OPC Foundation And Fieldcomm Group Announce Cooperation To Develop A Standardized Information Model For Process Automation Devices

The OPC Foundation and FieldComm Group today announced an alliance to further advance process automation system multi-vendor interoperability and simplified integration by developing a standardized process automation device information model. 

A joint working group between OPC Foundation and FieldComm Group, tasked with developing a protocol independent companion specification for process automation devices, was formed in late 2017. The goal of the working group is to leverage the extensive experience of FieldComm Group with the HART and FOUNDATION Fieldbus communication protocols to standardize data, information, and methods for all process automation devices through FDI using OPC UA. The OPC UA base information model and companion Device Information (DI) specification will be extended to include the generic definition and information associated with process automation devices. 

The OPC Foundation and FieldComm Group have worked together for over a decade, initially working on the development of the EDDL specification and most recently on the creation of FDI technology.

“FDI provides the new standard for device integration to deliver a protocol independent path to configuration, diagnostics and runtime operation for process devices,” states Ted Masters, President and CEO of FieldComm Group. “The partnership between OPC Foundation and FieldComm Group further builds upon the common information model of both to deliver process automation data in context which is the key to enabling value from enterprise systems and analytics. The 350+ suppliers of devices and applications that are members of FieldComm Group have an opportunity to benefit from the key initiative to develop a standard process automation information model by their adoption of FDI and OPC UA technologies.” 

“I’m excited that the OPC Foundation and FieldComm Group are working together on this important initiative, and will be partnering with other organizations, end-users and suppliers to make the dream of a standardized process automation device information model a reality. This is truly a breakthrough in our industry that will provide significant operational benefits across all points of the value chain,” states Thomas J. Burke, OPC Foundation President and Executive Director.

“This important collaboration will provide a solid foundation for standardization of devices that will serve as the base infrastructure for the numerous other collaborations that the OPC Foundation is doing across international boundaries,” says Stefan Hoppe, OPC Foundation Global Vice President.

Paul Sereiko, FieldComm Group’s Director of Marketing adds, “HART and FOUNDATION Fieldbus have been the leading digital process automation standards for field device communication for over 20 years. It is a very natural progression to extend the extensive capabilities of these technologies to higher level systems through the use of FDI and a standardized process automation information model. As we enter the 4th Industrial Revolution and IIoT becomes prevalent across industries, it becomes extremely important that we, as an industry, come together around standardized models to ensure seamless device and system communication and interoperability.”

The joint working group plans to release an extensible, future-proof process automation information model specification during the first quarter of 2019.

Please contact FieldComm Group or the OPC Foundation for information about participation in this joint working group.   The working group is open to all members of both organizations as well as collaboration partners of the organizations.

About FieldComm Group

The FieldComm Group is a global standards-based organization consisting of leading process end users, manufacturers, universities and research organizations that work together to direct the development, incorporation and implementation of new and overlapping technologies and serves as the source for FDI technology. FieldComm Group’s mission is to develop, manage, and promote global standards for integrating digital devices to on-site, mobile, and cloud based systems; provide services for standards conformance and implementation of process automation devices and systems that enable and improve reliability and multi-vendor interoperability; lead the development of a unified information model of process automation field devices while building upon industry investment in the HART®, FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus and FDI™ standards. Membership is open to anyone interested in the use of the technologies. For more information, please visit fieldcommgroup.org

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OPC UA standard well positioned as base for IIoT / I4.0 solutions ARC Advisory Group report finds

ARC Advisory Group report concludes OPC UA is well positioned to serve as the data connectivity foundation for companies looking to deploy IIoT and I4.0 based solutions.  Study predicts existing global OPC install base of over 45 million units expected to expand 45% annually for the next 5 years.

OPC Foundation announced today the release of an in-depth ARC Advisory Group report on the important role the OPC data connectivity standards play in control automation today and in future IIoT and Industrie4.0 based solutions.

Find ARC Advisory Group report here

Key ARC report findings confirmed that with an estimated global install base of over 45 million units, OPC is the de facto standard for open data connectivity and that OPC UA is well positioned to serve as the next data connectivity foundation for control automation applications in traditional industrial settings and new ones like building automation, transportation, and others. Key contributing factors to the continued success of OPC UA included the scalability, performance, and robustness of the technology and the large community of end-users, vendors, and other standards bodies actively working with the OPC Foundation to best utilize OPC UA in their applications.

According to Thomas Burke, OPC Foundation president, "the [ARC report] findings accurately reflect what we [OPC Foundation] have been seeing from an adoption and collaboration point of view. I highly recommend reading this ARC report for a high level perspective of what OPC UA is doing in the market and the future of data connectivity"

Commenting on the popularity of the OPC UA standard, Mr.Burke explained "OPC UA has something to offer for everyone from end-users and product vendors to other standards bodies.  After people look at what is really out there as far as a single standard that has the scalability, performance, and flexibility to meet the challenges of modern data connectivity and interoperability and has the reputation and a large enough adoption base needed to make it a safe investment – they come to realize OPC UA is the real deal." 

