almost inevitable solution: systematic urban development underground. This requires efficient metro and high-speed rail networks, well-connected traffic and transport systems as well as efficient sewage, water, oil, gas and energy systems. With its expertise and technology, Herrenknecht is particularly involved in projects with very complex technological requirements. A case in point is the "Grand Paris Express" metro expansion program. With more than 200 km of new metro lines, new perspectives are opening up for the growing hinterland around the French capital.

Under the motto "The future tunnels", at bauma 2019 Herrenknecht presents visionary urban planning in Paris, current and future tunnel projects as well as groundbreaking technology innovations. With its expertise from milestone projects worldwide and as a passionate underground pioneer, Herrenknecht shows how the partners in mechanized tunnelling move forward together safely, quickly and reliably. In a total of four exhibition areas, visitors of the trade show will enter into a dialog about what Herrenknecht is working on to open up new underground terrain and make it usable for people. At the outside booth, technology will be shown live and touchable.

Bauma is the world’s leading trade show for construction machinery, building material and mining machines, construction vehicles and equipment. As the leading industry event, the world’s largest trade show sets the trends for the future.

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Das Lastenfahrrad macht das Rennen

In deutschen Städten ist der Verkehrsinfarkt zum Dauerzustand geworden. Es geht weder vor noch zurück: Stau, Lärm und stinkende Abgase sind ständige Begleiter – zumindest an Werktagen. Die urbanen Logistiker können pünktliche Lieferzeiten kaum einhalten. Hinzu kommen große Probleme beim Be – und Entladen aufgrund fehlender Abstellmöglichkeiten. Diese permanente Ausnahmesituation belastet Mensch und Umwelt enorm und erfordert ein grundlegendes Umdenken und entschieden neue Konzepte. Das im HUSS-VERLAG erschienene Buch „Nachhaltige Stadtlogistik“ zeigt Lösungen auf. Herausgeber Ralf Bogdanski hat das Zusammenspiel von logistiktauglichen Lastenfahrrädern – so genannten Light Electric Vehicles (LEV) -, Mikro-Depots und Vans in Nürnberg 18 Monate getestet. 2018 wurde er deshalb Preisträger im Bundeswettbewerb Nachhaltige Urbane Logistik in Berlin. Seine Erkenntnisse sind auf andere Städte übertragbar. Im Buch sind verschiedene Praxisbeispielen ergänzt und es kommen unterschiedliche Autoren zu Wort.

Aus dem Inhalt:

  • Was muss ein logistikgerechtes LEV können?
  • Vans & Bikes in Stuttgart: Das neue Konzept
  • Besonderheiten der urbanen Pharmalogistik
  • Digitale Plattformen für das Mikro-Depot XXL
  • Urbane Verkehrswege und Lastenfahrräder

Bibliografische Angaben:

Herausgeber: Prof. Ralf Bogdanski

Nachhaltige Stadtlogistik 

Warum das Lastenfahrrad die Letzte Meile gewinnt                                                                         

© 2019
1. Auflage, Februar 2019


192 Seiten, Paperback, Format: 170 x 240 mm
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Bestell-Nr. 226429 (E-Book)
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Appointment of Industry Expert to Infinity Lithium’s Board

  • Infinity significantly strengthens the Board with the appointment of European based lithium industry expert Vincent Ledoux-Pedailles
  • European based Executive with significant lithium market experience highlights continued European focus

Infinity Lithium Corporation Limited (‘Infinity’ or ‘the Company’ – ) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Vincent Ledoux-Pedailles to the Board of Infinity.  The appointment continues to reflect the corporate requirements and core focus of Infinity with regards to advancing the San Jose Lithium Project (“San Jose”).

Mr Ledoux-Pedailles has been involved in the lithium industry since 2011, initially with Talison Lithium Limited in Australia. He has held roles monitoring various metals and industrial minerals markets at international metals and minerals research and consulting company Roskill.

