A new compound, ideal for the challenges of the food and pharmaceutical industry

With this white Vi 770 material, seal manufacturer C. Otto Gehrckens adds another high performance FKM to expand its Hygienic-Seal range for the food and pharmaceutical industry. The latest product innovation comes directly from the development lab, where the high-tech material has been specially designed by COG experts for high material stress in production systems within the pharmaceutical and food processing industry. The central concern was good capability for SIP, CIP and WFI processes, where Vi 770 has been shown to meet the strict Hygienic Design standards. Alongside outstanding resistance to the high stresses caused by the various cleaning processes, the new FKM innovation gets the job done with its very good resistance to mediums and water vapour. In addition, Vi 770 meets the increasing demand in the industry for certified ADI-free seal materials (Animal Derived Ingredients free). Like all COG Hygienic-Seal compounds, the new Vi 770 also has the key industry-related FDA 21 approval, CFR 177.2600, USP Class VI, Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 and approval according to 3-A Sanitary Standard 18-03. This means that the material can be used in a wide range of applications in the food and pharmaceutical industry and in medical technology, and meets even the toughest demands of these industries. The new seal material is available right now from C. Otto Gehrckens.

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Alegra turbines: The decisive plus in performance

With the current power update to its Alegra turbine range, W&H now offers users noticeably more performance and power. The 16-watt TE-97 mini-head version enables a fast and easy working approach, providing optimal support for efficient preparation in particularly small oral cavities, such as in older patients with limited access. The two Alegra 18-watt turbines TE-95 and TE-98 with standard head offer a further plus in performance. Users therefore benefit from the faster removal of tooth structure and greater torque when working with high-strength materials, e.g. ceramics and metals. The increased performance is achieved by aerodynamic optimisation of the rotor air supply. The result is higher efficiency of the entire drive system, which provides the dentist with fast removal of tooth structure even at low drive pressures. Reliable use of the turbine and a long service life are guaranteed even if the turbine is operated in the upper power range where it is exposed to greater stress.

The Alegra turbines from W&H are now the most powerful products on the market in the category turbines with LED light and independent generator power supply. The position of the LED in the turbine head guarantees optimal illumination of the treatment site. A generator integrated into the Roto Quick coupling enables the use of light turbines on the turbine hose without a power supply and changing the turbines takes a matter of seconds. In combination with a water-filter-protected triple spray system for cooling the treatment site, the quality product “Made in Austria” supports dentists with efficient and safe preparation during clinical use.

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Bracke Forest Products take Root in Siberia

The Swedish company Bracke Forest is one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of equipment for forest regeneration. From its headquarters in Bräcke in the heart of Sweden, the company produces cutting edge scarifiers, planting machines, felling heads, and equipment for mechanised seeding. All product development takes place in close co-operation with forestry companies, contractors, and forestry researchers.

Thanks to the new partnership with a dealer in Siberia, Bracke Forest has delivered its first machine, (a trencher scarifier) in the area to the customer Ilim Group, which is a part of International Paper.

The Managing Director of Bracke Forest, Mr. Klas-Håkan Ljungberg, explains about this new delivery and the challenges the company expect to face in the Russian forestry market.

What can you tell us about Bracke’s new dealer in Siberia?

This year, Timbermash Baikal celebrates its 15-year anniversary as a John Deere dealer. The company became an official Bracke dealer in January 2018. It is active within the forestry, agriculture and construction equipment sectors. The owner and General Manager is Viktor Boldakov.

How important is the Russian market for Bracke’s products? Is this a market that appreciates the technological value of the product and its reliability?

It´s very important. Russia represents around 25% of Bracke’s total sales per year which makes Russia our most important export market alongside Canada.

Simplicity and reliability are probably the keys to our success in Russia, in combination with the fact that we have very good dealers there: Eco Wood in St. Petersburg for many years and now also Timbermash Baikal in Siberia.

Is this trencher scarifier an example to test the water or are other machines expected to be delivered?

The Bracke T26 has been a well-established product in Russia for many years. This was the first delivery by Timbermash who also are about to sell planters, mounders and more T26´s as well.

Are trencher scarifiers machines that require regular maintenance and therefore good service?