“OPC technology has become a de facto global standard for moving data from industrial controls to visualization up to MES/ERP and IT cloud levels”, according to Craig Resnick, Vice President, ARC Advisory Group. “The rapid expansion of OPC UA in automation, IIoT, and into new, non-industrial markets suggests that OPC will remain an important technology for multivendor secured interoperability, plant floor-to-enterprise information integration, and a host of other applications yet to be envisioned.”

About ARC

Founded in 1986, ARC Advisory Group is the leading technology research and advisory firm for industry, infrastructure and cities. ARC stands apart due to its in-depth coverage of both information technologies (IT) and operational technologies (OT) and associated business trends. ARC research analysts and technology consultants have the industry knowledge and first-hand experience to help clients find the best answers to the complex business issues facing organizations today. ARC provides the company’s technology supplier clients with strategic market research and helps end user clients develop appropriate adoption strategies and evaluate and select the best technology solutions for their needs.

About OPC UA

OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) is a platform and vendor independent communication technology for a secure and reliable data exchange over the different levels of the automation pyramid. In addition, the information models of the OPC UA standard provide the foundation for a semantic interoperability.

Find more information here: www.opcfoundation.org

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MC-Bauchemie develops new product range for concrete curing

MC-Bauchemie has developed and launched a new Emcoril product range for concrete curing, comprising the three product lines Protect, Traffic and Compact. These highly effective paraffin- and polymer-based curing agents are each aligned to distinctive application and performance profiles in building construction, road construction and industrial flooring.

Common protective measures to prevent premature drying of green concrete, such as covering the surface with sheeting or jute mats, continuous spraying with water, leaving the formwork in place, or combining all these methods, are extremely time-consuming and costly. Liquid curing agents from the Emcoril product range are, by contrast, easy to apply and offer a high degree of reliability with excellent evaporation protection to ensure outstanding surface quality.

Emcoril curing agents – easy, effective, inexpensive and reliable

MC-Bauchemie’s curing agents form a dense, continuous film that protects the surface of the green concrete from drying out. Early membrane formation allows the hydration process to progress smoothly and without interference, ensuring reliable achievement of the required performance properties relating to flexural and compressive strength, compactness and elevated surface tensile strength.

Emcoril Protect for building construction

The curing agents in the Emcoril Protect product line comprise the three products Emcoril Protect M, Emcoril Protect M lite and Emcoril Protect H and have been formulated for a broad spectrum of requirements in general concrete and building construction. They are applied on the matt-damp or freshly demoulded concrete and offer high evaporation protection. They are low-emission products and are therefore suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Emcoril Protect M and Emcoril Protect H are certified to German code TL NBM-StB 09 (Technical Supply Specification for Liquid Curing Agents for Concrete, 2009 edition).

Emcoril Traffic for road construction

Road constructions use liquid concrete curing agents almost exclusively. Road pavers have a factory-fitted spraying device that applies the curing agent as the concrete is laid, saving both time and money. The products of the Emcoril Traffic line include high-grade curing agents that have been especially developed for road construction. Emcoril Traffic F is a surface retarder and temporary evaporation protection agent in one. The product is mainly used in the production of noise-reduced traffic surfaces, in concretes with increased skid resistance and in washed concrete surfaces. Emcoril Traffic grip M and grip M white, on the other hand, have been formulated for the finish-curing of concrete surfaces required to meet specific road grip specifications. As a white-pigmented curing agent, moreover, Emcoril Traffic grip M white additionally offers high sun ray reflection so as to restrict temperature rises in the laid concrete.

Emcoril Compact for industrial flooring

In industrial flooring, smoothing concretes are used that often need to be ready for foot traffic after just three to four hours. It is absolutely essential to protect the concrete surface from premature drying for this so-called waiting time. Intermediate curing agents have become popular in floor-laying practice as a means of providing temporary protection. Once the smoothing operation has finished, a final cure then needs to be applied.

The Emcoril Compact series comprises Emcoril Compact pro, a combination of intermediate curing and smoothing aid, which serves as temporary evaporation protection during the waiting time of the industrial floor concrete. Emcoril Compact pro is very effective in supporting the smoothing process, enabling the creation of an even and compact industrial floor with the float and trowel. Emcoril Compact top is then applied for the necessary final cure. In addition to excellent evaporation protection and high surface quality, the product also ensures a good bond to subsequent coatings and can be readily painted over.

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City of Bielefeld opts for 24 more Vamos LRVs with electrical systems from Kiepe Electric

Bielefeld utilities subsidiary moBiel has ordered 24 Vamos GTZ8-B high-floor light rail vehicles from the consortium of Kiepe Electric and Leipzig-based vehicle manufacturer Heiterblick.