Vincent also led the lithium and battery materials research team at London based global data and information service group IHS Markit (‘IHS’), where he first focused on basic chemical commodities and led the EMEA Chlor-alkali team.  Having covered the entire industry’s supply chain from the extraction of the raw materials, their conversion to chemicals and battery materials used in cathodes, and the progression to end uses such as in electric vehicles, energy storage systems and portable electronics, Vincent brings extensive industry experience and perspective in highly specialised lithium chemicals. 

Infinity Managing Director, Ryan Parkin, said: “Infinity is delighted with the outcomes of the lithium hydroxide scoping study, and the appointment of Vincent to the Board of Infinity.   Vincent’s depth of industry expertise and strong network throughout Europe reinforces Infinity’s focus on engaging with potential strategic, technological and offtake partners in the progression of the San Jose Lithium Project in the world’s second largest electric vehicle market.  Vincent’s industry knowledge and expertise in the broader industrial chemicals market will provide immense value when considering the nature of offtake agreements in a highly specialised segment.  With his lithium market credentials, strong leadership qualities and team mentality, we are excited to welcome Vincent to the Board to drive Infinity and the strategically significant San Jose Lithium Project forward.”

The rapid evolution in cathode technologies and the lithium chemicals market has resulted in increasing focus on opportunities for lithium hydroxide and in particular the availability of product from non-Chinese based converters.  The proximity of San Jose to growing European markets provides significant strategic value to European cathode producers and lithium-ion battery cell manufacturers, as Europe addresses surety of supply to support what is projected to be the 2nd largest electric vehicle market.  The appointment of Vincent to the Board of Infinity further strengthens the Company’s focus on European developments after his recent appointment to lead European corporate strategy.

Vincent has been working with Infinity over the last quarter of 2018 in his capacity as Vice President of European Corporate Strategy and Business Development.  He is a regular speaker at various industry events across the world presenting at chemical, mining, and energy related conferences, and is scheduled to present at the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference (‘AABC’) “Global Battery Raw Materials Symposium Balancing Supply, Demand & Costs for Battery Component Materials” on 29 January 2019.

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Knorr-Bremse TruckServices: turbochargers added to product portfolio

  • Knorr-Bremse TruckServices expands engine air management portfolio
  • Customers benefit from proven service solutions
  • Almost all turbochargers also available as EconX® products

Knorr-Bremse, the global market leader for braking systems and a leading supplier of other rail and commercial vehicle subsystems, is expanding its product portfolio for the aftermarket. From January 2019, through the usual Knorr-Bremse TruckServices channels, customers can order turbochargers for vehicles from all the major OEM brands and benefit from a comprehensive range of services.

According to Dr. Peter Laier, Member of the Executive Board of Knorr-Bremse AG and responsible for the Commercial Vehicle Systems division: “Engine air management is key to ensuring low real-world driving emissions for diesel vehicles in longdistance operation. Our exhaust valves offer precision control of engine air circulation and reflect Knorr-Bremse’s extensive experience in this field. Now, by expanding our aftermarket portfolio to include turbochargers, we are taking this expertise a logical step further.”

Turbochargers harness the exhaust energy to force compressed outside air into the combustion chamber. This boosts the engine output and makes for cleaner combustion.

Extensive service concept

Knorr-Bremse is offering turbochargers from the leading original equipment suppliers. They will be supplied in the familiar Knorr-Bremse packaging and in most cases with the corresponding mounting kit. As well as offering high standards of technical performance, the tur-bochargers are also backed by the comprehensive Knorr-Bremse service concept, providing a highly attractive overall package for customers.

Knorr-Bremse’s extensive logistics network will ensure fast and reliable supply, while a returns system for used turbochargers will be integrated into the existing core management program. All products are also backed by the highquality range of aftermarket services offered by TruckServices, including regularly updated multilingual product documentation for turbochargers. Customer contact is handled by local sales teams and by the sales support and technical hotline. The existing training program will also be extended to cover turbochargers.

EconX turbochargers for value-based repairs

In line with the Knorr-Bremse TruckServices Lifetime Efficiency principle, almost all turbochargers will also be available as remanufactured EconX products, allowing Knorr-Bremse to offer sustainable, cost-efficient repair solutions for older vehicles too.