As mentioned above, our trenchers, T26 and T35, are very simple and reliable, but of course they demand some maintenance as any other machine does. The fact that many Bracke machine components are custom made, and can´t be purchased elsewhere, makes it important to have a good service organization for repair and spare parts, which both Eco Wood and Timbermash provide.

What are the main features and strengths of this machine delivered to Ilim Group compared to the same equipment produced by competitors?

In this size of trenchers and mounders, 3 – 5 tonnes, we don´t really have any competitors, it´s a small market in total. Up until recently we had a small trencher, the T21, but we stopped making that one, partly because of heavy competition from Polish and Baltic models that are available at 25% of our prices. The strength of our heavier equipment is the quality and reliability – you can keep a T26 running for long time with low costs.

What are the future prospects for Bracke Forest within the Russian forestry market?

The prospects in Russia are good as developments in techniques and methods are still going on there. A future challenge for Bracke would be introducing the planters, and maybe to some extent the mounders. Here we are racing against competition on many markets. So far, the trenchers have been dominating in Russia – and everywhere else. 

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Schneider-Kreuznach enhances its range of B+W square filters with extremely strong ND filters for long exposures

Schneider-Kreuznach is expanding its range of B+W square filters for 100 x 100 x 2 mm filter holder systems to include a version with exceptionally high density for particularly long exposures. The filter is made of finely ground and polished special glass. With high-resolution camera systems, the full contrast and sharpness is also maintained. The filter glass is carefully specified so that the filters not only fit in their own B+W filter holder, but also in all models available on the market designed for filter channels with a width of 100 mm and a glass thickness of 2 mm.

The high ND density is achieved with a special coating process. Color reproduction is optimized over the entire visible light spectrum, making subsequent image processing simpler and faster for the photographer. Thanks to their high-grade, anti-reflex and hardened final coating, which is not only scratch-resistant, but also dirt and water repellent, these square filters can be cleaned very efficiently and quickly. The optical density ND 4.5 is equivalent to +15 f-stops. In practice, this means that the exposure time at 1/60s without the filter increases to 8 minutes with the filter.

The square filter is available from retail camera stores under article number 1093504 for a RRP of €189.00.

For further information, see www.schneiderkreuznach.com

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SFC Energy receives major order for portable JENNY 1200 fuel cells from international defense organization

  • Portable JENNY 1200 fuel cells deliver reliable, fully automatic off-grid power in multi-day missions.
  • Decisive criterion: Over 80% weight savings for soldiers in the field.
  • Order value exceeds EUR 1 million.

SFC Energy AG (F3C:DE, ISIN: DE0007568578), a leading provider of hybrid power solutions to the stationary and mobile power generation markets, has received a major order from an international defense organization for the delivery of SFC Energy’s JENNY portable fuel cells for use by soldiers in multi-day missions. The order has a total value of over EUR 1 million.

“The order is a follow-up order of this international defense organization, which they placed based on the excellent performance of the JENNY 1200 fuel cell in their operations,” says Dr. Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Energy. “We have been cooperating with this organization for several years. We see a significant potential for our range of portable, mobile and vehicle-based defense products with defense organizations worldwide.”

Optimum soldier safety and operability in the field depend upon the reliable availability of off-grid power. SFC fuel cells are a lightweight, silent, almost non-detectable alternative.

The portable JENNY 1200 fuel cell with a nominal power of 50 W builds on SFC Energy’s award-winning DMFC (direct methanol fuel cell) technology for defense and security applications. Decisive advantages of the system are a major reduction in the number of spare batteries to be carried by soldiers, up to 80% weight reduction in a 72-hour mission, fully automatic and silent battery recharge, no maintenance required, almost no detectable heat signature; and ultimately lower total cost of ownership.

JENNY 1200 uses pure methanol as fuel, available in three convenient fuel cartridge sizes, offering market-leading energy density and weight savings over fuel cell technologies with conventional methanol/water blends.

Like all SFC Energy’s power generation and distribution products for defense applications, the JENNY 1200 integrates seamlessly into the existing SFC defense product family and into all SFC energy networks and power solutions.

Numerous international NATO and PfP defense organizations use SFC Energy fuel cell products. SFC fuel cell and accessory products carry a NATO stock number and are approved for air transport according to UN3473.