As Dr. Peter Radina, Member of the Management Board Knorr-Bremse Rail Vehicle Systems, explains: “In the Vamos LRV, together with our partner Heiterblick we have developed a highly innovative vehicle for our customer. As a systems specialist, Kiepe Electric is responsible for all the electrical equipment, comprising not least the vehicle control technology, the traction system and the onboard power supply.”

In 2012 the Vamos received an iF Design Award in recognition of the quality of its design, the level of innovation, its functionality and ergonomics, and the safety of the vehicle. The striking visual feature of the Vamos LRV is its bulbous shape: It only reaches its full width of 2.65 m above the height of the platforms. As a result, the existing platforms in Bielefeld, which were designed for LRVs 2.30 m wide, can still be used.

Deliveries of these spacious light rail vehicles will begin in the second quarter of 2020. They are to replace M8C models built in the 1980s and will offer not only leading-edge technology and comfort but also a substantially higher capacity, with room for up to 230 passengers. The new LRVs will be built to the same specifications as the models delivered in 2011 and 2012.

The 34-meter, three-car bi-directional vehicles feature four drive axles, doors with folding steps, air-conditioning for the driver’s cab and passenger compartment, and a state-of-the-art passenger information system. Kiepe Electric’s refined obsolescence management system ensures that the latest technology will be applied and is also available for vehicles already on the fleet.


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asknet AG: Tax complexity, PSD II and General Data Protection Regulation make Merchant of Record solutions increasingly attractive

asknet AG, a subsidiary of the Swiss-listed content marketing, technology and eCommerce services group The Native SA (www.thenative.ch), is increasingly benefitting from the growing complexity of transacting globally. The new and soon to be introduced regulations on taxation are just a first step in the process of complicating the ability to sell internationally. Other external changes such as the Payment Services Directive II (PSD II), which came into force on 13 January 2018, and the General Data Protection Regulation, which will become effective as of 25 May 2018, make selling globally more complex. The increasing compliance requirements in digital commerce mean that more and more companies are outsourcing their international commerce activities to full service providers such as asknet AG.

This trend was presented and discussed at the “Monetize9” conference in Amsterdam, held on 13 February 2018, the first independent European event focusing on monetarization, payments and outsourcing in digital commerce. Tobias Kaulfuss, CEO of asknet AG, was invited as one of the guest speakers in the “Fresh Thinking on Full Service Commerce” panel during the Monetize9 conference.

asknet’s eCommerce Solutions Business Unit offers customers a Merchant of Record (MoR) model for the swift and reliable internationalization of their online business operations. The MoR model is a core competency of asknet and comprises the management of all legal, commercial and technical requirements of an online shop, which includes the management of tax issues, compliance with export restrictions and the complete handling of all currency-related issues including the full risk management process. In addition, asknet offers a powerful technical solution in the form of the eCommerce Suite, which ensures a seamless customer experience. It allows manufacturers to sell their products online worldwide without having to give up their own brand or to build up own resources or competencies while complying with all national and international requirements. This makes entering a new market a matter of days, not weeks or months.

“We are consistently refining our MoR solution and adapting it to the latest standards. Among other things, this includes the modularization of the solution as well as a fast availability through simple integration, providing agility for our clients. Constant tests ensure that our service is optimized and refined on an ongoing basis,” commented Tobias Kaulfuss, CEO of asknet AG.

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18th International Automobile Recycling Congress IARC 2018

Have you already made all your preparations for this year’s International Automobile Recycling Congress IARC 2018? If not, then make sure you do so soon, as our sector get-together begins in less than four weeks. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to exchange the latest news and ideas with experts from all areas of the automobile recycling industry.

Again this year, our congress has attracted a large number of visitors. So far, over 180 participants from a total of 26 different countries have enrolled for the IARC 2018. This year, we have again put together an interesting and highly diverse program for our visitors. We are particularly looking forward to our keynote speakers:

• DI Christian Holzer (Director General, Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management, Austria)
• Joseph M. Holsten (Chairman of the Board, LKQ Corporation, USA)
• Christophe Pillot (Director, Avicenne Energy)

At the IARC 2018, Christophe Pillot will provide us with his view on the e-mobility market, especially on the future of batteries. Before the conference we asked Christophe Pillot how he evaluates the current development in the market for electric vehicles. You can read his response to these questions here:

1. Mr Pillot, electromobility is gaining momentum. Norway leads the way in Europe with a share of almost 40 percent of all registered passenger cars. When will countries such as Germany, France or Italy reach similar proportions?