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Successful rehabilitation of trans-o-flex


  • In 2018, for the first time in ten years, the company generates a profit
  • Increase in turnover to € 468 million

In 2018, for the first time in ten years, the trans-o-flex logistics group was able to generate a profit. "After having reached the break-even point in 2017, this result definitely shows that the rehabilitation of the company has been successful”, says Wolfgang P. Albeck, CEO of trans-o-flex. Traditionally, the company does not provide any information on the amount of profit.

For Albeck, the successful turnaround is “clear proof that our strategy of focusing on 100 percent quality has paid off.” For a logistic company, service quality is even more important than cost optimisation. “Together with efficiency, reliability is the highest value we can offer our customers.” In 2018, in addition to its focus on quality, trans-o-flex also continued its strategy of streamlining shipments, which began two years ago. “We have again disposed of shipments that do not fit into our structure or that were unprofitable”, explains Albeck. Despite streamlining shipments, the company’s turnover increased to 468 million euros. “This also reflects the consistent further development of our company into an express service provider, because the number of shipments we deliver on a particular day or to a time selected by the customer has increased both in relation to the total volume of all shipments and in absolute terms.”

In 2019, trans-o-flex intends to continue this growth course. The budget agreed upon with the shareholders provides for an investment volume of € 35 million for the current year. “We will invest this money primarily in the acquisition of new vehicles, IT and sorting technology. In addition to this, locations will be renewed and expanded”, explains Albeck. In 2018, trans-o-flex had a workforce of 2,047 employees, 0.6 % less than in the previous year. The number is expected to rise slightly in 2019. “We will be hiring additional staff, mainly in Sales and Customer Service.”


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Kögel to show two exhibits at Transport Compleet Hardenberg 2019

– Thanks to their robustness and flexibility, specially equipped Kögel trailers for the Benelux market are highly rated by forwarding companies
– Rob Schneiders, sales director for Benelux, Arjan Stolk, regional sales manager for the Netherlands, and Dirk Boer, used vehicle manager for Benelux, will be advising on site
– The Kögel dealers, Truck & Trailer, northeast Netherlands, "door Wensink" and Gomes Trailers, northwest Netherlands, will be represented at the exhibition stand

Kögel will be presenting its portfolio for forwarding companies and the construction industry at Transport Compleet in Hardenberg. From 26 to 28 March 2019, visitors to Kögel will be able to take a closer look at a NOVUM generation Kögel Cargo, specially preconfigured for the Benelux market, and a Kögel Cool – PurFerro.

Kögel trailers at Transport Compleet Hardenberg 2019

The NOVUM generation Kögel Cargo
Kögel will be showing the NOVUM generation Kögel Cargo, which was first presented at IAA Commercial Vehicles in 2018, at its stand at Transport Compleet. The optimised external frame profile and the improved body not only make the Kögel Cargo even more robust, but also simplify handling in daily use. In addition, the NOVUM generation Cargo scores with a very high degree of customisation and can thus be adapted to the specific requirements of forwarding companies. The trade fair exhibit is fitted with pre-configured equipment specifically for the Benelux market.

Kögel Cool – PurFerro quality
The premium refrigerated box trailer Kögel Cool – PurFerro quality is the second exhibit at the fair. The fully optimised premium refrigerated box trailer has been adapted to the market requirements for transporting flowers, fresh and frozen food as well as pharmaceutical products. It is also suitable for universal use, thanks to a wide variety of options. Thanks to a broad range of special equipment options, this trailer offers a high degree of customisation to specific customer requirements. And when it comes to day-to-day use, the new features, designed to make life easier for drivers, are particularly appealing.