Additional information on the SFC Energy’s off-grid power portfolio for defense, security & safety, oil & gas, wind, traffic management, environmental and telecommunications applications at www.sfc-defense.com, www.efoy-pro.com and at www.sfc.com.

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FSK invites to the International Specialist Conference Foamed Plastics 2018

Innovations, lectures, contacts and trends – the Specialist Association Foamed Plastics and Polyurethanes offers the perfect platform at its annual industry event, the International Foamed Plastics Conference in Papenburg at the end of November.

The Specialist Association Foamed Plastics and Polyurethanes (FSK) will be holding its annual International FSK Specialist Conference Foamed Plastics from 27 to 29 November. The 2018 venue for the FSK Specialist Conference will be the Forum Alte Werft in Papenburg and will offer participants everything they need to know about foamed plastics. The two-day conference agenda includes lectures from numerous companies and institutions in the field of foamed plastics and of course, the traditional FSK evening event. Among other things, new solutions with technical foams and composites in various fields of application, flame protection in PUR and innovations in lightweight construction will be presented. Further topics will include effective vibration isolation with IMO-certified PUR elastomers and the introduction of technologies for using high-pressure water jets as universal cutting media. "It is very important that, with this international conference, the specialist association offers the industry a platform where topics in the field of foamed plastics are addressed in a variety of ways and from different perspectives. There should also be enough time for questions and discussions," said Klaus Junginger, Managing Director of the FSK. To provide the participants with the opportunity for intense discussions and networking, the association itself has organised an interesting supporting programme, which will begin with an evening Get-Together at the Fischhaus Smutje in Papenburg and extend to an evening event at the Alter Güterbahnhof. A special highlight this year will be the tour of the MEYER WERFT shipyard. The presentation of the FSK Innovation Award Foamed Plastics 2018, for which submissions are currently being accepted, will also take place in a festive setting. "With the wide variety of topics, the participants can look forward to extremely interesting and future-oriented impulses from the professional world," promises Klaus Junginger.  
Very special and new – this year companies have the opportunity to present their company, special technologies or innovations to the participants of the event as exhibitors in the Forum Alte Werft. Space is limited! If you are interested in exhibiting, please contact the FSK team directly.                                                                                     

The programme for the International FSK Specialist Conference Foamed Plastics 2018 is now available for download on the website of the specialist association.

Registration online, by fax: +49 (0) 711 993 751 11 or by e-mail: fachtagung2018@fsk-vsv.de or by postal mail directly to the FSK.

For further information please visit www.fsk-vsv.de or call +49 (0) 711 993 7510.

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ProMinent at ACHEMA 2018: Ozone system OZONFILT® OZVb

ProMinent is unveiling its turnkey, compact product range of ozone systems OZVb in Hall 8 on Stand J94 at ACHEMA 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany.

Powerful ozone systems Ozonfilt OZVb are ideally suited to treating cooling and process water. The compact systems efficiently generate ozone from compressed air in an output range of up to 70 g/h and provide everything you need for safe, smooth operation.

Ozone systems Ozonfilt OZVb are pressurised systems in which compressed air is fed into the ozone generator as the operating gas. The air is treated in the system using a pressure swing dryer and good operational reliability is continuously monitored. Ozone can therefore be generated stably even with a high level of ambient air humidity with ozone concentrations of up to 20 g/Nm3.

The “plug and play” complete system can be supplied with a perfectly matched mixing unit, including back pressure valve, vacuum breaker and static mixer. The Heidelberg-based manufacturer will be exhibiting the entire system on Stand J94 in Hall 8. Ozone concentrations of between 3 and 12 ppm can therefore be achieved in the water to be treated, depending on the temperature.

Safe and smooth operation is ensured by continuous monitoring of all relevant operating data and by automatic adjustment of the performance data to fluctuations in mains voltage and pressure.

Various interfaces allow the system to communicate with higher-level controls or for remote monitoring via LAN web server, PROFIBUS® DP, PROFINET, Modbus TCP RTU.

OZONFILT® OZVb is a compact system for operationally reliable ozone generation with ozone concentrations of up to 20 g/Nm3.