You are right, Norway leads the way in Europe with 40 % of all registered passenger cars for PHEV and EV. It was 21 % for full EV. But, the average penetration for PHEV and EV in Europe is only 2 % in 2017, 5 % if we add Hybrid vehicles. For pure EV, major analyst forecast a penetration between 10 and 25 % in 2025.

2. What needs to change so that consumers will actually be asking for more electric cars?

Well, from my point of view, first of all, the battery cost is still too high. The current price is around 200 $/kwh, that means 8 000 $ for a 40 kwh pack (Renault Zoe), 20 000 $ for a 100 kwh pack (Tesla). Most of the analyst forecast a huge decrease of battery price for the future. Whether this will happen remains to be seen. Cell material costs account for more than 50 % of the total cost of the battery pack, and the most important costs are due to the active cathode material based on Ni, Co, Li, metals with very volatile prices.

3. But the cost is not the only decisive factor?

No, definitely not. Important is also the battery performances in order to increase the range as well as the charge time. Besides that the acceptance of electric cars depends on the life time of the battery and last but not least the charging infrastructure. In these areas there is still room for improvement.

4. Some car manufacturers are setting up their own battery production. Batteries are already being offered for leasing in electric cars. Will this trend intensify and ultimately lead automobile manufacturers to process and recycle batteries themselves?

Some car manufacturers decide to make the battery pack, some others (BYD, Toyota) decide to make the cell. But, the recycling is another business. We think lithium ion battery recycling will be made by specialist, not by car manufacturers.

At the IARC 2018, Christophe Pillot will go into greater detail on the e-mobility market and the challenging future for batteries. We greatly look forward to seeing you at this year’s industry meeting! For all the details on the program and how to enrol for it, go to: http://www.icm.ch/iarc-2018 


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15th Battery Experts Forum Starts with 1,200 Participants

The Battery Experts Forum in Aschaffenburg City Hall takes place from 27th February until 1st March 2018 and sets a new participation record with 1,200 attendees. The forum has developed into one of the largest events in Europe for battery manufacturers, their suppliers, researchers, developers, and users. Over 60 leading experts, developers, and researchers will report on the hottest trends in lithium-ion battery technologies. Key topics for the main session of this year’s industry meeting included the “Global market for lithium-ion battery technologies” as well as cell manufacturers and users. Other sessions are addressing topics like electromobility, new materials and technologies, functional safety, standards, and battery and cell tests.

Around 50 Exhibitors 

International experts will be offering advice and first-hand information on their products and innovations at an accompanying professional exhibition on February 28th and March 1st, from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM. Companies like Murata Elektronics Europe B.V., Samsung SDI Europe Gmbh, Ansmann AG, Panasonic Industrial Devices Europe GmbH, Hugo Benzing, and Amada Myachi Europa GmbH will be showcasing their products, solution concepts, and services at the forum. Attendees to the forum will be able to discuss their concerns with experts and make new contacts. 

First-Rate Training Expertise

Multiple training sessions will be offered on February 27th at the 15th Battery Experts Forum, starting at 9:30 AM. Attendees can use this unique opportunity to learn about key basic features of lithium-ion battery technology, battery management systems, the newest standards and laws, battery safety, and street transportation for lithium ion batteries.

E-Mobility Test Course

Forum attendees will be able to test out an e-Porsche Speedster and BMW i8 on the plaza in front of Aschaffenburg city hall on February 28th from 3:30 to 5:00 PM, and on March 1st from 10 AM to 4 PM. In addition, visitors can also test a variety of e-bike models and Segways, and get information from e-bike experts at the BMZ Group. They can also check out a scooter, an e-cruiser, a Renault twizzy, a Microlino, and other e-vehicles on the fun course. 

Outing to Batteryuniversity and the BMZ Group

Attendees of the Battery Experts Forum will have the chance to check out Batteryuniversity test benches and hear all about them from our test laboratory experts on February 27th and March 1st starting at 6:00 PM. They will be shuttled from Aschaffenburg to Karlstein am Main via e-bus. In addition, they will be able to view BMZ GmbH production halls and take a tour with Factory Manager Michael D’Erme and his staff. The use of industrial robots will be an especially interesting point on the tour.

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siOPTICA remains on growth path

Jena based siOPTICA GMBH secured a 4 M€ growth financing by bm|t and Capital-E II ARKIV (Capital-E), Antwerp.

With this new capital siOPTICA will expand its product portfolio of switchable privacy filters, develop new IP and file corresponding patents. siOPTICA will adapt existing solutions to fully meet new customer requirements. Furthermore, the investment will be used for the development of new generations of privacy filters and expanding worldwide sales and marketing efforts to strengthen the siOPTICA’s market presence.

siOPTICA offers switchable privacy solutions for displays applied in key markets such as automotive, ATMs and other payment devices, as well as mobile devices such as laptops.

The integrated privacy filters secure pin entry on ATMs and other payment terminals by preventing skimming.