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A wide range of products delivered at speed

LAPP has added several new cables and system products to its range of products for the rail sector. The global market leader for integrated connection solutions is currently shaking up the industry with its incredible new logistics set-up. Other providers are only able to produce to order and demand high minimum order quantities. By contrast, LAPP is able to deliver any amount – even small packages – off the shelf. The result is a drastic shortening of delivery times around the world, from up to three months to less than a week. This helps users to reduce inventories and respond to new requirements even faster. Most of the new cables are now also available off the shelf. The following items are new to the range:

  • ÖLFLEX CLASSIC 110H SF: This control cable is the workhorse of the LAPP portfolio. After being used successfully in factories in countless variants, the cable is now also available for trains. Here, it can be used to power doors, lighting or air conditioning systems. With its Class 6 conductors, the new variant is extremely flexible, allowing for installation in tight spaces. Further variants include the shielded ÖLFLEX CLASSIC 115 CH SF and ÖLFLEX CLASSIC 115 CH SF (TP). The latter features a twisted-pair design that makes it suitable for entertainment systems or transferring data to a driver’s control panel. Just like all of LAPP’s cables for the rail industry, the new products meet the requirements for fire protection in rail vehicles as per EN 45545-2.
  • ÖLFLEX TRAIN HT150: This single-core silicon cable is designed for use at high temperatures and can withstand up to 150°C. Possible applications include engines or power converters. The cable is rated at Hazard Level 3, the highest hazard level for fire protection. It is also certified to EN 50382-2 for the construction of silicone cables. It is available in cross-sections of 1.5 mm2 to 400 mm2 with 1.8 kV or 3.6 kV. It features a two-layer sheath with silicone insulation, and is also available with a single-layer sheath and Class 6 conductors. This makes it flexible and suitable for installation in positions with tight bending radii.
  • ÖLFLEX TRAIN 340 and ÖLFLEX TRAIN 345C: LAPP has significantly expanded its tried-and-tested range of power and control cables to meet the high demands of the rail sector in line with EN 50264-3-2. These cables are now available in cross-sections of 0.5 mm2 to 50 mm2 and with between two and 40 cores. They are suitable for various purposes, including outdoor installation, as their black sheath resists UV light. These products also withstand high temperatures, oil and fuel, and are certified to EN 45545-2.

Power and control cables are not the only products LAPP sells to the rail industry. The company also offers the complete range of data connection technology and is constantly expanding its range of connectors and system products, such as cable glands, cable inlets and cable protection systems as well as labelling solutions and tools.

  • Also new to the range and approved in line with DIN EN 45545-2 is the SKINTOP ST-HF-M in black with increased UV resistance for outdoor use. In addition to vibration protection, optimum strain relief and oil resistance, which all result from the tried-and-tested high functional safety, the plastic glands in the SKINTOP ST-HF-M series are approved for use in the rail industry in line with EN 45545-2 (Hazard Level 3). All materials, including the seals, are also 100% halogen-free. In addition to the light grey design for interior applications, there is now a black version with improved UV resistance for outdoor use.
  • The brass glands in the SKINTOP MS-HF-M series fulfil the strictest requirements in line with EN 45545-2 (Hazard Level 3) and EN 45545-3 (E30 fire resistance).
  • They are available with a shield contact spring as SKINTOP MS-HF-M SC or with a brush insert as SKINTOP MS-HF-M BRUSH in EMC applications for shielded ÖLFLEX TRAIN cables.
  • SKINTOP MS-HF-M GRIP is highly suitable where extreme strain relief is also required – the double clamp ensures additional centred strain relief and improved bending protection.

Numerous EPIC rectangular connectors are also suitable and approved for the special requirements of the rail industry.

  • The EPIC MH modular connector system, for example, also fulfils EN 45545-2 requirements, is highly resistant and is very quick to assemble. The fixed frame enables one module after the other to be simply locked in place, so EPIC MH is pluggable, even with standard products on the market. When connecting cables in the EPIC MH system, LAPP relies on crimp contacts, which are highly vibration-proof and thus offer a very important advantage for the rail industry in comparison to screwed contacts. Another special feature of the EPIC MH is the gigabit module for connecting Etherline Cat. 7 cables to facilitate ultra-high-speed data transmission in modern trains.

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