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ProMinent at ACHEMA 2018: DULOMETER® DACb

At ACHEMA 2018, 11 until 15 June 2018, in Frankfurt, Germany, ProMinent will showcase the new device in hall 8 stand J94.

Do you wish a simple controller for water analysis? One that is easy to operate and with which you can freely select between all common measured variables per channel? There is one! The new controller Dulcometer Dialog DACb.

The basic version boasts two measuring and control channels and can also be fed by 24 V DC protective low voltage.

The corresponding sensors can be connected to each channel using an mV or mA input. Customers can choose from up to 14 different measured variables. The two measuring and control channels of the Dulcometer Dialog DACb are independent monodirectional PID controllers and can optionally be configured as two bidirectional PID controllers at the request of the customer.

The controller can communicate with analogue sensors and actuators or digital ones if connected via a CANopen sensor/actuator bus.This compact multifaceted unit is Ethernet-/LAN-capable and can ideally be integrated into existing networks. Profibus-DP, V1, Modbus and OPC are available for communication with the control level. With its functionalities specially designed for water analysis, e.g. processing of interference variables and switchover of control parameters, it closes the control circuit between Dulcotest sensors and ProMinent metering pumps.

Measured values, calibration values and device parameters are stored on an SD card or micro USB stick. The device parameters can be transferred to other controllers. The SD card is easily accessible without the need to open the complete housing.

The multi-parameter controller’s software functions can be upgraded later using an activation key or firmware update.The controller can also be operated via a solar system or in the wet areas of waterworks, in view of the fact that it can also be fed via 24 V DC protective low voltage.

Thanks to its versatile uses, it has a very wide range of applications including drinking water and waste treatment, industrial and process water treatment and the treatment of swimming pool water. At ACHEMA 2018 the Dialog DACb controller will be exhibited in combination with new conductivity and oxygen sensors.


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ProMinent at ACHEMA 2018: Chlorine dioxide system Bello Zon® CDLb

ProMinent will be presenting its chlorine dioxide system Bellozon CDLb at ACHEMA 2018, 11-15 June 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany, on stand J94 in hall 8. The chlorine dioxide system CDLb uses the chlorite/acid process to generate a chlorine-free chlorine dioxide solution by reacting sodium chlorite solution with hydrochloric acid.

The innovative reactor design guaranteeing economical, environmentally-friendly operation with minimal use of chemicals.

In batch production a chlorine-free chlorine dioxide solution is generated from a sodium chlorite solution and hydrochloric acid. This is an extremely safe, managed process. The concentration of the chlorine dioxide solution remains constant even during storage. This means that the chlorine dioxide can be buffered in an integrated or external storage module at a concentration of 1,000 or 2,000 mg/l.

Because the chlorine dioxide is buffered in this module, the system can be designed in line with average rather than peak consumption. This drastically reduces investment costs in comparison with conventional systems.

The chlorine dioxide system Bellozon CDLb meets the high standards stipulated in data sheets W 224 and W 624 published by the German Association for Gas and Water (DVGW).

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ProMinent at ACHEMA 2018: Controller AEGIS II

ProMinent is presenting its new controller Aegis II for cooling and boiler water treatment between 11 and 15 June 2018 on Stand J94 in hall 8 at ACHEMA in Frankfurt, Germany. The device regulates the bleeding and the metering of corrosion inhibitors and biocides.

It reliably prevents corrosion, deposits and biological growth in evaporator cooling water circuits, and thus maintains the cleanliness of pipework and heat exchangers.

With the new controller, all the measurement parameters required can be entered and the functions needed for trouble-free operation can be controlled. The controller Aegis II continuously measures and controls the electrolytic conductivity for blowdown control and determines whether enough corrosion inhibitor has been metered. Simultaneously it also measures and controls the pH and the concentration of the biocides (e.g. chlorine).

The device guarantees an efficient cooling circuit: The automatic bleeding, and the precise addition of biocides and corrosion inhibitors ensure a constantly high level of efficiency in the cooling circuit heat exchanger.

The new Aegis II Cooling Tower Controller works with conventional Prominent pH, ORP and amperometric sensors for chlorine, bromine, PAA as well as with conventional analog and digital sensors and actuators. The built-in web server over LAN or optional WiFi can be used to configure the controller or doing remote maintenance.

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