The siOPTICA technology allows the passenger to use a second car information display for entertainment during driving without distracting the driver as is imposed by law.  Navigation data and other important information remain visible to the driver at any time. Industry studies underline that from 2022 onwards every second car will be equipped with at least two front displays.

Screen privacy also plays an important role in many other situations. Numerous companies impose or at least encourage their employees to use privacy filters on their mobile devices when outside the company premises. The current filters are attached to the screen surface and darken the display.  Compensating for the desired brightness increases the power consumption. Sometimes these filters are permanently attached to the screen, preventing screen sharing when needed or desired.  With the siOPTICA technology, these problems do not exist. Integrated switchable privacy filters allow flexible and secure working when needed.

With this investment, bm|t (beteiligungsmanagement thüringen GmbH), which also manages the funds “Private Equity Thüringen” and the growth fund “Stiftung Thüringer Beteiligungskapital” which both invested in siOPTICA, has become the majority shareholder in the company.

„With Capital-E we won a new investor that not only supports us financially, but also brings a vast experience in entrepreneurship and technology”, emphasizes Dr Markus Klippstein, CEO and co-founder of siOPTICA GmbH.

 „Capital-E mainly invests in companies dealing with Micro/Nano –electronics and new materials. The siOPTICA Team, the technology, the strong IP portfolio as well as the customer network have convinced us to invest in the company. We see large opportunities”, stated Dr Lou Hermans, partner at CAPITAL-E.  “We are looking forward to actively support the experienced siOPTICA Management team growing the company over the next years.”

“For us it is a great pleasure to see how siOPTICA continuously has developed over the years. The new investment provides the company with a solid basis for further growth”,  emphasizes Cornelia Böse, Investment Manager at bm|t.

About bm|t

The Erfurt-based bm|t beteiligungsmanagement thüringen gmbh – a subsidiary of the Thüringer Aufbaubank – is the first address for investment in Thuringia. bm|t currently manages eight investment funds with a total volume of 320 million €. bm|t invests in innovative companies of all high-yield sectors and in all stages of a company’s life cycle, from start-up to IPO or MBO.

More information about bm|t can be found under http://www.bm-t.com

About Capital-E

Capital-E is one of the few Venture Capital Funds in Europe with on focus early-stage investments in the area of micro/nano-electronics and new materials. Typically, the fund invests in companies in the prototyping phase or realising a turnover of 1 M€. Capital-E invests mainly in Western Europe. The team of Capital-E plays an active role as partner and often as board member from the moment of first investment until the exit.

More information about Capital-E can be found under http://www.capital-e.com.

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Maple Gold updates Douay Resource Estimate containing more ounces

Maple Gold Mines Ltd. (“Maple Gold” or the “Company”) (TSX-V: MGM, OTCQB: MGMLF; Frankfurt: M3G – http://www.commodity-tv.net/… ) is pleased to announce an updated Mineral Resource Estimate (the “updated estimate”) for the Company’s Douay Gold Project (“Douay”), as prepared by Micon International Limited (“Micon”). The updated estimate includes additional drilling and assays from work completed during 2017 (see press release January 25, 2018), with updated block model wireframes, modified search ellipses and modified geologic interpretations, all of which targeted a more refined and constrained model.

The updated estimate successfully converts a significant proportion of Inferred Resources to the Indicated Resource category, which were absent from the 2017 Micon estimate. Mineral Resources at Douay are now estimated as 9,383,000 tonnes grading 1.59 g/t Au (0.48 million ounces) in the Indicated category, plus 84,152,000 tonnes grading 1.02 g/t Au (2.76 million ounces) in the Inferred category, using a 0.45 g/t cut-off grade (updated base-case) as highlighted below:
Table 1: Douay Gold Project Pit-Constrained Indicated & Inferred Resource Summary (Base-case)
0.45 INDICATED 9,383,000 1.59 479,000
INFERRED 84,152,000 1.02 2,759,000
*See Table 2 for additional cut-off grades & see disclosure notes appended to this press release

At a 0.5 g/t Au cut-off (same as Micon 2017), the updated 2018 estimate shows increased average grade of Inferred Resources (1.09 versus 1.05 g/t Au), increased level of confidence (addition of 467,000 contained ounces in the Indicated category) and increased contained ounces compared to the previous estimate (see Table 2 below). However, using a 0.45 g/t cut-off grade is currently believed to be the most optimal for currently contemplated conceptual pit-scenarios, and therefore has been selected as the base-case for the updated estimate. The Company will continue examining different scenarios as part of the ongoing evaluation process as new data is added and geological and economic models are updated.

Indicated Resources are present in the more closely drilled Douay West Zone (3,693,000 tonnes at 2.47 g/t Au, 294,000 ounces), and there are also four such areas within the Porphyry Zone (5,690,000 tonnes at 1.01 g/t Au, 185,000 ounces). The Indicated and Inferred Resources at various cut-off grades are summarized below in Table 2 below.

Maple Gold’s President & CEO, Matthew Hornor, stated: “We are pleased to enter the winter drilling season with an updated resource base that improves on the previous estimate in multiple ways, including a material increase in the number of contained ounces and upgrading a portion of the previously reported inferred resource to indicated resources of more than 450,000 ounces. We expect additional drill rigs to arrive at site very shortly and look forward to testing further infill, step-out and new discovery targets this winter.”
Table 2: Douay Gold Project Pit-Constrained Indicated & Inferred Resource Summary (Various Cut-Off Grades)
0.50* INDICATED 8,615,000 1.69 467,000
INFERRED 74,286,000 1.09 2,610,000
0.45** INDICATED 9,383,000 1.59 479,000
INFERRED 84,152,000 1.02 2,759,000
0.40 INDICATED 10,162,000 1.50 489,000
INFERRED 95,388,000 0.95 2,914,000
0.30 INDICATED 12,046,000 1.32 510,000
INFERRED 124,278,000 0.81 3,235,000
*For Comparison purposes: Micon 2017 estimate was all Inferred Resources of 83,327,000 tonnes grading 1.05 g/t Au for 2,813,000 contained ounces, using a 0.50 g/t cut-off grade. **Base-case. See disclosure notes appended to this press release.

The modelling changes, additional drilling and assay data, and updated interpretations have variably impacted contained ounces at each of the zones at Douay. A number of the zones appear to be merging into a larger unified system and a portion of the Company’s current and future drilling campaigns will continue to test targets that support this thesis. Figure 1 highlights the updated resource areas and conceptual pit shells.

Figure 1: Plan view of Micon 2018 Resource Areas
For comparison purposes, click here to view the conceptual pit-constrained plan view used in the Micon 2017 resource estimate.
Further information about assumptions, parameters, methods and risks in respect of the updated estimate will be available in a NI 43-101 technical report filed by Maple Gold on Sedar within 45 days following the date of this press release.

1. Mineral resources that are not mineral reserves do not have demonstrated economic viability. Micon does not believe that mineral resources estimate is materially affected by environmental, permitting, legal, title, taxation, socio-political, marketing, or other relevant issues.
2. The quantity and grade reported includes both indicated and inferred resources for the Douay West and Porphyry zones and inferred resources for the remaining zones in the deposit. The inferred resources in this estimation are conceptual in nature and there has been insufficient exploration data to define these resources as an indicated category and it is uncertain if further exploration will result in upgrading them to an Indicated mineral resource category. There are no measured resources currently for the mineral zones comprising the Douay Project.
3. The mineral resource estimate has been prepared without reference to surface rights or the presence of overlying public infrastructure.
4. Figures may not total due to rounding.
5. A gold price of US $1,400 per ounce was used for the purposes of demonstrating economics.
6. The mineralized envelopes were re-modelled in GEMS at 0.3 g/t Au cut-off assuming an anastomosing style of mineralization with some inclusion of lower grade material for modelling purposes.
7. Although the Douay West, Porphyry Zones were able to produce supporting variograms, all zones within the entire deposit were estimated using Inverse Distance Cubed.
8. Search ellipses range from 50 m to 300 m using 3 passes to fill the model. The search ellipses were also optimized to reflect the anastomosing nature and different directions and dips within the mineralized zones.
9. Block size of 10 m x 2 m x 5 m was used.
10. The effective date of the mineral resource estimate is February 9, 2018.

Qualified Persons
The scientific and technical data contained in this press release was reviewed and prepared under the supervision of Fred Speidel, M. Sc., P. Geo., Vice-President Exploration, of Maple Gold Mines. The technical contents of this press release have also been reviewed and approved by Mr. William Lewis, B.Sc., P. Geo., of Micon, who is independent of Maple Gold and who is responsible for the Updated Pit-Constrained Mineral Resource Estimate. Both individuals are Qualified Persons under National Instrument 43-101 Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects.

About Micon International Limited
Micon International Limited (Micon), mineral industry consultants, is an independent firm of senior geological, mining, metallurgical and environmental consultants. The firm operates from integrated offices in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada and Norwich and Cornwall, United Kingdom. The professionals of Micon have extensive experience in the mining industry with both mining companies and leading consultancy firms.

About Maple Gold

Maple Gold is a well-funded gold exploration company focused on advancing a district-scale gold project in one of the world’s premier mining jurisdictions. The Company’s 370 km² Douay Gold Project is located along the Casa Berardi Deformation Zone within the prolific Abitibi Greenstone Belt in northern Quebec, Canada. The Project has an established gold resource that remains open in multiple directions, with excellent infrastructure and several large scale operating mines within this prolific mining district. Maple Gold has a significant drill campaign under way to expand on the known Resource Areas and test new discovery targets within the Company’s 55 km of strike along the Casa Berardi Deformation Zone. For more information, please visit www.maplegoldmines.com.


“Matthew Hornor”

B. Matthew Hornor, President & CEO

For Further Information, Please Contact:

Mr. Joness Lang
VP, Corporate Development
Office: +1 416.306.8124
Email: jlang@maplegoldmines.com


Forward Looking Statements:
This news release contains “forward-looking information" and “forward-looking statements” (collectively referred to as “forward-looking statements”) within the meaning of applicable Canadian securities legislation in Canada. Forward-looking statements are based on assumptions, uncertainties and management’s best estimate of future events. Actual events or results could differ materially from the Company’s expectations and projections. Investors are cautioned that forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties. Accordingly, readers should not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to, statements with respect to the mineral resource estimate, including statements regarding contained ounces, optimal cut-off grade and average gold grade, as well as statements regarding upcoming exploration programs. When used herein, words such as “anticipate”, “will”, “intend” and similar expressions are intended to identify forward-looking statements.

Forward-looking statements are based on certain estimates, expectations, analysis and opinions that management believed reasonable at the time they were made or in certain cases, on third party expert opinions. Such forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, and uncertainties and other factors that may cause our actual events, results, performance or achievements to be materially different from any future events, results, performance, or achievements expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. For a more detailed discussion of such risks and other factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements, refer to Maple Gold Mines Ltd.’s filings with Canadian securities regulators available on www.sedar.com or the Company’s website at www.maplegoldmines.com. The Company does not intend, and expressly disclaims any intention or obligation to, update or revise any forward-looking statements whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, except as required by law.

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Goldmining issues letter to shareholders and reports on company plans for 2018

GoldMining Inc. (the "Company" or "GoldMining") (TSX-V: GOLD; OTCQX: GLDLF – https://www.youtube.com/…) today issued a Letter to Shareholders regarding the Company’s plans and outlook for 2018. The full report from the Company’s Chairman, Amir Adnani, follows.

Dear Shareholder,
First, I want to thank you for your ongoing support of our efforts over the last 12-months, which led to a significant expansion of our project portfolio. With three acquisitions of gold and gold-copper resource stage projects in 2017 – the La Mina Gold-Copper Project ("La Mina") in Colombia, the Yellowknife Gold Project ("YGP") in Canada and the Crucero Gold Project ("Crucero") in Peru – it was a very busy and exciting year for our Company.

Since our first acquisition in 2012, our efforts to consolidate assets have now placed us in the top tier of junior mining companies with respect to the amount of global gold resources. GoldMining’s global resources have grown to 9.5 million ounces gold (12.4 million ounces gold equivalent) in the measured and indicated categories and 11.7 million ounces gold (14.2 million ounces gold equivalent) in the inferred category. The table at the end of this letter provides additional details on our resources, including grades, gold-equivalents and tonnages for each of our projects.

With no debt, strong treasury and disciplined cost structure, we are ideally positioned for value realization, with the flexibility to aggressively advance our existing projects with resource expansion and development activities in the event the price of gold makes a clear breakout in 2018.

For now, despite the gold price showing signs of improvement – from US$1,158/ounce at the start of 2017 to over US$1,300 today – we continue to identify and actively assess numerous opportunities for accretive acquisitions.

In 2018, we plan to continue creating value for shareholders and believe we have the means, assets and opportunities to do so.

Building a large and diversified resource base in the Americas Expansion in Colombia

With the acquisition of the La Mina and Titiribi Gold-Copper Project ("Titiribi") in Colombia, we have consolidated a significant land package with gold-copper resources and multiple drill-targets for future exploration. La Mina and Titiribi are only 6 kilometres apart, are situated within the Mid Cauca Belt, one of the most prospective and under-explored gold belts in the world. In addition to the already defined gold and copper resource at La Mina, the project hosts several under-explored porphyry targets that we believe offer excellent opportunities for new discoveries in a region with excellent infrastructure.

Targets such as La Garrucha, that saw some of the longest and highest-grade gold and copper intersections before drilling was suspended in 2013 due to lack of funding by the previous owner, will be evaluated to determine the amount of additional drilling required to complete a maiden resource estimate. Several other geophysical and geochemical anomalies are untested by drilling, but clearly there is good potential to identify additional areas of gold-copper mineralization on the property.
Entry into Canada and Peru

Canadaꞌs Northwest Territories is an exciting and under-explored region of Canada with geopolitical stability. With two acquisitions in this region, we’ve consolidated over 11,000 hectares that comprise the Yellowknife Gold Project ("YGP"). The YGP is an advanced-stage gold project covering over 30 kilometres of the Yellowknife Greenstone Belt, which historically produced more than 15 million ounces of gold from the Con, Giant and Discovery Mines. The Discovery Mine, located on the YGP land package, historically produced over 1 million ounces of gold from high-grade ore from 1950 to 1969. Historic production is not necessarily indicative of potential future results and is referenced for information purposes only.

The YGP has been the focus of extensive historical work including drilling (231,609 metres in 1,061 holes), underground development at two deposits (2,400 metres), bulk sampling, and metallurgical test work. The potential to expand the existing resource base and identify new areas of gold mineralization is considered high by our technical team.

Our focus in 2018 will be to compile and review the existing extensive database to gain a better understanding of the potential of the Yellowknife Greenstone Belt covered by our project. An independent engineering group will be engaged to complete a technical report, including the completion of resource estimates, for several of the deposits that have been identified on the project.

We started 2018 by announcing our latest resource estimate on the Crucero Gold Project ("Crucero") in southeastern Peru, which we acquired in late 2017. Crucero is situated in a favourable mining jurisdiction with a pit-constrained resource and several nearby exploration targets. Our geologists are excited about the potential to expand the existing near surface gold mineralization at the A1 deposit and test several of the nearby targets.

Technical Team to Support Growing Portfolio

GoldMining’s technical team was strengthened with appointments of Dr. Ross Sherlock, Dr. Paul Zweng and Mr. Curtis Clark to its Technical Advisory Board. Collectively, they bring decades of exploration, development, production and financial experience to provide insight and guidance towards GoldMining’s portfolio of resource-stage projects and to help identify new opportunities for potential acquisition.

With an expanding portfolio in new jurisdictions, we will continue to consider additional key personnel to provide necessary in-country expertise to manage the technical, stakeholder, environmental, and permitting programs in order to keep our properties in good standing with local communities and government agencies.

Analyst Coverage
GoldMining is covered by several mining analysts, including Rodman & Renshaw (a unit of H.C. Wainwright & Co.), Roth Capital Partners and Cantor Fitzgerald. It is our intention to attend a number of investor conferences in 2018 and look forward to meeting current shareholders during these opportunities.

Thank you again for your ongoing support. We welcome your additional participation in the Company. Please call us at 1-855-630-1001, or email info@goldmining.com with any comments. Visit www.goldmining.com or follow us on Twitter @GoldMiningInc to learn more about the Company and to register for upcoming news. We look forward to sharing further developments with shareholders through another exciting year in 2018.

About GoldMining Inc.
GoldMining is a public mineral exploration company focused on the acquisition and development of gold assets in the Americas. Through its disciplined acquisition strategy, GoldMining now controls a diversified portfolio of resource-stage gold and gold-copper projects in Canada, U.S.A., Brazil, Colombia and Peru. Additionally, GoldMining owns a 75% interest in the Rea Uranium Project, located in the Western Athabasca Basin of Alberta, Canada.

Qualified Person
Paulo Pereira, President of GoldMining Inc. has reviewed and approved the technical information contained in this news release. Mr. Pereira holds a Bachelors degree in Geology from Universidade do Amazonas in Brazil, is a Qualified Person as defined in National Instrument 43-101 and is a member of the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario.
For additional information, please contact:
GoldMining Inc.
Amir Adnani, Chairman
Garnet Dawson, CEO
Telephone: (855) 630-1001
Email: info@goldmining.com

Forward-looking Statements
This document contains certain forward-looking statements that reflect the current views and/or expectations of GoldMining with respect to its business and future events, including expectations and future plans respecting the Company, future work programs and the exploration potential of its projects. Forward-looking statements are based on the then-current expectations, beliefs, assumptions, estimates and forecasts about the business and the markets in which GoldMining operates, including that GoldMining will confirm historical exploration results and historical resource estimates. Investors are cautioned that all forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties, including: the inherent risks involved in the exploration and development of mineral properties, the uncertainties involved in interpreting drill results and other exploration data, the potential for delays in exploration or development activities, the geology, grade and continuity of mineral deposits, the possibility that future exploration, development or mining results will not be consistent with GoldMiningꞌs expectations, accidents, equipment breakdowns, title and permitting matters, labour disputes or other unanticipated difficulties with or interruptions in operations, fluctuating metal prices, unanticipated costs and expenses, uncertainties relating to the availability and costs of financing needed in the future, including to fund any exploration programs on the Project, and that GoldMining may not be able to confirm historical exploration results for its projects. These risks, as well as others, including those set forth in GoldMiningꞌs filings with Canadian securities regulators, could cause actual results and events to vary significantly. Accordingly, readers should not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements and information. There can be no assurance that forward-looking information, or the material factors or assumptions used to develop such forward looking information, will prove to be accurate. GoldMining does not undertake any obligations to release publicly any revisions for updating any voluntary forward-looking statements, except as required by applicable securities law.

Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor their Regulation Services Providers (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this news release.

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